What Sound Does a Hamster Make?

Hamsters have their unique behavior, so they are generally quiet pets. The owners also say that hamsters are quiet animals, but they make noise only when there seems to be trouble. Hamsters are often thought to make only one noise,but they can make unique noises and have a variety of vocalizations. So, you want to know what sounds does a hamster make? Let’see.

What sound does a hamster make and meaning of them 

As much as the behavioral pattern can help you find out the hamster chittering, the different noises made by a hamster can help you find a better reason for the hamster chittering. As stated above, the hamster is generally a calm animal. But we know that it can output different variations of vocalizations.

We will tell you the different types of noises the hamster makes and what they mean by them.


Squeaking is one of the most common noises made by a hamster. The hamster squeaks to pass a variety of emotions; they used to squeak when they were young while being fed. The squeak that is when being provided conveys that they are happy.

The hamster can squeak when they are unhappy as well, but it depends on the tone they use to squeak. The hamster generally squeaks in a low manner to convey that the hamster is sick.


Chattering is a sign of many different things. It could be annoyed,apprehension,anxiety ,hunger ,not well.

For example, the sound a hamster makes when it’s angry or doesn’t like the way it is being handled is often interpreted by other hamsters as a warning that they need to get away.


The hissing of your hamster is generally not a positive sign. Your hamster hissing can mean that it is afraid or uneasy about something. Hissing is the most common sign to indicate that the hamsters are not on good terms in the situation. If the hamster is hissing alone, there seems to be an issue in the immediate environment.


The clicking sound of the hamster is also known as bruxing. It causes the hamster to rub their teeth, making a clicking noise. The clicking or bruxing of a hamster is a positive sign. Hence there is no need to worry if your hamster is clicking, as this indicates that the hamster is happy and on good terms.


The hamster crying is a rare move to expect. The hamster’s crying is in extreme pain, alarmed, or extremely frightened. A crying hamster is not pleasant to listen to, and Hamster crying can be when it is highly stressed or when fighting. !

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The scream by a hamster is also rare as much as the hamster is crying. The screaming hamster cab is a disturbing sound that can ring in your ears. The hamster screaming and a hamster crying have not much difference in the reason. A hamster crying shows that the hamster is not on good terms and is in a terrible situation.


It is not only a bird that chirps but so does a hamster. A hamster chirping can make the same sound as a hamster squeaking, and there is not much difference between a hamster that squeaks and a hamster that chirps. The hamster chirping is generally a good sign, and it means that they are happy and cheerful!

There is no real need to worry when your hamster chirps.


This is a rare noise made by the hamster. The cooing of the hamster is usually a low tone, and the hamster cooing is a soft, vibrating sound. The cooing denoted that the hamster was happy and content.

Is hamster sensitive to noise?

Yes, hamsters are sensitive to noise. They can’t tolerate high-frequency sounds and may become stressed by sudden.

Why is my hamster making noises ?

Generally, hamsters make noises to let us know they’re scared, angry or in pain.

Are hamsters loud ? 

Hamsters generally make less noise than other animals and are not known for being loud, but there are some noises with some incidents when they make them which are loud.

Do hamsters growl?

If your hamster feels threatened, it will growl as a warning. If he wants to be left alone, it will also growl.

What does a sick hamster sound like?

Sneezing and squeaking could be the sign that your hamster is sick or has an infection.

What noise does a hamster make when in pain?

Hissing and squeak are the first signs you might notice if your hamster is in pain or discomfort. And if the hamster is in pain, it will make an intense sound.


The hamster is a small rodent that is well known for its ability to make many different noises. The sound the hamster makes is dependent on the environment they live in and what they are doing at the time.

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