Can Hamsters Eat Raspberry?

Can Hamsters Eat Raspberry

One of your pet hamster’s cutest behaviors is watching them consume food. Can you share a raspberry snack with your pet hamster when you’re eating it? Or can hamsters eat raspberries?Absolutely, they can! But you should know a few things about how to feed raspberries to hamsters. Let’s find out Can hamsters eat raspberry? Yes, … Read more

Hamster Eye Bulging (Exophthalmia)

Hamster Eye Bulging

Usually, people assume that you don’t need to pay a lot of attention to the hamsters when you breed them at home. This is just a misconception that most hamster owners have, as hamsters are prone to so many medical conditions. It is vital that you properly care for them, as only then can they … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi?

Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi

Can hamsters eat Kiwi? If you have ever wondered whether hamsters can eat kiwis, you should be able to find the answer in this article. Kiri is a tropical fruit that usually has a sweet and sour flavor; its flesh is tender. Additionally, it is a seasonal fruit, and you can spot them bearing fruit … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Pomegranate?

Can Hamsters Eat Pomegranate

Hamsters’ dietary pattern is different from that of humans. However, if you are having something yummy, you might feel tempted to share that with the hamsters. That said, have you ever wondered whether you could feed pomegranates to the hamsters? To answer the question first, no it is not possible to provide pomegranates to the … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Cockroaches?

Can Hamsters Eat Cockroaches

Keeping a pet hamster in your home is beneficial and enjoyable. Hamsters are fascinating to observe because of the variety of actions they take that seem cute to us humans. Even while they are eating, when they play with one another, and when they gallop on their wheels, hamsters are just too entertaining to watch … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes?

Can Hamsters Eat Grapes

Have you ever thought of feeding grapes to your beloved hamsters? Do you know whether it is safe to feed grapes to hamsters? They are toxic to many other pets, such as dogs, cats, and rats. Having said that, it is okay to feed a small piece of grape occasionally, and it would be more … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Mango?

Can Hamsters Eat Mango

Hamsters are omnivores, and they can feed on a wide array of things. However, it would be difficult for you to decide what you should give and what you should not give. So, if you are wondering whether you could give mangoes to feed the hamsters, you should be able to find all the answers … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Dragon Fruit?

Can Hamsters Eat Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a healthy fruit for humans. So, do you know whether you could feed this to hamsters? One might tend to feed dragon fruits to hamsters, as they can eat them. However, I don’t recommend doing this for the hamsters, as you first need to know whether it is safe or unsafe before … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Cranberries?

Can Hamsters Eat Cranberries

Cranberries are a popular snack that many people use at Thanksgiving. So, how about giving your hamsters some cranberries if you have any at home? Because they are such wonderful animals, hamsters would adore eating a variety of different things. So, can you feed cranberries to the hamsters? To briefly answer this, yes, it is … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Cookies?

Cookie eating hamster

If you are a hamster owner, I am sure you have thought about sharing your cookies with your beloved hamsters whenever you have any. So, do you think cookies are safe for the hamsters? Can they eat them? I am sure this is a burning problem for all of you. So, to briefly answer this … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Mealworms?

Can Hamsters Eat Mealworms

If you are a hamster lover, I am sure you are aware of the fact that they need a variety of food to thrive. In that aspect, if you had ever thought of providing some protein sources, how about feeding some mealworms to the hamsters? Is it safe for you to feed mealworms to the … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Eggs?

Can Hamsters Eat Eggs

Eggs are quite a popular meal item among us, and I am certain that you may have doubts about whether it is safe to feed eggs to the hamsters. If you are a hamster owner, you may be using commercial hamster food, some veggies, fruits, etc. to feed the hamsters, but how about some eggs? … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Chicken?

Can Hamsters Eat Chicken

If you are interested in trying new food for hamsters, you may wonder whether it is okay to provide chicken for the hamsters. Chicken is a fancy food item with a lot of protein, as you may already know. More importantly, it has low calories when compared with the rest of other meat items. However, … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Turkey?

