Can Hamsters Eat Corn?

Have you ever thought about whether you can feed corn to the hamsters? If we look at squirrels, they would love to feast on corn. Having said that, can hamsters eat those? Is it a safe option for the hamsters? It is somewhat complicated to answer this, and from this article, we will learn all the important things you need to be aware of in this regard.

To provide context for this article, Robo hamsters and Syrian hamsters can consume corn in moderation and on a less frequent basis. On the other hand, you need to avoid feeding corn to hamster breeds such as winter white dwarf hamsters and Campbell dwarf hamsters.

Is corn good for hamsters?

Corn is a healthy option for the hamsters as long as you offer it in the right quantities. Keep in mind that you should never overload hamsters with corn, as then it would make the hamsters run out of space for healthier options.

Nutrient Value of corn

In terms of the nutrient value of corn, a 100 g of corn would usually have about 6.8 mg of vitamin C, 9 µg of vitamin A, 47 µg of carotene, 644 µg of lutein and zeaxanthin, etc. It further consists of 2 mg of calcium, 89 mg of phosphorus, 270 mg of potassium, etc. In addition to that, a 100 g of corn would contain 2 g of fiber, 6.26 g of sugar, and 37 mg of magnesium as well. Moreover, it further comes up with 18.7g of carbs, 86 kcal of calories, 1.35g of fat, and some contents of water too. s

What health benefits of nutrients are found in corn?

If you provide corn with the right contents, it would help the hamsters gain so many health benefits. To elaborate on the health benefits of feeding corn, their magnesium content aids in the development of strong bones in hamsters. Apart from that, the corn’s vitamin B will also aid the hamsters in having an effective digestive system. Moreover, corn has so much vitamin C in it that it would play a major role in making the hamster’s immunity stronger. Last but not least the antioxidants contained in corn would protect the hamsters from having any adverse effects from conditions such as aging, cancer, etc.

Health risks (disadvantages) of corn

Corn has a significant amount of both calories and carbohydrates. Those contents would make the hamsters prone to so many health-related issues. For example, it would make the hamsters gain excess weight. Hamsters, in general, are prone to obesity, and when you supply corn, it would make them more prone to obesity. Besides, diarrhea could also be another health risk that may arise due to the oversupply of corn.

Corn has sugar contents, and hamsters may find it difficult to digest those sugar contents. When there is excess sugar content in the hamster’s tummies, it results in watery stools. Hamsters are fragile animal species in general, and they would struggle to handle the excess sugar intake. In addition to that, corn has calcium and phosphorus contents, which would cause them to suffer from urinary problems. It is also possible that it will result in kidney stones.

Can hamsters eat cooked corn?

I don’t recommend feeding cooked corn to the hamsters, as it will be too spicy. If not, chances are that they would be salty and sweet as well. Those conditions would not suit the hamsters. In addition to that, hamsters usually tend to hide their food. So, if you provide cooked corn, chances are it will decay and end up running through the hamster’s bedding as well. More importantly, cooked corn may not carry the same nutrients as fresh corn would. So, always try to offer raw corn as much as you can.

Can hamsters eat uncooked/raw corn?

Hamsters can eat raw corn without any issues. However, the key factor is to provide them with the right quantity.

Can hamsters eat boiled corn?

Boiled corn

You can consider providing boiled corn for the hamsters. However, when boiling, ensure that you don’t add any additives or other flavors. Needless to say, you should offer boiled corn in moderation.

Can hamsters eat dried corn?

Dried corn

My recommendation is to provide dried corn for the hamster, but in moderation.

Can hamsters eat frozen corn?

Frozen corn

I don’t suggest providing frozen corn for the hamsters. Usually, frozen corn contains sodium supplements, which would be unhealthy for the hamsters. In addition to that, they may also contain certain preservatives that would be harmful to the hamsters as well. In general, hamsters cannot eat frozen hamsters.

Can hamsters eat cornflowers?

It is okay to provide cornflowers occasionally. Ideally, you should provide 1-2 pieces per month for them. The best is to provide organic cornflowers as much as you can. The key factor is to supply corn at moderate levels. An oversupply of cornflowers would lead to so many issues.

Can hamsters eat corn tortillas?

Corn tortillas

Yes, hamsters can certainly eat corn tortillas, and it is safe for them to consume those. Having said that, they don’t have immense nutritional value compared with the others.

Can hamsters eat corn husks?

Bunch of Corn Husks

Hamsters can eat corn husks without any issues. The husk is the outer shell of the seeds. Further, the corn husk is known as the leafy outer as well. Hamsters tend to prefer the husks of the corn to the actual corn kernels. Having said that, you should make sure that you serve only organically produced corn husks.

They should not carry any of the chemicals. Further, before you offer husks, you need to make sure that you wash them properly and then serve them to the hamsters. Furthermore, you need to cut the bruised portion and then serve it to the hamsters as well.

Can hamsters eat corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob

Yes, you can feed corn on the cob to your hamsters without any problems. It is more like the central corn of an ear of corn, and that is where the kernels usually arise from. Needless to say, corn on the cob should be served in moderation. It is worth noting that corn on the cob has a high starch content. Further, keep in mind that it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value as well. Moreover, I suggest you serve fresh, uncooked corn on the cob, as the hamsters would just love feeding on those.

Can hamsters eat cornflakes?


Hamsters can eat cornflakes, but only in very small quantities. Corn flakes are a type of cereal that is produced by toasting corn flakes. Furthermore, you need to offer flakes only as a treat. I don’t recommend using cornflakes as a staple food. Bear in mind that you should only use cornflakes that don’t contain any of the added flavorings.

