Can I get a hamster if I have a dog?

Can I get a hamster if I have a dog

Dog-loving families are more likely to have other pets in their homes. Having a dog and a hamster is a popular choice for pet owners. Can I get a hamster if I have a dog? Pet lovers must know the answer to this question. You may worry about their safety if you have a dog … Read more

My Hamster’s Eye Is Bleeding. Get Some Help!

Hamster's Eye Is Bleeding

A tamed hamster experiences a different kind of pleasure and satisfaction. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet does not suffer any harm. However, hamster eye-bleeding should be treated with extreme caution. Obviously, if you observe any concerning indications that an eye is injured or painful, you can get an idea from … Read more

10 Reasons Your Hamster Looks Sad And What To Do For Sad Hamster

Sad Hamster

Hamsters are sensitive and close-knit, which quickly makes them experience grief. Perhaps they are severely ill, or maybe they’re just missing their owner in the long, gloomy winter. Unwillingly, sad hamsters go through the routines of a boring lifestyle. As a result, they exhibit various symptoms of depression from time to time. A sad hamster … Read more

How Smart Are Hamsters? Let’s Crack Some Myths Here

How Smart Are Hamsters

Hamsters make excellent pets for families with kids or any home. There are many things you may question about them before bringing one home or conducting some research as a curious Hamster owner. What’s more, they’re recognized for being adorable, low-maintenance pets. Are hamsters smart ? How Smart Are Hamsters? We can state that Hamsters … Read more