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Male vs Female Guinea Pig – We’ll Help you Compare

Are you getting guinea pigs for the first time? We understand that the question on your mind is what to have between Male Vs Female Guinea Pig. It’s critical for you as a pet owner to understand the physical distinctions among male and female guinea pigs and the differences in temperament, feeding habits, and compatibility. The sex features of these pets are so hard to identify that even knowledgeable pet store employees or vets have trouble doing so. It’s also vital to note that each animal is different and may not exhibit typical sex characteristics.

Quick Answer: It doesn’t matter what gender the pig is as long as it is amiable and healthy. If you’re receiving a single guinea pig, you can choose between a male and a female guinea pig based on your preferences. If you’re obtaining a pair of guinea pigs at the same time, though, getting two young females appears to be the best option.

Continue reading to learn more about the differences, as well as specific situations in which one sex may be a better fit for your family.

Guinea Pig – Great Pets

The male guinea pig gets called a boar, whereas the female is called a sow. Guinea pigs are an excellent pet for everyone, especially for a child’s first pet. They live for several years, allowing you to enjoy them for longer than most other rodents. Guinea pigs are available in three distinct breeds. Guinea pigs are incredibly chatty animals. You’ll be able to communicate with your guinea pig once you’ve learned its noises. They can converse with you using a vast vocabulary.

They have individual personalities and are rather vocal, making them easy to identify and associate with. Guinea pigs are typically healthy animals when adequately cared for and nourished. They’re tiny, docile, and friendly, to mention a few characteristics that make them a popular pet.

So, whether you choose a male vs female guinea pig, remember that they have unique requirements like any other animal. And, caring for an animal isn’t like studying for an exam. Small animals should not get harmed in the name of teaching a youngster responsibility. People who believe that tiny animals are less expensive and simpler to care for than dogs or cats are in for a harsh revelation.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Visual Differences

Male guinea pigs are often more significant than female guinea pigs. The most basic distinction between male and female guinea pigs is their sexual organs. The female genital entrance is Y-shaped, whereas the male genital opening is like an I. When a guinea pig is a bit older, it’s simpler to identify if it’s male or female since males have swellings that indicate the existence of their testicles.

Male: Average weight (adult): 2 – 2.6 pounds

Female: Average weight (adult): 5 – 2 pound

Note: A female guinea pig can quickly get pregnant from three to four weeks. Thus, they should get kept away from males. If they haven’t had young, they should not be bred beyond eight months because this might cause birth problems.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Social Dynamics

Regardless of your pet’s gender between Male Vs Female Guinea Pig, learning about introductions and bonding is essential and even vital in some cases. Of course, each guinea pig has its personality. Male guinea pigs are more confident than females, who sometimes hesitate to bond with you. Male guinea pigs are more aggressive and fiery than female guinea pigs. They are more territorial and defensive of their territory, leading to frequent battles with other piggies that ‘invade’ their environment.

When compared to sows, establishing a bond with a boar is quite simple, and they will let you handle them rapidly. If you only want to keep two or three guinea pigs, an all-male pair could be a better choice. Another possibility is to have one or more females with a neutered male. Female guinea pig parents have reported that sows may quarrel a bit more to strengthen their social position with one another. But, they have fewer fallouts that necessitate separation.

If you wish to have a larger herd, female guinea pigs are more willing to live in larger groupings. Guinea pigs are very gregarious animals, and they reside in groups of 10 or more in the wild. On the other hand, domesticated guinea pigs should get along quite well. However, this isn’t always the case.

Overall, Females are calm and kinder than males, and only display violence in extreme circumstances, like defending their cubs. When housed in the same cage, males continually battle for nourishment, dominance, and females. Then they can cause a fight without seriously injuring the other.

Note: If the females don’t appear to get along, adding a male to a cage is a smart option. A male may have a relaxing effect. However, ensure that the male guinea pig gets neutered to avoid having two pregnant females.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Health Concerns

Males and females have health problems and diseases that might shorten their lives. Impaction is more common in unaltered male guinea pigs than in changed males or females. Impaction gets described as the accumulation of excrement in the anal sack of a guinea pig as their muscles atrophy over time. Mammary and uterine cancer are more common in unaltered female guinea pigs. Although this is valid for both genders, it appears that sows have a higher risk of urinary tract infections. Males and females have similar lifespans of 4 to 8 years.

Feeding a guinea pig a nutritious diet with plenty of hay and vegetables is an effective way of keeping it healthy throughout its life.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Cleanness

Sows are often cleaner than boys, and they want to make their living quarters as spotless as possible. For a man? Let’s say that if you choose boars, you’ll need to spend so much time with such a dustpan and brush. Since boars have a more functional grease gland, which they utilize to assert their dominance and can become a little whiffy at times, they have a more aggressive grease gland. Also, if you have an excessive human sense of smell, keep in mind that male guinea pigs tend to stink more than female guinea pigs. Males and females do not generally have disagreeable solid scents if they live in a clean environment.

Many people prefer females since they are cleaner and require less maintenance than males. However, both male and female guinea pigs will require nail clipping and a bath now and again. Another intriguing fact about sows is that they will urinate on other guinea pigs when they are upset or sitting too near them. As a result, things can become a little messy. No matter which you choose, you need to clean the clean.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Training

Boars are more straightforward to teach than sows since they have an extroverted and interesting disposition. Because sows are more cautious and shy than boars, training them takes longer and requires more work.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Space Required

Guinea pigs require a reasonably large enclosure to be fit and cheerful. Most plastic cages available at pet stores are far too tiny. If you want to keep more than one pair of pigs in a cage, you’ll need a big cage since, as already said, they may be vicious. However, suppose they’re getting along nicely. In that case, they’ll probably do just fine in a cage that’s equivalent in size to have.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig – Where to Get From

Guinea pigs and most tiny animals offered at pet stores get frequently bred in filthy conditions. So to discourage this, instead, go for adoption. Many respectable guinea pigs–rescue organizations and humane societies would be pleased to assist you in finding the ideal pair for your household.

Male Vs Female Guinea Pig: Which One Should You Choose?

Most individuals repurchase a male guinea pig for experience and the short bonds. If you don’t repair a male and a female confined together, they will most likely mate. A boar and a sow can get bred together, but they must get neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Don’t add over one neutered boar to a herd of three or more if you intend a pack of three or more. Most people purchase a male guinea pig for the pleasure and the rapid ties they form. If you’re planning on having a herd of 3 or more, don’t add more than one neutered boar. If you have an all-female herd, you may find that the hierarchy shifts throughout time, with piggies, occasionally struggling for control.

If you’ve never had guinea pigs before and are taking them home for the first time, we recommend getting a pair of the same gender.  Whatever path you choose, one thing is sure: being a guinea pig parent is a tremendously gratifying experience that will provide you with eternal delight!

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