Can hamsters eat baby corn?

Baby corn

Hamsters can consume baby corn without any issues. Hamsters consider baby corn a delicious treat, and it is somewhat different from regular corn. When feeding baby corn, however, you must ensure that it is fresh. Baby corn in canned form should be avoided because it may contain too much sodium. In addition to that, avoid using pickled baby corn as well.

Can hamsters eat corn kernels?

I don’t recommend supplying corn kernels to the hamsters. Corn kernels are the cracked kernels of the corn. They are usually dried as well. Further, the hard texture of the corn kernels would also be somewhat difficult for the hamsters to handle. Chances are that they may even break the hamsters’ teeth as well. Additionally, it may also lead to other dental-related issues and cause more trouble. Lastly, hamsters would find it difficult to digest the corn kernels as they have a weak digestive system.

Can hamsters eat canned corn?

Canned corn

My recommendation is to avoid supplying canned corn to the hamsters. Canned corn usually contains artificial sweeteners, which will be unhealthy for the hamsters. Further, canned corn can even result in an upset in the hamster’s stomach. It can also cause the hamsters to gain weight. Last but not least, it would lead to diabetes in the hamsters too. In a nutshell, it is best to avoid feeding canned corn to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat corn chips?

Corn chips

I don’t recommend giving corn chips to the hamsters at all. In other words, that would be the worst choice; you need to try with the hamsters. Corn chips are more like processed foods that come with additives. For example, those chips would usually have oil, salt, and other preservatives as well.

Can hamsters eat corn flour?

Corn flour

It is a no to this question, as hamsters should never be fed with corn flour. It would be a tasty treat, but not the best food item for the hamsters. If you end up providing corn flour, it would result in diarrhea and other health-related issues as well. Further, cornflowers may have salt and other oil supplements that are not good for the hamster’s digestive system.

Can hamsters eat cornbread?


I don’t suggest you provide cornbread for hamsters as it may contain additives such as salt and flour water, which will be unhealthy for the hamsters. Furthermore, their yeast contents would also be bad for the hamsters.

Can Hamster Eat Sweet Corn?

Sweet Corn

My recommendation is to refrain from giving sweet corn to the hamsters. Hamsters would find it difficult to digest the sweet corn, and it is best to avoid giving them to the hamsters. Having said that, it will not do any harm to the hamsters either.

Can Hamsters Eat Cornmeal?


I recommend you avoid feeding the cornmeal to the hamsters. Cornmeal is a dried and ground form of corn that many people prefer to eat. However, this will not suit the hamsters. Cornmeal is usually available with added salt and oil. As such, it is best to avoid feeding cornmeal to the hamsters. If they happen to eat cornmeal, chances are that they will suffer from digestive issues as well as cramps. Lastly, it could result in obesity in the hamsters too.

Few things to consider when you feed corn.

To begin, keep in mind that buttered corn kernels and salted corn kernels should be avoided because they are not suitable for hamsters. Always offer corn in minimal amounts. If you feed corn to the hamsters for the first time, you should keep an eye on them for a few days to see if they have any allergic reactions.

How Often Can A Hamster Eat corn?

Generally speaking, once a week, a small quantity of corn would be ideal for the hamsters. Keep in mind that you should never feed corn on a regular basis, as this will cause unnecessary health problems.

How many corns at a time?

If we consider the corn kernels, you can feed about 2–4 kernels at a time. Make sure that you don’t oversupply corn, as if you do so, it will make the hamsters sick.

Is corn toxic to hamsters?

Corn is not toxic for hamsters as long as you offer it in the right quantities and amounts. For example, if you supply too much corn, it will make the hamsters suffer from stomach upsets. However, I don’t recommend supplying corn to dwarf hamsters.

Bottom line 

To recap, you need to provide corn in moderate quantities for the hamsters. Furthermore, don’t consider replacing corn in their daily diet; there are far better, healthier alternatives that you can use on the hamsters. However, you can use corn as an occasional treat for the hamsters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I feed my hamster corn every day?

You should not provide corn every day for hamsters.

Can Syrian hamsters eat corn?

Syrian hamsters can eat corn without any issues.

How much Corn should a Syrian hamster eat?

The best is to provide corn once a month for the hamsters

Can dwarf hamsters eat corn?

Refrain from providing corn for dwarf hamsters, as they have a very weak digestive system. Due to that, they won’t be able to digest them.

Can dwarf hamsters eat baby corn?

Dwarf hamsters can indeed consume baby corn. It is also a low-fat delight for them and a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. To avoid stomach problems, it should be used in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Before giving your hamster baby corn, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and cooked because undercooked or raw corn can be difficult for them to stomach.

It’s also crucial to remember that when adding new foods to your hamster’s diet, it’s best to start with modest portions, watch for any symptoms of digestive problems or allergic reactions, and only continue if the hamster appears to love it and is not experiencing any negative effects.

How much corn should a Dwarf hamster eat?

A dwarf hamster’s recommended intake of corn will vary depending on their specific nutritional requirements and the overall balance of their food. As a general rule, it’s preferable to serve maize in moderation as a treat rather than as a main dish.

Baby corn shouldn’t be given to pets more than a couple times a week because too much can upset their stomachs. Additionally, it’s critical to incorporate a range of various fruits and vegetables in your hamster’s diet in addition to a balanced pellet food that covers all of their nutritional requirements.

If you have any concerns about your hamster’s diet, it’s always a good idea to speak with a veterinarian who has experience with tiny animals or a specialist in the nutrition of small animals.

How much Corn should a Roborovski hamster eat?

Ideally, you can consider giving them a handful of corn kernel once every week.

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