Can Hamsters Eat Avocados?

Care for hamsters is simple because they are small animals. Hence, both young and elderly people opt to have hamsters as their pets. So, when it comes to feeding, they would usually have a very simple dietary pattern. Many people tend to fulfill the dietary requirements of the hamsters by providing commercially made hamster food for them. Having said that, some hamster owners may try feeding their hamsters some of the food that they experiment with.

However, it is not a wise thing to do, as not all humans’ foods go well with the hamsters. So, chances are that you may end up creating health hazards for the hamsters.

That said, have you ever thought about whether you can feed avocado to hamsters? One might think of providing avocado to add some variety to the hamster’s food. So, is it okay to provide avocado for hamsters? Will they be able to digest them? To answer that shortly, avocado would not be okay for hamsters. So, this is just a glimpse of the things that we are going to discuss in detail.

What are Avocados?

Avocados are green fruits that are usually fleshy. They have edible, dark green skin. This is quite a famous fruit among humans. What makes avocados unique is that they have a high fat content as well as a high acid content. So overall, these two facts make them a bad choice for the hamsters. Keep in mind that even a small quantity of avocado would contain so much fat. Hamsters are prone to obesity and diabetes as well. So, it would not be a perfectly fitting fruit for the hamsters.

The nutrient value of avocado

If we look at the nutrient value of avocados, 100 g of avocado would have about 10 mg of vitamin C, 21 mg of vitamin K, 2.07 mg of vitamin E, and 7 µg of vitamin A as well. A 100 g avocado would also contain 12 mg of calcium, 52 mg of phosphorus, 485 mg of potassium, 62 g of beta-carotene, 24 g of carotene, alpha-carotene, 81 g of folate, and 271 g of lutein and zeaxanthin. Apart from that, 100 g of avocado would have about 6.7 g of fiber, 0.66 g of sugar, 2 g of protein, 8.53 g of carbs, and 160 kcal of calories too. Moreover, it would contain about 14.66 g of fiber and 73.23 g of water as well.

Irrespective of the number of beneficial nutrients avocados have, the high carbohydrate contents and the fatty acids make them somewhat inappropriate for the hamster’s consumption.

Health benefits of nutrients that are found in avocado.

If we look at the health benefits of feeding avocados to hamsters, the vitamin K contents of avocados would be very useful for the hamster’s blood. In addition to that, the vitamin C content would also play a major role in helping the hamsters have overall good health. On the other hand, avocados’ potassium contents would aid the hamsters in regulating their blood pressure.

In addition to that, avocados are rich in vitamin B, which would keep the hamsters energized throughout the day. Lastly, the vitamin E compounds in avocados would be beneficial for the hamsters’ vision. Moreover, it will help the hamsters have healthy skin as well.

Health risks (disadvantages) of avocado

Hamsters may have to go through several health risks if they happen to eat avocados. In other words, it would cause so many health-related complications in the hamsters. To name a few, hamsters may suffer from digestive-related issues due to avocado consumption.

Avocados are rich in potassium as well as in Persin. These are two compounds that can lead to issues in the digestive system of hamsters. Hamsters already have a weak digestive system, and feeding them avocados would aggravate the situation. Furthermore, they may also tend to release watery stool as well.

Avocados would create complications in the hamsters’ intestines as well. Chances are that avocados might get stuck in the hamster’s intestines. Ultimately, it would lead to blockages in the intestinal system of the hamsters. Needless to mention, if you happen to feed avocados to hamsters, it will make them obese. Avocados are high in both carbohydrates and fatty acids. Those two can make the hamsters go through obesity so fast. Once the hamster becomes obese, it makes them susceptible to other health-related conditions.

It can also weaken the hamsters’ bodies further. Further, it can make the hamsters suffer from dizziness and laziness. Not only that, it can have a negative impact on the immune system of the hamsters and cause respiratory issues as well. Lastly, the high calcium content of avocados would make the hamsters develop bladder stones too. Furthermore, it would cause urinary problems as well.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Avocados?

Raw Avocados

Raw avocados are not suitable for the hamster to consume. If you happen to feed them by any chance, it would cause so many adverse effects on the hamsters’ health.

Can hamsters eat avocado skin?

Avocado skin

My recommendation is to avoid feeding the avocado skin to the hamsters as well. Avocados’ skin would be rough in texture. Hence, hamsters would struggle to digest them. Furthermore, avocado skin has a toxic compound called persin, which would have a poisonous impact on the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat avocado leaves?

Avocado leaves

It is a definite no for this question as well. Avocado leaves also contain a toxin called peroxide, which would cause breathing issues in the hamsters. It can also cause problems in the lungs.

Can hamsters eat avocado seeds?

Avocado seeds

Hamsters cannot eat avocado seeds. If you happen to serve avocado seeds, it can suffocate the hamsters. So, whenever you are offering avocados, make sure that you remove the seeds and then let them eat. However, you can consider adding avocado seeds to salads, juices, and smoothies. However, make sure that you chop them into small pieces and then add these.