Can Hamsters Eat Turkey

Turkey is a traditional meat that many people tend to use for many events. For example, you could use them for events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. It was originally found in Northern Africa, and people have eaten it since those times. Usually, you can either bake them or roast them in the oven and … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate?

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate

Chocolate is something that makes all humans excited. In fact, they come in various forms of food, such as puddings, cakes,  chocolate brownies, etc. It’s a delicious food for all humans, and kids are big fans of it in particular. So, what about these little furry friends? Have you ever wondered whether they can eat … Read more

Can Hamsters Drink Milk?

Can Hamsters Drink Milk

If you are a hamster lover, I am sure you want to give the best diet to the hamsters. When you feed hamsters a good diet, it allows the hamsters to live longer and healthier too. Once they live longer, we can spend a little more time with the hamsters. Hamsters have a poor digestive … Read more

How to Deal With Hamster Diarrhoea

Hamster Diarrhoea

Hamsters are small pocket-size pets that belong to the family of rodents. They are very cute and playful. They always like to be happy and enjoy their time. They need a good meal and plenty of water with a lot of care as they easily get into illnesses when they lack their needs. Here, you … Read more

Can Hamsters Go Outside?

Can Hamsters Go Outside

Hamsters are cute, fuzzy little animals that depend on you to keep them alive. When it comes to the subject of whether hamsters can go outside, they would find it a little difficult to cope with that. Having said that, animals like guinea pigs and rabbits can survive outdoors if they have the right conditions. … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Parsley?

Can Hamsters Eat Parsley

If you own hamsters, I’m sure you’d be curious to learn about nutritious fruits and vegetables that you could feed the hamsters. The first vegetable that comes to mind is parsley. So, if you’re wondering whether parsley is something hamsters can eat, the answer is yes. It is a fresh-tasting herb, and it would be … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage?

Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage

Hamsters are a delicate and adorable animal species. Hence, before you feed any food item, it is important that you check whether it is good or bad to provide it for them. So, if we consider whether we can feed cabbage to hamsters, the answer is yes, you can feed your beloved hamsters cabbage. That … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes?

Can Hamsters Eat Tomatoes

Hamsters will grow healthily if you ensure that you provide a balanced diet for them. A balanced diet includes plenty of grains and seeds. In addition to that, it has to also consist of fresh fruits and vegetables as well. However, even though it is a good idea to provide fresh fruits, you need to … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Can Hamsters Eat Sweet Potatoes

Hamsters are undoubtedly one of the cutest animal species. They are tiny yet so cute-looking. Since they are small animals, they have fragile bodies and very weak digestive systems too. This literally means we need to be careful when feeding them food. So, when it comes to feeding sweet potatoes to hamsters, you may be … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Potatoes?

Can Hamsters Eat Potatoes

If you are a hamster owner and wondering whether you should allow the hamsters to eat potatoes, this is the article you need to go through. So, this article will help you clear all the doubts you have with regards to feeding potatoes to hamsters and letting them consume those. So, to briefly answer the … Read more

Can Hamsters Eat Meat?

Can Hamsters Eat Meat

Hamsters can consume meat, but only in moderation. In fact, hamsters are omnivores, which literally means both vegetation and meat. When the hamsters are in their natural habitat, their diet will consist of insects such as crickets, grubs, and other worms. So, in this article we have looked at the uses the hamsters may have … Read more

Can Hamster Eat Mushrooms?

Can Hamster Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a fleshy fruiting type of fungi that anyone would prefer to eat. In fact, you may come across different species of edible mushrooms, and they will each have their own unique flavor. Not to mention it has nutritional benefits as well. In fact, many mammals love eating the raw mushroom when they are … Read more

Can Hamster Eat Pumpkin?

Can Hamster Eat Pumpkin

Hamsters are not picky when it comes to food. However, it is up to the hamster owners to feed them with hamster-safe food only. In fact, there is a wide array of food that is available for you to feed them. So, among them, we can consider pumpkin as one of the best food items … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Run On Wheels?

