Why Is My Hamster Making A Clicking Noise?

We are all big fans of animals. Aren’t we? Out of all the animals, people are pretty much interested in keeping hamsters as domesticated pets. Hamsters are rodents that have gained so much popularity among pet owners. Having said that, petting them could be a challenging task especially since they make a clicking noise.

Hamsters usually make so many sounds and clicking noise is one of those many sounds they make. So, in this article, we are going to discover more about this clicking sound, why they make the clicking noise, the things we could do to overcome it, etc. So, let’s get into it right away.

What does a hamster clicking noise sound like?

Hamsters occasionally grind their teeth together, often known as “bruxing,” which produces a clicking noise. Similar to a purring cat, this sound is typically a sign of a comfortable and happy hamster! You may relax knowing everything is okay in your hamster’s world when you hear them clicking their teeth.

The clicking sound that hamsters make would be more like a pleasant sound. Unlike in the other occasions where they make different sounds, they would make this clicking sound most of the time to indicate that they are happy and content. They would usually rub their teeth together and that would create a clicking sound. Some people consider this as bruxing sound too. So, whenever you hear the hamsters making a clicking sound, you can assume that they are in their world. And happy about something.

Is it normal for my hamster to make clicking noises?

If you happen to see your hamster making a clicking noise, it is quite normal. However, there could be several factors that would make them release the clicking sound. For example, they would tend to do that when they are scared. Besides they would tend to make these sounds whenever you brought them home for the first time too. They may probably make this sound when they are trying to adjust to the new conditions. However, if you give them the necessary care and affection they would do well.

So to sum up, hamsters making the clicking noise is very normal. Having said that, there could be several other reasons which would tempt them to make this noise. As such, it is important that you learn about those factors which would trigger them doing this.

So, in this article, we have looked into the possible reasons which could result in this behavior. Besides we have covered the things you could do to make them comfortable and relaxed. Having said that, comforting them is a very simple thing to do. For instance, you may probably have to give them the love they are seeking, feed them well, etc. That way you can have one happy quiet hamster cutie all the time.

What does it mean when a hamster makes a clicking noise?

As I briefly mentioned above, hamsters would make the clicking noise for multiple reasons. That said, the following are some of the main reasons which would make them click noise. If you happen to hear your beloved hamster making a clicking sound, it is very likely that they are doing that to indicate that they are either scared or happy.

Mostly they would make a clicking noise to express when they are happy and excited. For example, if you fed them one of their favorite foods they would tend to get excited and happy and end up making the clicking sound. Additionally, they would make clicking noises whenever something scared them too.

Having said that, how would you figure out why exactly they make the clicking noise? In other words, how would you know whether they make the clicking noise due to excitement or due to fear? To ascertain this, what you could do is first observe their body language. So, if you spot them stuck in a corner in their cage and keep hiding that literally means they are in fear. On the other hand, if the hamster seems to be running here and there it literally means they are happy.

Hamsters tend to make a clicking noise when they are rubbing their teeth against each other too. They do that activity with the purpose of sharpening their front teeth so that they can break hard food. Besides as per some research findings they do the bruxing to express their happiness too. Further, whenever they get new teeth they tend to rub them in a playful manner which results in a clicking noise.

It is noteworthy that their teeth keep growing. So, they do the rubbing to wear them down. Further, they may end up making a clicking sound when they try to carry the hard food in their cheeks too. When they do this, they would end up rubbing their teeth which would ultimately result in a clicking sound.

In addition to aforesaid factors, hamsters would tend to make a clicking sound if they want you to leave them alone. Hamsters are such wonderful cute creatures. So, you may want to grab them and want to cuddle them sometimes. However, you should give some space for their comfort as well. So, when you handle them after some time, chances are that they may get irritated. So, they will make this clicking noise to let you know that it is enough and they want you to leave them

Apart from the above facts, hamsters would tend to make a clicking sound when they need some attention from you too. Hamsters would appreciate some love and care from you. So, if you happen to see your hamsters biting the cage bars whilst making the clicking sound, it literally means they want more attention from you.

Lastly, they would make a clicking sound when they get up too early too. Humans need rest and hamsters are no exception to it. Usually, when we are up, hamsters would be sleeping. So, if you want to enjoy some time with the hamsters you need to ideally wait until midnight or try to wake them up forcefully. So, when you wake them up forcefully, they would respond to it by making clicking sounds

Why is my hamster making a clicking noise when breathing?

You may spot your hamsters making clicking noises when they are breathing too. They are known as respiratory clicks. Having said that those clicks would not take place at every breath or happen at a rapid rate.

Your hamster will occasionally make some strange-sounding breathing noises, but most of the time, they are simply part of normal behavioral displays.

Dying hamster making a clicking noise

If the hamsters die and make a clicking noise, it is very likely that it takes place due to a respiratory issue. So, if you come across any situation like this you need to immediately take them to a vet doctor and get them to do a thorough checkup on the hamsters.


Many pet lovers are fans of hamsters as they are such an adorable set of animals. So, it is quite important that you take care of them well. If you come across any occasional clicking sounds, you need to first determine what exactly caused them to make the clicking sound and then act accordingly.

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