Fat Hamsters! How to Take Care of Your Big-Chubby Hamster?

Fat Hamsters

Fat hamsters are a common sight and are well-known for their big-chubby appearance. So it can be hard to tell if yours is too fat or if that’s how they should look. If your hamster eats well and gets a lot of exercises, it is very unlikely to be too fat. All hamsters need proper … Read more

Why Hamster Stares Into Space?

Why Hamster Stares Into Space

The hamster is an animal with unusual behaviour, which can be quite amusing sometimes. The behavioural pattern of the hamster can determine a hamster’s wellness and happiness. One such common behavioural pattern that can be seen in a hamster is staring. This article on what you will be reading below will tell you “Why hamster … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Awake During The Day?

Why Is My Hamster Awake During The Day

Many individuals like keeping hamsters as pets. You will want to understand when your rodent would be up to engage if you acquired one. We all understand that rodents are nighttime creatures, correct? Therefore, when we state rodents are nocturnal, as research has determined, we imply that rodents are energetic or primarily conscious at nighttime. … Read more