Why Do Hamsters Run On Wheels

Do hamsters need a wheel (Do hamsters have to have a wheel)? As you may already know, hamsters like hamster wheels. However, in this article, we will address whether hamsters need a wheel and why they need a wheel. Keep in mind that a hamster wheel is not something that is compulsory for the hamsters … Read more

Can I Let My Hamster Run Around My Room ?

Can I Let My Hamster Run Around My Room

Anyone can have a hamster as a pet. They are cute, small, yet so adorable. They may be too energized, though, as they may frequently run around your room. Even though they have small bodies, you might be surprised by how energizing they appear when they do that. So, to answer the question of whether … Read more

How Fast Is A Hamster?

How Fast Is A Hamster

Do you have a hamster at home? If so do you know how fast a hamster is? The answer might surprise you. Read this article until the end and you can learn more about your lovely hamster. How fast is a hamster? Hamsters can run as fast as 3 to 6 miles per hour. This … Read more

Are Hamster Balls Safe?

Are Hamster Balls Safe

Hamsters are a cute and entertaining set of animals. If you provide a hamster ball for them to play it would be so much fun to watch them play with those. Needless to mention, if you want to have a great experience with the hamsters, you need to treat the hamsters with the best care … Read more

Do Hamsters Cough?

Do Hamsters Cough

I know you love your hamster. But unfortunately, they have very poor health. Hence chances are that your hamsters can be caught coughing on and off due to several reasons. As such it is quite crucial that you take good care of them. Besides, hamsters are prone to several diseases as well. For example, they … Read more

Can Hamsters Sneeze?

Can Hamsters Sneeze?

If you see your hamster sneezing, you might think that your hamster has tickles in his nose, and it would make them sneeze. However, they could sneeze due to some other reasons too. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the factors which could cause these conditions and the steps you could take … Read more

Do Hamsters Like Music ?

Do Hamsters Like Music

Are you a hamster owner and if so have you ever wondered whether hamsters can listen to music? Have you ever thought about whether the music would be soothing or disturbing for the hamsters? or whether it will make your hamsters anxious or stressed? Do you want to play music in your room and wonder … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Making A Clicking Noise?

Why Is My Hamster Making A Clicking Noise

We are all big fans of animals. Aren’t we? Out of all the animals, people are pretty much interested in keeping hamsters as domesticated pets. Hamsters are rodents that have gained so much popularity among pet owners. Having said that, petting them could be a challenging task especially since they make a clicking noise. Hamsters … Read more

Why Is My Hamster Squeaking?

Why Is My Hamster Squeaking

If you are a hamster owner, you would have come across the sound of squeaking quite a lot. One might find it cute though it is always not a good sign. In fact, hamsters squeak when they are either happy or annoyed. Besides they would tend to do that when they are hungry or lonely … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily ?

Why Do Hamsters Die So Easily

Signs of a hamster dying There could be animals that would pass away without showing off any signs while there are hamsters who would indicate some signs when they are dying. As such it is critically important that you keep observing the hamsters quite well and see whether you could spot any change in their … Read more

How To Bury A Hamster?

How To Bury A Hamster

Burying a hamster is somewhat a challenging and sad situation to be in for both hamsters and the hamster owners. Hamsters live for about 2-4 years or sometimes even less than that if they are from an unethical breed. It would be so heart-wrenching for you to face that situation irrespective of the reason they … Read more

Should I Cut My Hamster’s Nails?

Should I Cut My Hamster's Nails

Nails are a vital part of the hamsters. In fact, they would fulfill various purposes. For example, they are crucial for defense, grabbing food, cleaning themselves, etc. not only that but also they play a major role in gathering nesting materials also. If you are a hamster owner, you would have seen the hamster’s nails … Read more

Why Does My Hamster Sleep So Much?

Why Does My Hamster Sleep So Much

Like most of us, you might have a hamster. These little rodents are fun to watch and play with. They’re also smart and can learn tricks! But what happens when this little rodent decides to sleep for hours on end? Is it because he’s lazy or because he’s stressed out? Don’t worry Hamsters sleep a … Read more

Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel

Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel

Hamsters would be quite handy as family pets. They are tiny creatures yet look so cute. Having said that, these cute little creatures need to have adequate exercises as they are active animal species. So, when you consider this, it would be a great idea to have an adequate toy wheel so that it would … Read more

Are Hamsters Color Blind?