Can hamsters drink avocado juice?

Avocado juice

If you have store-bought avocado juice, I don’t recommend providing it for the hamsters. Those store-bought avocado juices may contain artificial flavors, which would negatively impact the well-being of the hamsters. However, if you have homemade avocado juice that doesn’t contain any preservatives, you can consider feeding it to hamsters.

Can hamsters have avocado oil?

Avocado oil

No, hamsters should not consume avocado oil or any other types of oils. Avocados, as well as their oil, contain persin, which is toxic to hamsters and can cause digestive issues and other health problems. Hamsters’ diets should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, pellets, and water, and should not include oils or other types of fats.

Can Hamsters Eat Avocado Pit?

Avocado Pit

Hamsters cannot have avocado pits, either. Avocado pits are somewhat large, which makes it difficult for the hamsters to digest. So, if you happened to feed avocado pits to hamsters, it would make them choke. In addition to that, the avocado pit contains a toxin called persin which makes it even worse for the hamsters to consume.

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Can Hamsters Eat Guacamole?


Guacamole is not suitable for the hamsters to consume. Guacamole contains so many other ingredients in addition to avocado. Avocado would only be the sauce in guacamole. It would usually comprise so many other ingredients, such as salt and other acidic products, which would make it more appropriate for the hamster’s consumption.

So, in a nutshell, guacamole would not act as a healthy snack for the hamsters. Having said that, if you are making guacamole on your own without adding this preservative, you can consider feeding them a very small amount of guacamole. To elaborate, you can give them 14 teaspoons of avocado for hamsters.

Few things to consider when you feed avocado.

Avocado is not the best food item that you can feed hamsters. However, if you wish to feed some avocado to hamsters, you need to follow some precautions so that the hamsters won’t be badly affected. First and foremost, ensure that you remove the seeds and the pits of the avocado. These two are sticky and can infect the hamsters with bacteria. Following that, you should thoroughly wash the avocado to remove any remaining debris and dirt. Next, you can serve a very small amount of avocado to the hamsters.

How should you serve avocado to your Hamster?

It is best to avoid serving avocados, as they have a high fat content. That being said, if you want to try feeding avocado to hamsters, you need to make sure that you only offer the flesh. Further, you need to ensure that you serve them plain. Don’t use any dips, such as guacamole. Never use preservatives such as salt or other sweeteners. These two compounds would be so harmful to the hamsters. So, if you adhere to these guidelines, you can consider feeding avocado to hamsters.

How many avocados to serve at a time?

You must determine the amount of avocado you should feed your hamsters based on the breed. So, if you are a Syrian hamster owner, you can allow them to eat a comparatively bigger portion of avocado. Syrian hamsters are a larger hamster breed, and they can handle some avocado amounts. On the other hand, if you have a dwarf hamster breed, make sure that you allow them to eat only a tiny portion of avocado.

Is avocado toxic to hamsters?

Technically speaking, avocados are not toxic to hamsters. However, avocados are not the safest fruit type, so you need to consider serving hamsters as some parts of avocado may contain toxic compounds. Hamsters can eat avocados, but only in very small amounts. In simple words, it would not cause any toxicity in the hamsters, but it would make the hamsters suffer from some health risks that we had described above.

What should you do if hamsters eat Avocado?

The first thing you need to check is how many avocados the hamsters have eaten. If they have eaten a lot of avocado, it would be best to take them to a vet doctor. You need to pay a visit to the vet’s office as promptly as you can if they develop allergic reactions.

Bottom line

The key takeaway is that a small amount of avocado would not negatively impact the hamsters. It is technically okay to serve avocado to hamsters. However, my recommendation is to keep avocados away from hamsters. Avocados are rich in calories as well as in fat levels. So, if you end up providing avocado for hamsters, it would make them gain excess weight. That would be quite unhealthy.

In addition to that, avocados can also be troublesome for the digestive mechanisms of hamsters. Not only that, but it can further negatively impact the dental health of the hamsters too. So, it is best to avoid feeding avocados to hamsters. Instead, try other fruits that would work well with the hamsters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Syrian hamsters eat avocado?

No, Syrian hamsters should not eat avocados as they contain persin, a toxin that can cause digestive problems and other health issues in hamsters. Avocados should not be a part of a hamster’s diet and it’s best to stick to offering fresh fruits and vegetables that are safe for hamsters, such as apples, carrots, and lettuce.

How many avocados should a Syrian Hamster eat?

For hamsters, I recommend giving them an ear-sized piece of avocado. You can feed them once a week. This will be an adequate portion for them.

Can dwarf hamsters eat avocado?

My suggestion is to refrain from feeding avocados to dwarf hamsters.

How many avocados should a Dwarf hamster eat?

If you wish to supply avocado for dwarf hamsters, you can feed them a very small portion of avocado once every two weeks.

How many avocados should a Roborovski hamster eat?

You may consider offering a piece of avocado once a week for the Roborovski hamsters as well. Keep in mind that this should be a smaller piece than what you offer for Syrian hamsters.

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