Why Is My Hamster Squeaking?

If you are a hamster owner, you would have come across the sound of squeaking quite a lot. One might find it cute though it is always not a good sign. In fact, hamsters squeak when they are either happy or annoyed. Besides they would tend to do that when they are hungry or lonely as well. So, it would be somewhat tricky to determine exactly why the hamster squeaks.

So, to determine what exactly has gone wrong with the hamsters, you need to look for other signs and then decide. So, it is vital that you have a fair knowledge of the hamsters so that you could learn what the hamsters are trying to indicate by squeaking. So, brace yourself and get ready to learn the most interesting subject with regard to hamsters.

What does a hamster squeak sound like?

Hamster squeaking is more like a high-pitched shrill sound. In fact, the squeaking sound is more like the sound the rubber duck makes when they squeeze. This is the most commonly made sound by hamsters. It is the commonly used vocal expression by them. They use that to express so many emotions like happiness, fear, irritation, and hunger. In addition to that, they would squeak when they want some attention or when they are suffering from any sickness also.

However, if the hamsters squeak on and off which lasts for a short period, then it literally means the hamsters are happy and content. On the other hand, if the hamsters squeak repetitively it literally means something is wrong with them. Further, if the hamsters squeak loudly, you need to immediately check up on them as promptly as you could. They may do that to indicate something which could be worrisome for them.

Is it normal for my hamster to squeak?

It is normal for the hamsters to squeak as generally, they would do that to express their happiness or excitement. For example, they may tend to squeak whenever you try to give them a treat or when you cuddle with them. Furthermore, if you have housed several hamsters, they may tend to squeak when they are happy paying with the others. Hamsters may tend to squeak when they are in some distress or in fear too. For example, hamsters would tend to squeak when you freshly bring them home for the first time.

What does it mean when a hamster squeaks?


Hamsters would squeak when they are happy or excited mostly. For example, if you bribe them with a treat they like or if you cuddle with them they would squeak to respond to that. If the hamsters happen to see other hamsters species they would get excited and end up squeaking. If you want to ascertain if the hamsters are squeaking due to happiness you need to ideally look for other signs such as yawning and stretching. Usually, when a hamster is squeaking due to happiness it would tend to yawn and stretch.


If your hamsters happen to squeak persistently, it literally means they want you to back off. They would tend to do this when they are surrounded by other hamsters. Furthermore, they may tend to do this if they are new to you and when you try to pick them up at the very moment you bring them home. If the hamsters are new, you must first ensure they stay calm. Allow them to get familiar with you so that they would not squeak due to annoyance. If the hamsters seem to be puffing and hissing when they do this, it is very likely that they are squeaking due to annoyance.

He Needs Something

If your hamster lacks attention, it may tend to squeak to let you know that they want some attention. For example, if they want to get out of the cage and if they want to spend some time with you they would tend to do this. So, if you happen to hear your beloved hamsters squeaking chances are that they may want something. So, you need to ideally check whether everything is fine with them by checking whether they have adequate water and food. Ensure that their habitat is clean too. Further, check whether the hamsters are suffering from any injuries as well.

Why is my hamster squeaking when he breathes

If hamsters get in contact with any dust, it will make the hamsters squeak when they breathe. If the hamsters seem to squeak and sneeze together it indicates an infection that they are going through. They would do this either due to a respiratory infection or an allergy. Hamsters are prone to a myriad of respiratory diseases like pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema etc.

Why does my hamster squeak when he’s sleeping

If you spot your Hamsters tend to squeak while they are sleeping and it is quite normal. People believe that they do that when they are dreaming and fast asleep. Some people consider this as the snoring of the hamsters.

Why does my hamster squeak when he wakes up?

Hamsters would tend to squeak when they wake up if they are going through any distress or fear. You could commonly find this among the hamsters that you freshly brought home. Further, they would tend to do this if they are agitated as well.

Why is my hamster squeaking while eating?

Suppose that your hamsters are squeaking while eating, then it is very likely that they are happy with the treat that you gave them. So, If you gave them their favorite treat, it would make them happy and tempt them to squeak as well.