Are Hamsters Color Blind

To start off, do you know that hamsters are color blind?  In general, hamsters have poor eyesight and that is how they have constructed naturally. In fact, their eyes have about 97 % of rod cells and 3 % of cone cells. Hamsters can’t usually identify black and white, and they can only identify colors … Read more

Funny Ways That Hamsters Died

@vxbin_.editz._ Don’t know what to say… #hamster #fyp #worstwaystodie #hammys #hamstersoftiktok #funny #dying #foryou #🐹 ♬ original sound – ur pretty This is a question that was posted to TikTok. The post had the title, “Pls tell me how ya’ll hamsters died cuz these bitches die from anything”. The objective of this post was to … Read more

What You Need to Know About Hamsters Pooping

Hamsters Pooping

Are you one of those lucky hamster owners who wish to learn about hamsters pooing, then you are on the right page. As you know animal poop indicates a lot about their health. Therefore learning about hamster pooping is an essential part of hamster caring. In this article, I hope to provide a lot of … Read more

Can Hamsters See in the Dark ?

Can Hamsters See in the Dark

Do you own a cute little hamster? If yes, have you seen your beloved hamsters running on their wheel in the middle of the night? So can hamsters see in the dark? Yes, hamsters can see in the dark. They are nocturnal animal species and they are more active at night. With that question you … Read more

Hamster Itching: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Hamster Itching

If you spot your hamster itching like never before, it might be something to worry about. Hamsters would itch due multiple reasons. For example, if they are suffering from stress, or if they are experiencing a parasite attack chances are that they would itch unusually. Apart from the allergic reactions, mange or dry skin could … Read more

Are Hamsters Blind?

Are Hamsters Blind

In the daytime, my hamster used to knock on everything around it. That makes me wonder if my hamsters are blind. As a beginner, I did not know much about hamsters at that time. So naturally, I started to search about hamster eyesight and related topics. In that research, I learned a lot and was … Read more

Things You Never Knew About Hamster Vision

Hamster Vision

Hamsters usually have very poor eyesight. Hence, they would use their other senses to fulfill their day-to-day duties. Keep in mind that hamsters have a strong sense of hearing and smell. They use these characteristics to recognize objects and humans around them. When they grow in the wild, they would not usually want to have … Read more

Can Hamsters Get Wet ?

Can Hamsters Get Wet

Hamsters are such cute and lovely animals that so many people are fond of keeping them at home. So, if you are a responsible hamster owner, it is important that you provide the best care for the hamsters. When it comes to taking care of the hamsters well, one might think that cleaning them with … Read more

What Sound Does a Hamster Make?

What Sound Does a Hamster Make

Hamsters have their unique behavior, so they are generally quiet pets. The owners also say that hamsters are quiet animals, but they make noise only when there seems to be trouble. Hamsters are often thought to make only one noise,but they can make unique noises and have a variety of vocalizations. So, you want to … Read more

Can Hamsters Climb?

Can Hamsters Climb

Are you a proud owner of a hamster? Let me ask you a question. Does it climb over the cage walls, furniture, in your arms even on your dog? So, if the answer to these questions is yes, this would be the article for you. So, let’s find out this behavior of the hamsters. Are … Read more

Get Rid of Your Hamster Feet Cold

Hamster Feet Cold

Are you a hamster owner and are you wondering whether the hamsters’ feet can get cold or not? The answer is Yes certainly their feet can get cold. They would experience this condition when temperatures drop 20 degrees celsius / 68 degrees Fahrenheit even for a few hours. The optimal temperature for the hamsters would … Read more

Why Does My Hamster Smell Bad? 

