Can Hamsters Eat Pomegranate?

Hamsters’ dietary pattern is different from that of humans. However, if you are having something yummy, you might feel tempted to share that with the hamsters. That said, have you ever wondered whether you could feed pomegranates to the hamsters? To answer the question first, no it is not possible to provide pomegranates to the hamsters. There could be many other pet species who would enjoy having pomegranate seeds quite easily, however, they are not for the hamsters to consume.

Pomegranates typically have a red skin outer layer, which gives the pomegranate a husk appearance. In addition to that, it will further contain a white inner part, and you will be able to find the edible fruit parts there. Pomegranates are commonly used in a variety of beverages. For example, they use it in juice smoothies, cocktails, etc. Besides, some people commonly use this for baking and cooking as well.

The nutrient value of pomegranate

If we look at 300g of pomegranate, it would contain 234 calories, 4.7 g of protein, etc. Further, it would contain 3.3 g of fat, 52 g of carbohydrates, 38.6 g sugar, and 11.3 g of fiber as well. Besides, you may also find 28.2 mg of calcium, and 28.8 mg of vitamin C in 300 g of pomegranate.

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in pomegranate

There are so many health benefits to feeding pomegranates to hamsters. For example, pomegranate juice has vitamin C included in it, which would be quite crucial for the hamsters. Hamsters cannot produce vitamin C on their own. So, feeding pomegranates would be quite crucial for them. If the hamsters run out of vitamin C, they may get sick. Furthermore, there is a chance that they will suffer fatal consequences as a result of this.

Pomegranate juice would be quite handy in aiding the blood pressure of the hamsters as well. If the hamsters suffer from obesity, their blood pressure may also tend to increase. So, feeding them pomegranate juice would help them overcome this situation. Pomegranate has antioxidants included in it, which would help to regulate the stress on the hamster’s heart.

Furthermore, pomegranate has anti-inflammatory impacts as well. It is a known fact that humans may suffer from inflammatory conditions. However, hamsters would appreciate the benefits they get from having pomegranates. Inflammation is something that would be worrisome for the hamsters. If the hamsters begin to suffer from these, it will have a negative impact on their health. For example, they may suffer from a disease such as cancer.

Pomegranate is a fibrous fruit, and its fibrousness would be useful for hamsters. In addition to the pomegranate’s folate and potassium, its contents contain a couple of useful minerals for the hamsters. Besides, it further contains proteins, which would be quite beneficial for the hamsters. Not only that, but the vitamin K content of the pomegranate would help the hamster’s bloodstream stay healthy as well.

Health risks(disadvantages) of pomegranate

If you consume too much pomegranate, it can cause serious health problems. For example, they may suffer from diarrhea. Hamsters are small animals, and they don’t have big stomachs. So, if they accidentally eat something hard to digest, it would result in so many health-related issues. Pomegranate seeds are not the type of seeds that hamsters can digest. It is the same for humans as well. If humans continue to consume large amounts of seeds, they will develop stomach problems.

So, if humans happen to have these issues, it is no wonder that hamsters may also suffer from eating pomegranate as their stomachs are way too small. So, if you happen to supply pomegranate for the hamsters, you could spot them suffering from diarrhea after a few days. In addition to diarrhea, if the hamsters happen to eat a pomegranate, they may also suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is common in hamsters in general. Furthermore, feeding sugary fruits such as pomegranates makes them more susceptible to contracting diseases such as diabetes.

As you may understand, Pomegranate has high sugar contents, and if you feed them excessively, it would lead to diabetes among the hamsters. In addition to that, it would result in allergies, obesity, and low blood pressure as well.

Can hamsters eat pomegranate leaves?

Pomegranate leaves

It is safe for the hamsters to eat pomegranate leaves. Hamsters are herbivores. So, feeding them pomegranate leaves would not be harmful to the hamsters. That said, it is very essential that you provide pomegranate leaves for the hamsters too. Hamsters would eat pomegranate leaves, depending on their breed. Further, it would also depend on your willingness to eat them or not. So, to check that, you could first try to feed them some pomegranate leaves and see how they react to it. If they seem to be enjoying it, you can continue feeding them.

However, when you serve pomegranate leaves to hamsters, make sure that you wash them thoroughly and then let them eat. Pomegranate leaves may sometimes have debris and other chemicals. So, even though the pomegranate leaves would not pose any health-related risk, these chemicals may turn out to be harmful to the hamsters. So, ideally, you should provide organic pomegranate leaves for the hamsters so that you do not need to deal with these issues. Furthermore, always make sure that you provide pomegranate leaves in small quantities.

Can hamsters eat pomegranate tops?

No, hamsters cannot eat pomegranate tops. It’s too hard for them, and they cannot digest it.

Can hamsters eat the pomegranate Plant?

Pomegranate Plant

No, hamsters cannot eat pomegranate plants.

Can hamsters eat pomegranate seeds?

