Do Hamsters Get Depressed?

Do hamsters get depressed

When considering whether hamsters can get depressed, hamsters are not showing their depression and sadness in the same way that they are showing their happiness. The most common cause for them to get depression is not meeting a safe environment in which to live. If you are noticeable with the behavioral patterns of hamsters you … Read more

Do Hamsters Need Salt Licks?

Do Hamsters Need Salt Licks

Do Hamsters Need Salt Licks? This is a very popular question among hamster owners nowadays as they have so much care for them. So here in this detailed article will explain to you how to deal with salt licks for your hamster. Can Hamsters Eat Salty? The direct answer is yes they need salt in … Read more

Fat Hamsters! How to Take Care of Your Big-Chubby Hamster?

Fat Hamsters

Fat hamsters are a common sight and are well-known for their big-chubby appearance. So it can be hard to tell if yours is too fat or if that’s how they should look. If your hamster eats well and gets a lot of exercises, it is very unlikely to be too fat. All hamsters need proper … Read more

Why Hamster Stares Into Space?

Why Hamster Stares Into Space

The hamster is an animal with unusual behaviour, which can be quite amusing sometimes. The behavioural pattern of the hamster can determine a hamster’s wellness and happiness. One such common behavioural pattern that can be seen in a hamster is staring. This article on what you will be reading below will tell you “Why hamster … Read more

The Meaning Behind Hamster Chittering

Hamster Chittering

The hamster is a fun animal to watch for its minor moves, but sometimes you could hear the hamster chittering. You might not know the exact reason for the hamster to chitter, but what you are about to read below will hopefully justify the question. Most people who have hamsters and their pets often contemplate … Read more

Why Hamster Pee On Me? Let the Frustration Fly Away.

Why Hamster Pee On Me

Hamster behavior may be strange, fascinating, and occasionally plain disgusting. Many of a hamster’s behaviors get derived from reflexes or how it behaves in the environment. As adorable as our hammies seem, we must understand that they are also mammals with bad tendencies. Several caretakers have commented on why my hamster pee on me or … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Awake During The Day?

Why Is My Hamster Awake During The Day

Many individuals like keeping hamsters as pets. You will want to understand when your rodent would be up to engage if you acquired one. We all understand that rodents are nighttime creatures, correct? Therefore, when we state rodents are nocturnal, as research has determined, we imply that rodents are energetic or primarily conscious at nighttime. … Read more

What Does Your Hamster’s Sleeping Position Say About Him?

What Does Your Hamster's Sleeping Position Say About Him

Hamsters use gestures in the same way that we use. They may express various responses, including happiness, fear, menace, curiosity, shock, anger, etc. While talking with those around, they sometimes employ sign communication. The rodent is a famous confined creature and is commonly a children’s first kitten; however, how can a hamster’s sleeping pattern affect … Read more

How To Treat Infected Scent Gland Hamster – Comprehensive Guide

How To Treat Infected Scent Gland Hamster

This guide will address how to treat infected scent gland hamster and when you must visit your rodent to the clinic. Smaller species, such as hamsters, are frequently disregarded by veterinarians favoring bigger pets, such as dogs and cats. It implies that several features of a hamster’s biology, such as the smell glands, aren’t well … Read more

A Brief Study on Guinea Pigs Popcorning

Guinea Pigs Popcorning

Guinea pigs usually live in the wild and known to be prey animals. They consist of big personalities and they are interesting social animals to have as pets. Guinea pigs have unique behaviors and guinea pigs popcorning is one them. It’s really hard to interpret that behavior and many guinea pig owners tend to watch … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes

Answer to the question Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes? is Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapes. Though there is no evidence that eating grapes could cause any effect on guinea pigs, in some dogs eating grapes could cause kidney failure according to the studies. But we can’t say for sure that grapes will not affect … Read more

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal

How much do you know about sleeping patterns or sleeping habits animals? If you lack of information about it or if you don’t have a clear idea about this let me introduce you some basic information. Though there are a lot of sleeping habits which are different from each other, essentially a pet can show … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas?

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas

Just like any other animals such as cats, dogs or ferrets, guinea pigs do get fleas. These pocket pets have warm blood so they could easily be victims of fleas but usually these furry creatures are not the main host for flea. A flea is different from mite. When you explore guinea pig fur mites … Read more

Guinea Pig Bedding

Guinea Pig Bedding

Guinea pig urine is highly concentrated and has a strong distinguishing odor. You can find very concentrated mineral salts and these can build thick layers on guinea pig cage floor. These thick layers can be dispersed with vinegar. The capability to concentrate urine makes it probable to maintain moisture and essential minerals in the guinea … Read more

How To Serve Guinea Pig Hay?

Guide to Serve Guinea Pig Hay

“Hay is for horses”, you may have been familiar with this famous saying. Well if you are a guinea pig owner you already know that hay can be served to rodents as well. Hay can be used to feed different kinds of farm animals and domestic animals and there are several types of hay which … Read more

Guinea Pig Teeth: A Guide To Guinea Pig Dental Care

Guinea Pig Teeth

Pet guinea pig has become a phenomenon among pet owners due its cute size but their miniature size makes it very hard for their owners to identify any teeth related issues and disease they would have. Constantly Growing Teeth And Dental Issues The main thing you need to know about guinea pigs’ teeth is they … Read more

Skinny Pig: Adorable Breed Of Guinea Pig

Skinny Pig - Adorable breed of Guinea Pig

When you imagine guinea pigs you picture them to have curvy bodies, cute noses and their thick glossy fur. Fur makes look guinea pigs full but just imagine them having all of that without the thick lustrous coat…”wait what, without the thick fur?” You might ask. Yes, you just imagined a skinny pig. Some of … Read more