Why Does My Hamster Smell Bad

Hamsters may smell bad due to numerous reasons. For example, it may be due to the bad odor of the dirty cages, farts caused by the high protein diets, issues with hygiene, diseases, etc. literally it could be due to either owner’s ignorance or due to natural causes. So, to rectify this issue it is … Read more

Do Hamsters Jump?   

Do Hamsters Jump

Have you ever come across situations where the hamsters have jumped out of your hands? If you are a hamster owner, you might have experienced this many times. Yes, hamsters can jump and they jump due to various reasons. So, in this article, I am going to discuss why hamsters jump, how high hamsters can … Read more

Hamster Broken Leg – What to Do

Hamster Broken Leg

As you may already know, hamsters are fragile animals. Therefore there are numerous ways of getting themselves hurt, especially their legs. So, in this article I am going to educate you on how the hamsters could get their legs hurt,  the symptoms they may indicate when their legs hurt and the things you should do … Read more

Do Hamsters Need Light at Night?

Do Hamsters Need Light at Night

If you are a hamster owner and if you have unanswered questions like whether they need light at night and what kind of light they would require, this is the right article for you. In this article, I have covered all hamster light requirements and It will help you to clear all your doubts about … Read more

Do Hamsters Blink?

Do hamsters blink

Hamsters are cute little creatures and anybody would love to cuddle with them. However, if you look at them closely, it is very unlikely that you will spot them blinking so much. You may wonder whether all hamsters don’t blink or if something is wrong with the hamsters. So, still, if you have those questions … Read more

Can I Let My Hamster Swim?

Can I Let My Hamster Swim

Can hamsters swim? Can I Let My Hamster Swim? This is a most common question among worldwide hamster owners. Because of the nature and the habitat of the hamsters, not only lots of hamster owners but also the non-owners are searching for “can these pocket-size pet hamsters swim?”. The direct answer is yes. The hamsters … Read more

Bitten by a Hamster?

Bitten by a Hamster

If you are a hamster owner and he or she hasn’t bitten you, consider yourself lucky. Most people are not that lucky. In fact, they could be alarming and you might wonder why they hurt you. Hamsters may bite you for different reasons, and it is vital that you act swiftly to remedy those bites. … Read more

What Happens If You Drop Your Hamster ?

What Happens If You Drop Your Hamster

As hamsters are small animals it is very likely that they will get dropped from your hands at some point if you were holding them carelessly. So, have you ever wondered what to do if you happen to drop the hamsters accidentally? To answer that question briefly it would depend on how seriously they would … Read more

The Importance of Hamster Water

Hamster Water

Hamster and its water requirement Providing good water for hamsters is important for their survival. It would allow them to live long, and healthily as well. Once you provide water for hamsters it would make them hydrated which is a crucial factor to maintain good health. However, if you were ever wondering how much water … Read more

Dehydrated Hamster: Is Your Hamster Safe ?

Dehydrated Hamster

In my experience dehydration in hamsters is a big problem. I once had a dehydrated hamster and the concerning part is I did not know what was wrong with him. He suddenly stopped drinking water and looked weak. I got suspicious and consulted experts and veterinarians. That’s when I knew my hamster was dehydrated. So … Read more

Hamster Yawning

Hamster Yawning

As I observed, hamsters use their body language cues to show their humans how they feel. For example, they might yawn, and open their mouths wide to display their long teeth to show the humans how they feel. In other words, if your hamsters happen to yawn and stretch, that literally means they are refreshed … Read more

Bumblefoot Hamster (Hamster Feet Swollen)

Bumblefoot Hamster

Do you know about hamster feet swollen disease in hamsters and other rodents? If you own a hamster you should be aware of it. Because this condition causes severe pain to your lovely pets. So in this article, I am going to describe hamster feet swollen (bumblefoot hamster) disease, how to treat and how to … Read more

Do Hamsters Get Lonely?

Do Hamsters Get Lonely

If you are a hamster owner and wondering whether your hamster would get lonely , you will find this article very helpful. This is a burning problem for many hamster owners and from this article you will be able to clear all your doubts. So, to give you a brief answer, no they don’t get … Read more

Do Hamsters Lick Humans?

