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Guinea Pig Bath: Things You Need To Know

In animal world guinea pigs are not the biggest fans of having a bath. In cold weather guinea pigs can get sick easily after a bath and could suffer from chills if you don’t dry off properly thus that they would act very sorrowfully. Even your try can give them goose bumps which could end up in an injury.

Guinea pigs are not the same as their huge relative capybara when it comes to having a bath. They are same as other rodents who react to temperature fluctuations and that makes their health vulnerable if they have frequent baths.

Guinea pigs are considered as one of the cleanest among other species who take care of themselves regularly so regular bath is not necessary for them.

These are few easy steps you could follow when you bathe your guinea pig. As guinea pig’s fur consists of natural oils their fur will always get nice shine as natural oils that are concealed by the skin are stimulated. Most of the time you just need to keep its cage clean and that will help you to reduce the frequency of baths.

“Regular baths can remove the natural oils from their fur as guinea pigs’ skin is much more exquisite even than the toddler’s.”

Guinea pig is getting ready to bathe

As you are getting ready to bathe your guinea pig, you will have to consider these basic requirements.

  • Warm water to be used in a warm room (keep water at a comfortable temperature such as 77 to 80°F or 25 to 27°C).

  • A clean cloth or a soft towel to dry off

  • Veterinarian’s recommended shampoo

  • Small cup

  • A bucket or an equivalent which you should fill warm water to about one or one and half inches.

  • Blow dryer in lowest setting and a brush.

  • Flea dip

Before you commence make sure,

  • To check the cage. If the cage is clean that means your guinea pig won’t need a bath.

  • To look for weather, if the weather is warm drying off process could be much faster.

  • Calm your cavy by cuddling for some time.

  • Avoid slipping by placing a washcloth to the bottom of your bucket or the basin you use.

Important Tip: Massage your guinea pig with coconut oil. This will remove the gunk easily when bathing.

Methods To Follow When Giving Guinea Pig Bath

  1. First place your guinea pigs’ toes so it can feel comfortable with the water.

  2. By covering its face by one hand, pour warm water to entire body except face which it will wash by itself throughout the time.

  3. Firmly wet its head by finger tips and pour some shampoo to guinea pigs’ fur according to instructions mentioned on shampoo bottle.

    shampoo on a guinea pig

  4. Then wash your guinea pig until you get rid of all the shampoo from its fur. After wrap it from the clean cloth or clean towel and change to a new one if needed.

  5. Shivering would be normal and keep the guinea pig’s body wrapped until it stops shivering. Meanwhile brush your pet to avoid any mess in fur.

  6. Start using the blow dryer in the lowest setting to finish up drying while brushing its fur.

  7. Take a damp cloth and wipe its face and wipe entire body thoroughly then keep your guinea pig with you or in a warm place.

  8. After dip your cavy in some flea dip product. By doing so we can make sure that there are no lice or lice eggs on pet’s fur or skin. It might be a good idea to consult your veterinarian to prescribe a better product which is for sensitive skin and get a better understanding of the way to use it effectively on your guinea pig.

  9. Now your piggy is ready to go back to its cage.

For A Hassle Free Bath

  • You need to have enough time to spend for all your guinea pigs if you have few of them. Guinea pigs are special in identifying their mates from the smell. To avoid any heated situations wash all in one day so they all do smell as same as others.

  • Always keep an eye of your guinea pigs when you bathe them.

  • Avoid using human shampoo and other animal variety’s ones.

Note: Use a recognized anti-parasitic medication such as ivermectin to treat and manage mites or a prescribed anti fungal shampoo for those with skin conditions which need to be treated. Unwell guinea pigs need to be examined by a exotic vet because treating one condition may aggravate another.

  • Follow mentioned instructions on the packet or the shampoo bottle and gently wash guinea pigs’ ear because mites could be in them too. Also avoid their eyes and face when shampooing them.

  • A bathtub could be the best choice when you are washing them as they won’t be able to climb out. Use the cup when you rinse every time because you should always keep out your pet’s nose, mouth, eyes and ears basically the whole face out of the water.

  • Set your dryer’s setting to the lowest and cover the whole body consistently and keep the guinea pig’s ears away from direct air from the blow dryer.

Are Regular Baths Necessary For My Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs can be compared to cats when it comes to cleanliness as they do it by themselves distinctively. Majority of short haired species stand in need of a bath one or two times a year.

In general baths can be a cause for health risks such as colds and dry skin conditions and guinea pigs may find bathing very uncomfortable. Keeping natural surroundings clean will definitely minimize the need and that will make your guinea pig happy.

How To Identify That Your Guinea Pig Needs A Bath

When your guinea pig smells different than normal, that means it’s time for a soft bath. Dirt or waste can get into their locks easily but if you find dirt in one spot, just wiping off will be sufficient by using a clean cloth.

Pay special attention to long haired guinea pigs and to those who suffer from a parasitic or fungal infection. When bathing such pets follow your veterinarian’s instructions thoroughly to avoid any unpleasant circumstance.

Always be aware of your guinea pigs’ health. Newly born or the ones under six months and pregnant guinea pigs are not suitable for baths at all. Those who are unwell such as from cold or respiratory infections should be abstained from bathing.

Try these as a substitute option to avoid a bath

  • Keep their habitat or the cage nice and clean.

  • Use guinea pigs’ dusting powder on fur and brush with a hard brush.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Dry My Guinea Pig After A Bath?

Guinea pigs can be washed monthly in summer and bimonthly in cold weather and this is except your piggy needs an anti-parasite bath or if you are told by a veterinarian to wash them regularly. Always use clean cloth or a towel and a dryer in lowest setting to dry off your guinea pig and keep your pet in a warm place for some time.

What Shampoo Is Good For Guinea Pig?

Always choose a non irritating natural animal shampoo which is good for guinea pigs’ soft skin or you can go for your expert’s recommended shampoo.

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