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Let’s Compare Rat Vs Guinea Pig – All You Need to Know

Pets play a significant role in American households. Suppose you carefully examine which pet best matches your family, house, and lifestyle. In that case, your pet-owning journey will be the most joyful. Guinea pigs and rats are two examples of rodent pets that can be kept in the house. If you’re contemplating obtaining one or both of these creatures, it’s crucial to learn more about them. There are various similarities, and there are significant distinctions between guinea pigs and rats. You have an opinion about which one is the finest, so getting any detailed facts on Rat Vs Guinea Pig might help you decide which rodent pet to keep. These questions will assist you in determining which rodent is ideal for you and your family.

Quick Answer: Guinea pigs are indeed the answer for you if you’re seeking a rodent with a fiery personality. On the other hand, a rat may be a good choice if you desire the devotion and loveability of a faithful dog. It’s crucial to remember that you need to safeguard guinea pigs from rats if you get both. Wild rats that crept into the cabinets of guinea pigs kept around have killed them.

Let’s take a look at what makes each one unique so you can decide which is the most remarkable rodent for both you and your family.

Why Consider Rodents as Your Pets?

There are a variety of small rodent species to choose from, ranging from exotics to calm, tamed rodents. For the proper household, pet rats and guinea pigs may be excellent pets. They make excellent first pets for youngsters and require little maintenance, and they live for a shorter period than dogs and cats. However, before you go ahead and get a pet rodent, whether that’s a guinea pig or a rat, you need to think about a few things.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Pet Rodents

  • Select the appropriate pet for your household. Pet rodents get not suggested for families with children under the age of five, pregnant women. It is also for individuals with compromised immune systems since they are more likely to get sick.

  • Before getting a new pet, ensure you’re aware of the housing, social, and environmental requirements, as well as any other elements that may provide a problem for your family.

  • Rodents should get purchased from respected breeders or rehoming agencies to advise you on the animal’s personality and health records.

  • Make sure your doctor knows you’ve been around pet rats. Humans are susceptible to several rodent viruses, which can cause severe and life-threatening sickness.

So, no matter what you choose between Rat Vs Guinea Pig, you need to account for these factors.

Guinea Pigs – OverView

Guinea pigs, sometimes known as cavies, are lovely family pets. Males may get called boars, while females get referred to as sows. Domesticated guinea pigs come in various breeds, frequently classified based on coat texture and hair length. They are sociable and express themselves through a wide range of noises. However, they do not adapt well to their nutrition or habitat changes. Guinea pigs have a variety of enticing characteristics, such as being tiny, docile, and personable, to mention a few. However, like any companion animals, they require specific care and attention.

Rats – OverView

Rats are immensely enjoyable to care for since they are bright, highly sociable animals. They are simple to handle, loving, engaging, and rarely bite unless provoked if adequately socialized and treated tenderly from a young age. Rats are a popular household pet that can get taught to come when called and perform a variety of tricks. Many rat owners like their pets’ curiosity and even equate rat relationships to a dog’s.

Rat Vs Guinea Pig – One on One Comparison

Because you need all the facts before deciding, Rat vs Guinea Pig is a comparison based on relevant criteria.

Breeds, Size, and Weight

A mature pet rat’s body is around 9-11 inches, 7-9 inches tail length, and an adult male rat weighs about 650 grams. In contrast, a female rat weighs approximately 400 grams. Other ‘fancy rat’ species, such as the dumbo, rex, and satin-coated variations, coexist with traditional pet rats. Guinea pigs are huge rodents that range in weight from 600 to 1300 grams, and they are between 20 and 40 centimeters long and lack a tail. Guinea pigs with long hair, rex coats, smooth coats, and even hairless coats are available.


A guinea pig’s typical lifespan is 4-7 years, while a rat’s average lifespan is roughly 2-3 years. Keeping a rat might be difficult for the one who develops a strong bond with the animal. For many individuals, though, this isn’t an issue since they enjoy their time with the pet rats. On the other hand, Rats could be the right choice if your youngster is superficial and only wants a pet to play with this for a short period.

Activities – Nocturnal vs Crepuscular

Guinea pigs sleep between 9 and 12 hours every day, and the sleep gets divided into 10-minute naps that spaced out throughout 24 hours. They are crepuscular pets, meaning they spend most of their time outside at dawn and twilight. On the other hand, Rats are nocturnal pets, sleeping during the day and active at night. If you’re a night owl, a rat is an excellent pet to acquire because they provide perfect companionship for those who remain up late.

Space and Company

The room is also a crucial consideration for guinea pigs versus rats. There is no such thing as a too huge cage; the more space available, the better! It must, however, be kept secure and safe from potential predators. Guinea pigs are often larger than rats; therefore, they require more space. On the other hand, Rats need less room than guinea pigs since they are smaller.

As a general guideline, your pet should be able to run from one side to the other, reach full height, and extend in any direction. Pet rats and guinea pigs are gregarious animals who prefer to live in packs. They both demand and appreciate the company of others.

Note: Having a same-sex couple or group is the most incredible thing you can do for them. If you don’t want your pets to start giving birth in enormous numbers that you can’t handle, having a same-sex couple or group of them is an intelligent choice.

If a guinea pig or rat does not interact with another of his kind, he may get depressed. It has advantages and disadvantages; the burden is that your pet is highly likely to be depressed. The benefits are that your pet will be happier in a couple or small group, and you will be able to witness how they interact with one another.

Training and Pet Owner Affection

Guinea pigs are bright animals who can learn a variety of tricks. It’s probably the simplest thing to educate them to answer their name. You’ll have to teach them to use the toilet, which might be challenging. However, with some effort, your guinea pig will be able to use a litter box like a cat! You may have to wait a long time for your guinea pig to become accustomed to you and develop feelings for you.

On the other hand, Rats may remember their names and can occasionally come to you when called. They’ve got identified as critical players in several significant studies. Guinea pigs and rats have a strong bond with their owners. The only difference is the intensity of affection and how it gets expressed.


Because guinea pigs and rats are omnivores, they require a well-balanced diet that includes plant and animal-based nutrients. Guinea pigs have a unique digestive system that necessitates a large amount of fiber in their diet. Fiber is also vital for dental health since it helps grind down teeth and prevents overgrowth. Because rats are prone to fat and have a sweet tooth, don’t overfeed them! So, it is critical to provide rats with a well-balanced diet, as they have unique requirements that other small animals do not share.

Cost To Keep Them

Guinea pigs defecate far more frequently than rats, requiring you to clean their cages regularly. It’s a widespread misperception that rats are filthy animals, yet they’re spotless. You may need to spot clean your pet rat’s cage now and again, but you can maintain their cage every week on average. Rats benefit from a clean environment; thus, cleaning is essential. When it comes to the expense of keeping these pets, it’s worth mentioning that having a guinea pig as a pet is more expensive than having a rat.


Routine vaccinations for guinea pigs and rats are now unavailable. Infections in guinea pigs and rats can lead to life-threatening pneumonia. Because both species are prey animals, they won’t give you much notice if they’re not feeling well. If you have any worries about your pet, consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.


You commit to caring for a pet for the remainder of its life when you adopt it. Ascertain everybody in your household is comfortable with the idea of a rodent in their home.

In their cage, a safe retreat spot should get given. Create a secure, cleanable roaming space on a desk or in a big container or pen for your pet’s supervised time outside its cage. Whichever one you want to keep as a pet, the most important thing is to look after them constantly, and you will have a pleasant time with them.

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