Do Hamsters Lick Humans

When you are having hamsters there are a few important facts to be considered by you. Even though you own one or you are having one nearby, these facts will be more helpful for you. Here I am going to make you aware of hamster licks. The most common question is do hamsters lick humans … Read more

Can Hamsters Fill Their Cheeks?

Can Hamsters Fill Their Cheeks

Hamsters have distinctive, stretchy cheeks that they use to carry bedding and store food. Syrian hamsters are a popular research subject because of the special features of their cheek pouches. Interestingly, they got their name because of their collecting behavior. The name hamster is derived from the German word “hamastra”, which means “Hoarding”. Also, a … Read more

How To Pick Up A Hamster Without Scaring It

How To Pick Up A Hamster Without Scaring It

Who doesn’t like a bundle of cuteness as their pet? Hamsters are small, round, furry, and beautiful animals that make great companions. Their antics will make you laugh and holding them will bring you greater joy. But you’ll have to think about many things before taking a hamster as a pet. They are very timid … Read more

Exciting Facts about Hamster Hideout

Hamster Hideout

The wild hamster’s hideout is a place where the hamsters go to escape from the cruel world that they live in. They are very clever and have created places where they can feel safe and secure. They can be found hiding in burrows, tree holes, and even under rocks. The wild hamster’s hideout has several … Read more

Can I get a hamster if I have a dog?

Can I get a hamster if I have a dog

Dog-loving families are more likely to have other pets in their homes. Having a dog and a hamster is a popular choice for pet owners. Can I get a hamster if I have a dog? Pet lovers must know the answer to this question. You may worry about their safety if you have a dog … Read more

My Hamster’s Eye Is Bleeding. Get Some Help!

Hamster's Eye Is Bleeding

A tamed hamster experiences a different kind of pleasure and satisfaction. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet does not suffer any harm. However, hamster eye-bleeding should be treated with extreme caution. Obviously, if you observe any concerning indications that an eye is injured or painful, you can get an idea from … Read more

10 Reasons Your Hamster Looks Sad And What To Do For Sad Hamster

Sad Hamster

Hamsters are sensitive and close-knit, which quickly makes them experience grief. Perhaps they are severely ill, or maybe they’re just missing their owner in the long, gloomy winter. Unwillingly, sad hamsters go through the routines of a boring lifestyle. As a result, they exhibit various symptoms of depression from time to time. A sad hamster … Read more

How Smart Are Hamsters? Let’s Crack Some Myths Here

How Smart Are Hamsters

Hamsters make excellent pets for families with kids or any home. There are many things you may question about them before bringing one home or conducting some research as a curious Hamster owner. What’s more, they’re recognized for being adorable, low-maintenance pets. Are hamsters smart ? How Smart Are Hamsters? We can state that Hamsters … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberry Plant Leaves?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberry Plant Leaves

Unfortunately, your strawberry plants in your garden stopped producing fruit, you might think that it is time to pull them out. However, there are still plenty of healthy strawberry leaves in your garden. Sometimes you have to ask yourself: ” Can guinea pigs eat strawberry plant leaves ?” The answer is yes, These leaves can … Read more

Can Hamster Eat Peanut Butter?

Can Hamster Eat Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is appetizing and the big question is “can hamster eat peanut butter”? Almost every house has peanut butter and we always ask whether we can offer various safe food items to our pet hamster. Most of the time, the answer is yes but you need to be very careful when offering certain foods … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas From Hay?

Can Guinea Pigs Get Fleas From Hay

This question typically shows up on social because guinea pig owners are unaware of the risks their piggies face if they do eat hay. If Guinea Pigs eat hay, can guinea pigs get fleas from hay? Hay is known to harbor a number of parasites and Guinea pigs are susceptible to a variety of parasites … Read more

Do Guinea Pigs Fart?

Do Guinea Pigs Fart

Guinea pigs tend to make several noises such as squeaks, grunts and gnawing sounds. Apart from these you might have noticed a different sound with a smell that you didn’t expect to hear from your guinea pig which makes you think do guinea pigs fart? You might not be sure whether your guinea pig farted … Read more

Bunny Harness: How To Keep Bunnies Safe?

