What Happens If You Drop Your Hamster ?

What Happens If You Drop Your Hamster

As hamsters are small animals it is very likely that they will get dropped from your hands at some point if you were holding them carelessly. So, have you ever wondered what to do if you happen to drop the hamsters accidentally? To answer that question briefly it would depend on how seriously they would … Read more

The Importance of Hamster Water

Hamster Water

Hamster and its water requirement Providing good water for hamsters is important for their survival. It would allow them to live long, and healthily as well. Once you provide water for hamsters it would make them hydrated which is a crucial factor to maintain good health. However, if you were ever wondering how much water … Read more

Dehydrated Hamster: Is Your Hamster Safe ?

Dehydrated Hamster

In my experience dehydration in hamsters is a big problem. I once had a dehydrated hamster and the concerning part is I did not know what was wrong with him. He suddenly stopped drinking water and looked weak. I got suspicious and consulted experts and veterinarians. That’s when I knew my hamster was dehydrated. So … Read more

Hamster Yawning

Hamster Yawning

As I observed, hamsters use their body language cues to show their humans how they feel. For example, they might yawn, and open their mouths wide to display their long teeth to show the humans how they feel. In other words, if your hamsters happen to yawn and stretch, that literally means they are refreshed … Read more

Bumblefoot Hamster (Hamster Feet Swollen)

Bumblefoot Hamster

Do you know about hamster feet swollen disease in hamsters and other rodents? If you own a hamster you should be aware of it. Because this condition causes severe pain to your lovely pets. So in this article, I am going to describe hamster feet swollen (bumblefoot hamster) disease, how to treat and how to … Read more