Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberry Plant Leaves?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberry Plant Leaves

Unfortunately, your strawberry plants in your garden stopped producing fruit, you might think that it is time to pull them out. However, there are still plenty of healthy strawberry leaves in your garden. Sometimes you have to ask yourself: ” Can guinea pigs eat strawberry plant leaves ?” The answer is yes, These leaves can … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas From Hay?

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas From Hay

This question typically shows up on social because guinea pig owners are unaware of the risks their piggies face if they do eat hay. If Guinea Pigs eat hay, can guinea pigs get fleas from hay? Hay is known to harbor a number of parasites and Guinea pigs are susceptible to a variety of parasites … Read more

Do Guinea Pigs Fart?

Do Guinea Pigs Fart

Guinea pigs tend to make several noises such as squeaks, grunts and gnawing sounds. Apart from these you might have noticed a different sound with a smell that you didn’t expect to hear from your guinea pig which makes you think do guinea pigs fart? You might not be sure whether your guinea pig farted … Read more

A Brief Study on Guinea Pigs Popcorning

Guinea Pigs Popcorning

Guinea pigs usually live in the wild and known to be prey animals. They consist of big personalities and they are interesting social animals to have as pets. Guinea pigs have unique behaviors and guinea pigs popcorning is one them. It’s really hard to interpret that behavior and many guinea pig owners tend to watch … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes

Answer to the question Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes? is Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapes. Though there is no evidence that eating grapes could cause any effect on guinea pigs, in some dogs eating grapes could cause kidney failure according to the studies. But we can’t say for sure that grapes will not affect … Read more

Guinea Pig Sounds: What Do Guinea Pigs Say?

Guinea Pig Sounds

Guinea pig sounds are interesting and did you ever wonder what your cavy is trying to express from these sounds? This is an attempt to list guinea pig vocalizations so your piggy can become a pig whisperer as you could understand them. It is obvious that guinea pigs do not share the same language with … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli

For humans, broccoli has been trusted as one of the main exotic vegetable by nutritionists for generations. They really benefit human’s health; because of the nutrient value you might think that broccoli is also suitable for guinea pigs. But Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli? Let’s talk about the advantages and drawbacks. Broccoli, scientifically known as … Read more

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal

How much do you know about sleeping patterns or sleeping habits animals? If you lack of information about it or if you don’t have a clear idea about this let me introduce you some basic information. Though there are a lot of sleeping habits which are different from each other, essentially a pet can show … Read more

Guinea Pig Ringworm

Guinea Pig Ringworm

As a guinea pig owner you will have to be careful of various diseases of your guinea pig such as infections and skin parasites. Guinea pig ringworm or dermatophytosis is a widespread health condition you will have to look for among your guinea pigs. Such situations can be really harmful and painful for your small … Read more

Abyssinian Guinea Pig: The Perfect Pet For Beginners

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Abyssinian is a guinea pig breed which is considered as a show animal and also a pet. The Abyssinian breed has a unique coat which is noticeable with rosettes (cowlicks of hair) or starfish shaped growing swirls. History of Abyssinian Abyssinian guinea pigs are one of the oldest breed among guinea pigs and was originated in … Read more

How To Cut Guinea Pig Nails?

How to cut guinea pig nails

Just like humans, guinea pigs also have continuously growing nails. In the wild their nails are worn out naturally but when they are adopted domestically they won’t have that chance. As pet owners you might be thinking how to cut guinea pig nails. Let’s see the importance of nail clipping and why regular nail clipping … Read more

Pregnant Guinea Pig: A Guide For Giving Birth

Pregnant Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Pregnancy Pregnancy typically proceeds without any hazards and the birth process is smooth, thanks to the nature. After the breeding process, female guinea pig will become pregnant and her gestation period will last 59 to 72 days or 9 to 10 in weeks. Guinea pig pregnancy duration time is longer than other pet … Read more

Breeding Guinea Pigs: Step By Step Guide

Breeding Guinea Pigs

There could be many reasons for guinea pig owners to breed their guinea pigs (cavia porcellus). Some are breeding guinea pigs to get a profit by selling baby guinea pigs. Some owners may want to share these cute furry animals with their friends or family who are not taking the first step to adopt this … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas?

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas

Just like any other animals such as cats, dogs or ferrets, guinea pigs do get fleas. These pocket pets have warm blood so they could easily be victims of fleas but usually these furry creatures are not the main host for flea. A flea is different from mite. When you explore guinea pig fur mites … Read more

Guinea Pig Bedding

Guinea Pig Bedding

Guinea pig urine is highly concentrated and has a strong distinguishing odor. You can find very concentrated mineral salts and these can build thick layers on guinea pig cage floor. These thick layers can be dispersed with vinegar. The capability to concentrate urine makes it probable to maintain moisture and essential minerals in the guinea … Read more

How To Serve Guinea Pig Hay?

Guide to Serve Guinea Pig Hay

“Hay is for horses”, you may have been familiar with this famous saying. Well if you are a guinea pig owner you already know that hay can be served to rodents as well. Hay can be used to feed different kinds of farm animals and domestic animals and there are several types of hay which … Read more

Guinea Pig Teeth: A Guide To Guinea Pig Dental Care

Guinea Pig Teeth

Pet guinea pig has become a phenomenon among pet owners due its cute size but their miniature size makes it very hard for their owners to identify any teeth related issues and disease they would have. Constantly Growing Teeth And Dental Issues The main thing you need to know about guinea pigs’ teeth is they … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries

Strawberry provides a great deal of health benefits when compared to other fresh fruits. Its sugar content is low and the nutritional value is higher than other fruits. Even though strawberries are so sweet, they don’t really contain higher amount of sugar. If strawberries are compared to bananas in sugar content wise, 100g of strawberries … Read more

Skinny Pig: Adorable Breed Of Guinea Pig

Skinny Pig - Adorable breed of Guinea Pig

When you imagine guinea pigs you picture them to have curvy bodies, cute noses and their thick glossy fur. Fur makes look guinea pigs full but just imagine them having all of that without the thick lustrous coat…”wait what, without the thick fur?” You might ask. Yes, you just imagined a skinny pig. Some of … Read more