Do Hamsters Need Salt Licks?

Do Hamsters Need Salt Licks? This is a very popular question among hamster owners nowadays as they have so much care for them. So here in this detailed article will explain to you how to deal with salt licks for your hamster.

Can Hamsters Eat Salty?

The direct answer is yes they need salt in their meals but here you have to be careful with the amount of salt you are adding to your hamsters’ meal.

Do not forget that the hamsters need salt in their body as humans do. The percentage of sodium we get is very important to the well-being of the human body. That is also the same with the hamsters. For the best function of the body, having salt is compulsory. But on the other hand, having too much salt is very dangerous for the body. It is very harmful to your hamster. So that is the most important thing that you have to be careful about.

Things to consider when giving salt licks

These cute, cuddly and playful pets need proper nutrition. Hamsters are so active normally. If they are in good health you will be able to see your hamster exploring the whole cage around.

To make your hamster active and energetic, you have to make sure you are providing the best meals with the best nutrition to them. Otherwise, they will not be able to live longer and many diseases can occur.

Although hamsters do not need salt given through salt licks, they may get it from their regular meals. If you think they’re not getting enough natural salt in their regular meals, add some salt to their meals and then they do not need to be given salt licks manually. But you can still provide salt licks for them as a supplement.

Place a salt lick in his cage and be on alert. If you need your hamster to live longer with you, you should not provide him with over-salted or even over-spicy food.

If your hamster licks your hand continuously and if he prefers to do it, he can be tasting the salt in your sweat. The reason for that is he needs more salt licks.

Now you can give the place a salt lick inside his cage and remove it after a few days. If not, sprinkle some more salt on his meals. It is better if you can give salted veggies and fruits rather than directly giving salt blocks.

Now you know that their food should be well managed and well guided by you unless making your hamster ill. Don’t forget that a hamster can live more than one and a half years to two to four years. How long your pet lives is determined by the love and care you give it, as well as the food and medicine it receives.

When you provide salt licks for your hamster always make sure that he drinks enough water. Otherwise, he will get dehydrated because more salt in meals will make him sweat more and the amount of water he has in his body will become less. And also it will be harmful to the kidneys. Therefore you have to be careful of that.

Himalayan salt

Do you know what is Himalayan salt? Yes, they are pink-coloured salt which contains more than 80 essential minerals. The Himalayan salt is sourced from the fully nourished water and soil in the great Himalayan mountain area.

Did you know that food scientists have researched that there are sodium, calcium, potassium and many more minerals that are very essential for one to have a great healthy life? That is not only for humans but also for animals.

The Himalayan salt provides calcium to strengthen your hamsters’ bones, teeth and joints. It also provides essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and many more. But the thing is to make sure that your hamster doesn’t over-have them.

How to buy Himalayan salt?

Did you know that Himalayan salt is now available in almost every pet store and food store? Yes. Now, this has become a trend. For the last few years, researchers have proved that many pet holders have changed to this Himalayan salt replacing ordinary salt.

Because of the expansion of Himalayan salt distribution, you can easily get one for your hamsters from a nearby pet food stall. You have to make sure whether it is original and standard. Before feeding your hamster, check that first.

Here I should let you know that without buying salt blocks you have another choice. Now there is Himalayan salt-sprinkled food available. They are the best recommendations as they will control the amount of salt that your hamsters have.

How to feed Himalayan salt?

When you give your hamsters Himalayan salt you have to be more careful and think. The Himalayan salt does include more minerals and they are essential for your Hamster. But the most important and unforgettable thing is to avoid overgiving them.

As you know, you should be alert to your hamster when it has been given Himalayan salt. Just inspect how much water has drank and whether he is active and energetic.If he shows an illness it is better to visit your veterinarian and get recommendations.


The salt licks can enhance their immunity and are also very helpful for their health and growth.

Don’t forget to provide you hamster with enough water as it can be dehydrated because of salt and lack of water. And on the other hand, if he gets over salted meals it will be harmful to the kidneys. Therefore be mindful and on alert. When you realize that if your hamster has got enough salt licks, just remove the salt block from the cage. Don’t make your hamster overuse it, if you do not want him to suffer from diseases. Keep in your mind to always be on alert.

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