Bunny Harness

The Need Of The Bunny Harness If you have a rabbit as your pet you just can’t limit or force your bunny to stay in a cage. Rabbits need to play a lot and they require clean air, comfort and warm winds. If you are providing enough space to your rabbit you are definitely in … Read more

Hamster Wet Tail Disease And How To Get Rid Of It?

Hamster Wet Tail

Hamster wet tail is a serious sickness among hamsters which has a high death rate even identified early and treated. “Wet tail” name was given from the symptom of wetness around the hamster’s tail area due to the diarrhea and bacterial infection is causing this severe diarrhea. The Most Affected Hamsters Hamsters from any breed … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans?

Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans

Can rabbits eat green beans?, have you ever wondered about it? Well the answer is yes, rabbits can eat green beans. Rabbits are vegan animals and rabbit’s diet mainly based on plants. Your pet rabbit would eat almost anything but usually they love having vegetable and leafy green. Majority of rabbits do like green beans … Read more

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies?

Why Do Hamsters Eat Their Babies

If someone asks “Can you really imagine why do hamsters eat their babies?” Well, you will be speechless for a moment. In animal world not all females are good mothers. When raising their children some mothers could be overemotional. They don’t want to be even touched, held or pet when they are expecting babies or … Read more

Guinea Pig Sounds: What Do Guinea Pigs Say?

Guinea Pig Sounds

Guinea pig sounds are interesting and did you ever wonder what your cavy is trying to express from these sounds? This is an attempt to list guinea pig vocalizations so your piggy can become a pig whisperer as you could understand them. It is obvious that guinea pigs do not share the same language with … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli

For humans, broccoli has been trusted as one of the main exotic vegetable by nutritionists for generations. They really benefit human’s health; because of the nutrient value you might think that broccoli is also suitable for guinea pigs. But Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli? Let’s talk about the advantages and drawbacks. Broccoli, scientifically known as … Read more

Guinea Pig Ringworm

Guinea Pig Ringworm

As a guinea pig owner you will have to be careful of various diseases of your guinea pig such as infections and skin parasites. Guinea pig ringworm or dermatophytosis is a widespread health condition you will have to look for among your guinea pigs. Such situations can be really harmful and painful for your small … Read more

Abyssinian Guinea Pig: The Perfect Pet For Beginners

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Abyssinian is a guinea pig breed which is considered as a show animal and also a pet. The Abyssinian breed has a unique coat which is noticeable with rosettes (cowlicks of hair) or starfish shaped growing swirls. History of Abyssinian Abyssinian guinea pigs are one of the oldest breed among guinea pigs and was originated in … Read more

How To Cut Guinea Pig Nails?

How to cut guinea pig nails

Just like humans, guinea pigs also have continuously growing nails. In the wild their nails are worn out naturally but when they are adopted domestically they won’t have that chance. As pet owners you might be thinking how to cut guinea pig nails. Let’s see the importance of nail clipping and why regular nail clipping … Read more

Pregnant Guinea Pig: A Guide For Giving Birth

Pregnant Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Pregnancy Pregnancy typically proceeds without any hazards and the birth process is smooth, thanks to the nature. After the breeding process, female guinea pig will become pregnant and her gestation period will last 59 to 72 days or 9 to 10 in weeks. Guinea pig pregnancy duration time is longer than other pet … Read more

Breeding Guinea Pigs: Step By Step Guide

Breeding Guinea Pigs

There could be many reasons for guinea pig owners to breed their guinea pigs (cavia porcellus). Some are breeding guinea pigs to get a profit by selling baby guinea pigs. Some owners may want to share these cute furry animals with their friends or family who are not taking the first step to adopt this … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries

Strawberry provides a great deal of health benefits when compared to other fresh fruits. Its sugar content is low and the nutritional value is higher than other fruits. Even though strawberries are so sweet, they don’t really contain higher amount of sugar. If strawberries are compared to bananas in sugar content wise, 100g of strawberries … Read more