What is the frequency of the Squeak?

If the hamsters squeak occasionally, you could simply ignore it. Having said that if the hamsters keep squeaking persistently it literally means something is wrong with the hamsters. So, you should never ignore if your hamster happens to squeak persistently. If I further elaborate on this, if you had housed two hamsters and if there is one hamster who tends to squeak constantly it literally means they are not going along.

Do hamsters squeak before they die?

Hamsters squeak before they die. For example, if they are in some discomfort and tend to squeak a little it indicates their death. So, if you suspect the hamsters are squeaking and dying, I suggest you bring them to a pet doctor as soon as you can.

Do hamsters squeak when in pain?

If your hamsters are suffering from pain, yes they would squeak and it is quite common. In fact, there could be several factors that could make them squeak due to pain. Most of the time, hamsters would tend to suffer from pain due to the poor sight they have. Besides, if you had introduced them to an inappropriate toy, it could also make them squeak in pain. Needless to mention that their fast mobility could also injure them at times which would make them suffer from pain.

For example, if they happen to land on a hard surface from a highly elevated place chances are that it could injure them and result in some pain. In addition to these factors, if your hamsters happen to suffer from stomach pain or any other sickness, you could expect them to squeak there as well.

How to stop my hamster from squeaking

To stop the hamsters from squeaking, first, you need to determine the root cause for the hamster squeaking. To do that you need to observe the hamsters properly and look at them closely and see what exactly has gone wrong with them. So to stop this you could try out the following tips.

Give attention

First, you need to give them some attention. For example, they may probably want you to change their water into a fresh one or replenish their dry mixes etc.

Bring to the vet

If the hamsters have got adequate food and water and if you cannot spot any injury among them, it is very likely that hamsters may suffer from something very severe. If I further elaborate on this, if they happen to suffer from a broken leg, pain in the stomach, or toothache the best you could do is to pay a visit to the pet doctor. They would be the best person to do a thorough check-up and let you know whether your hamsters are doing okay or not.

Give treats

Try giving them some treats and see what their reactions would be. If they happen to eat the treats and stop squeaking you could consider that they are fine. Having said that if they seem to reject the treats and if they seem to struggle with walking or tend to ignore you it is something that you need to investigate further.


Hamsters are loving creatures and they would also feel some emotions like humans do. So there may be occasions when your hamsters may want to have a cuddle with you, especially when the weather is too cold. They would love to have some cuddles with you as it will keep them warm. As per research conducted, Male Syrian hamsters are the hamster species that wish to have cuddles the most.

Separate cages

I recommend you have separate cages for each hamster even though they get along with the other hamsters well. If you had housed multiple hamsters together and if you had never spotted them fighting in front of you, you may probably think that they are fine. However, I suggest breeding them in separate cages so that it would be better for all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Female hamster squeaking

Usually, female hamsters would squeak when they are in heat. In fact, they would be in heat once every four days. When they are in this phase, they tend to get impatient and aggressive as well. For example, they may even tend to attack you as well.

Is it bad if your hamster squeaks?

It could be bad if the hamsters squeak for an extended period. For example, if the squeak is too loud and if they keep doing it persistently it literally means something is wrong with the hamsters.

Why is my dwarf hamster squeaking?

Dwarf hamsters would tend to do that as a way of communicating. They would do this especially when they are young. They squeak to indicate to others their feelings.

Why is my Syrian hamster squeaking

They would do that either due to their happiness or excitement. Besides, they may do that when they’re in fear and stress as well.

Final thoughts

Hamsters cannot express their feelings as the other animals do. So, it will be up to you hamster owners to figure out what exactly is happening with the hamsters and ensure that they are safe and happy. So, next time when you hear a hamster squeaking don’t assume that they are unhappy or hurt. Before coming to a conclusion observe your hamster for a while if they do little squeaks that say they are happy about something. If they do long non-stop squeaks you should take your hamster to a doctor. So, I hope you found this article useful for you.

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