Can I Let My Hamster Swim?

Can hamsters swim?

Can I Let My Hamster Swim? This is a most common question among worldwide hamster owners. Because of the nature and the habitat of the hamsters, not only lots of hamster owners but also the non-owners are searching for “can these pocket-size pet hamsters swim?”. The direct answer is yes. The hamsters can swim. But there are many considerations for you to follow. This swimming can be just paddling on the water. Hamsters do not have specific body creation for swimming. They don’t have webbed legs or any other specializations for swimming. Therefore you have to be on alert when you are giving your hamster a swim.

Most commonly, the hamster owners believe that hamsters do not need water baths either to swim or to clean themselves. It is because the hamsters are not creatures who like water and cold conditions. They prefer being in a dry and warm environment. So you have to think twice before you let your hamster swim.

Is it safe for a hamster to swim?

As you know, hamsters are belonging to the family of rodents. Normally, rodents are not interested in water. It is the most unforgettable thing for you to keep in your mind. They prefer a wet and warm environment. But it can differ from one to the other. Some can swim, some can’t and some like swimming and some don’t like even to touch the water. Therefore we can say that it depends on the nature of your hamster.

According to the experiments, as hamsters do not have special body transformation for swimming there is a probability of getting into danger. Ha can have health issues and he can face the deadliest situations sometimes. That is why we are recommending you to do anything under your supervision and guidance.

The next important thing is you have to make it clear that the temperature in the water is okay with your hamster. As they do not like cold water it should be warm and not make your hamster cold.

And on the other hand, being able to swim is not a reason to allow your hamster to swim or bathe in water. You have to take whole responsibility including his physical and mental conditions. As they are very little creatures they should be given more attention while they are swimming.

Do hamsters like swimming?

Hamsters like to live in a dry environment. They do not like water in their nature. Some believe that most hamsters even don’t like to get near water rather than drink it. We have found that some of the wild species of these hamsters swim on and under the water. But this does not mean that they like to swim. It can happen because they have fallen into water or else to cross over a road. Otherwise, they do not prefer to swim in the water.

But, you can make him like swimming. You can place a small basin with water in your hamster’s cage. Make sure that he will not drown in it. That means it should not be deeper than his height as in any risky situation he should be able to get out of it. By placing this in his cage, you can make him take baths and become familiar with water. On the other hand, it is a practice step for him to be a good swimmer.

Then although they do not like or can not swim, you can make them swim by allowing or practising them to do so. That will make the best use for you and it will be the best solution.

Where should I let my hamster swim?

As most hamster owners ask about this problem, we searched for suitable places for you to let your hamster swim. There are so many solutions for you to take. But, we found that you should put it in the bathtub. Here you should be able to control the water level in the bathtub to avoid risks. that should be done under your supervision. Otherwise, if he faces any trouble you will not be able to help.

Here we have a good suggestion for you to follow. Before you put him in a big bathtub to make him swim, you can try in a bowl. Then step by step he will try to improve his swimming skills. We hope that is the better way rather than letting him into big trouble.

This all means that the area that the hamster has to swim should be limited and it should not be so deep. You have to follow this in your first experiences and then according to the situations and the conditions of your hamster you can take decisions and change the place. But the thing you do not have to forget is, always be on alert as your hamster can have breathing issues or any other failures under the water. On those occasions, he must have your help. That is the thing.

What happens if I put my hamster in water?

This can differ from one hamster to another. As we mentioned above hamsters do not like to swim or stay near water. But it can be unique and if your hamster likes swimming he will enjoy it, having rounds of fun. If the temperature of the water is comfortable for him, that will be so interesting.

But in several conditions, putting your hamster in water, especially cool water, can get him into trouble. It can cause him to drop his body temperature. And on the other hand, he can easily catch a cold. Not only a cold but he can also have other illnesses like fever, cough and even pneumonia. Making your hamster wet can directly affect his immunity system. These conditions are not good for your hamster. So you have considered these before you put your hamsters in water. F you realized or deidentified such a condition, keep him away from water and get necessary treatments from an expert.

So, if you are going to put your hamster in water, consider the availability of its needs, otherwise, both you and your hamster will face many troubles.

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Can Syrian hamsters swim?

Syrian hamsters are dwarf hamsters who live mostly in the wild. They used to be in a dry and warm environment. They do not like to swim. But these Syrian hamsters are famous for swimming hamsters. Although they are very small in size, they can swim. They can paddle on the water and reach a bank and get out. They have adopted it because of the experiences they meet in the wild.

Sometimes they can be fallen into a water hole in the jungle and for the purpose to be survived he tries to escape. So he eventually get used to swimming. This is the reason for them to be good swimmers.

But that is not always an advantage they also do not like to be in the water and they also have the effects that the other kinds of hamsters have. That means Syrian hamsters also have effects from swimming or bathing in water.

Can hamsters drown in water?

It is horrible to say that, yes, they can. Your hamster can drown in water and it can even face death. Because of this, swimming is a dangerous activity for your hamster. Especially when hamsters are swimming they can face several kinds of physical and mental issues. Mostly they can fail their body temperature and heartbeat and they will be in trouble. As they are not good swimmers and also dislike dealing with water they can easily be drowned in the water.

Most probably, hamsters fail their body temperature because of being in cold water. That will affect not only blood pressure but also other essential actions inside the body. That makes him fail to paddle his legs and 1suddenly he can drown in the water. Therefore the most effective and harmless way is to allow him to bathe or swim in a water level which is not deep than his height.

Things to consider

The most important thing is you have to check whether your hamster is good at swimming before you make him free to swim. The other thing is he should show you likely senses and without his approval, you should not put him in water.

Make sure that the temperature of the water is good for your hamsters. If it is too cool do not let him swim. It is better for you to keep him in warm water but also not too much hot. You have to check it before you put him in the bathtub.

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