Why Hamster Stares Into Space?

Why Hamster Stares Into Space

The hamster is an animal with unusual behaviour, which can be quite amusing sometimes. The behavioural pattern of the hamster can determine a hamster’s wellness and happiness. One such common behavioural pattern that can be seen in a hamster is staring. This article on what you will be reading below will tell you “Why hamster … Read more

10 Reasons Your Hamster Looks Sad And What To Do For Sad Hamster

Sad Hamster

Hamsters are sensitive and close-knit, which quickly makes them experience grief. Perhaps they are severely ill, or maybe they’re just missing their owner in the long, gloomy winter. Unwillingly, sad hamsters go through the routines of a boring lifestyle. As a result, they exhibit various symptoms of depression from time to time. A sad hamster … Read more