Pomegranate seeds

If you are uncertain whether you should let hamsters eat pomegranate seeds, yes, hamsters can eat pomegranate seeds. However, hamsters cannot consume the pomegranate’s white inner part as well as its shell. You could feed the pomegranate fruit in moderate quantities as well. However, if you wish to make sure of the well-being of the hamsters, I recommend you avoid providing these to the hamsters.

Even though hamsters can safely eat pomegranate seeds, it would be ideal if you could feed them in tiny quantities only. To be more precise, you should consider feeding one pomegranate seed once every fifteen days to the dwarf hamsters. If you have a Robo Hamster, you could feed it only one pomegranate seed a day.

It is noteworthy that you check the pomegranate seed’s size before you feed them to the hamsters. Pomegranate seeds would indeed be small. However, they may still make your hamsters choke. Therefore, it is best to remove the pomegranate seeds and then feed them to the hamsters. Keep in mind that pomegranate seeds have a high sugar content. If the hamsters consume them in large quantities, it could lead to health problems in the future.

One might opt to avoid feeding pomegranate seeds to the hamsters as well. Hamsters have a delicate digestive system, and due to that, some people opt to avoid using them on hamsters. However, if you happen to provide pomegranate seeds, chances are that it may result in the obesity of the hamsters.

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Can hamsters drink pomegranate juice?

Pomegranate juice

I don’t recommend supplying pomegranate juice for the hamsters. It is not beneficial for the hamster’s health. If the hamsters happen to consume pomegranate juice, they will likely gain weight and become obese in the end. Not only that, but it would also further result in diabetes. Furthermore, it would result in heart disease in the hamsters too.

You need to ideally keep track of the sugar intake of the hamsters. Pomegranate juice has a high sugar content and should not be given to hamsters. Ensure that you don’t provide the pomegranate juice, which you can purchase from the stores, as it may contain high sugar levels, which would be unhealthy for the hamster’s well-being. In addition to the high sugar levels, store-bought pomegranate juice may contain less nutritional value as well. Furthermore, they may contain strong flavors.

So, if you wish to provide some fluids for the hamsters, I encourage you to provide only fresh and clean water and not pomegranate juice. It is not a good idea to provide pomegranate juice for the hamsters, as it would only make the hamster’s health deteriorate.

Can hamsters eat pomegranate rind?

Pomegranate rind

It is not a good idea to offer pomegranate rind to the hamsters. However, you could consider adding pomegranate rind as an occasional treat but not as a part of their regular diet. Hamsters may also tend to get bored if they happen to eat the same food over and over again. So, adding some pomegranate rind would make their dietary pattern interesting.

Hamsters would tend to eat pomegranates as they have a delicious flavor and are juicy. However, the pomegranate rind would not suit the hamsters. The pomegranate rind does not carry the same taste as the pomegranate flesh does. Instead, it would have a bitter taste, which hamsters may not like. In addition to that pomegranate, the rind would be acidic as well. So, overall, it is best to refrain from serving pomegranate rind to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat dried pomegranate?

Dried pomegranate

Dried fruits and vegetables are high in sugar, so stay away from offering them to your hamster.

Can hamsters eat canned pomegranates?

Canned pomegranates

It would be better if you could refrain from feeding canned pomegranates to the hamsters, as they may contain high sugar levels. Needless to mention, excessive sugar levels would negatively impact the overall health of the hamsters.

Few things to consider when you feed pomegranate?

If you want to feed pomegranates, make sure that you first serve them in small quantities. Depending on their reaction for that you could either continue feeding them or stop feeding them

How should you serve pomegranate to your Hamster?

Pomegranates should be given to your pet in the proper quantities. Additionally, ensure your hamster is healthy and has no stomach issues.

Pomegranate seeds are not advised to be given to hamsters, though. Although they can be eaten in moderation, dwarf hamsters can receive one seed every fifteen days. Giving your rooster one pomegranate seed each month is acceptable.

Another key factor is the size of the pomegranate seeds. Despite their diminutive size, these seeds can nonetheless choke someone.

Therefore, it is best to remove all the seeds before giving your hamster pomegranates. Pomegranates are also high in sugar, which might have a negative impact on your pet’s health.

How much pomegranate to serve at a time?

The quantity of pomegranate you should feed a hamster would vary depending on the hamster’s breed. If we consider the Syrian hamsters, you could give them one or two pomegranates per week. On the other hand, if you own a Robo Hamster, feeding them one or two seeds once every fifteen days would be enough. Overall, pomegranates should always be provided in small quantities.

Are pomegranates toxic to hamsters?

Pomegranate is not toxic for the hamsters as long as you serve it in moderate quantities. If you feed pomegranate in excess, it will make the hamsters suffer from diabetes, weak bones, and yellow nails as well.

Bottom line 

To wind up, I hope that you were able to clear all your doubts that you had about feeding pomegranates to your beloved hamsters. For example, we have covered the health benefits of feeding pomegranates, the health-related risks it may pose, the number of pomegranates you should feed the hamsters, the way you should serve pomegranates, and so on. Further, when you offer pomegranate first to the hamsters, see how they react to it.

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