Why Does My Hamster Sleep So Much?

Like most of us, you might have a hamster. These little rodents are fun to watch and play with. They’re also smart and can learn tricks! But what happens when this little rodent decides to sleep for hours on end? Is it because he’s lazy or because he’s stressed out?

Don’t worry Hamsters sleep a lot, and you can tell this by their sleeping pattern. They’ll sleep an average of 18-20+ hours a day. Hamsters are not the only rodents like this though – lots of other small rodents have this same type of sleeping pattern too; especially animals like rats, guinea pigs and mice. So, from this article, we will be covering all the facts you need to be aware of in this regard. So, brace yourself and get ready to read through the article.

Hamster sleep cycle

Experts have looked into the sleeping cycle of hamsters quite well. So as per those research hamsters would spend about 25% of their sleeping time with rapid eye movement (REM). During the REM phase, humans would start to dream though it is not evident whether hamsters dream during this phase. However, hamsters would tend to twitch their paws or eyes which some people may think they are dreaming. So, you don’t have to ever be worried if you spot these signs among the hamsters.

When it comes to the sleeping cycle of the hamsters, you need to keep in mind that these are nocturnal in captivity. The sleeping cycle of the hamsters is completely different from the general human sleeping cycle. So, the hamsters would be active when their human owners are fast asleep.

How many hours do hamsters sleep?

Hamsters would usually sleep up to 14 hours per day. That said, they would not do it all in one stretch. Instead of that, they would wake up at regular intervals and take a nap once again. In other words, hamsters have polyphasic sleep cycles during their sleeping time. Besides, keep in mind the fact that these are nocturnal creatures which means they would stay active during the night and not during the day.

What time do hamsters go to sleep?

Hamsters would usually go to sleep in the mid-morning and wake up occasionally during the day. They would wake up at regular intervals to change their positions, or if they want to go for bathroom purposes etc. They would usually get up early in the evening hours and wake up during the night.

Do hamsters like to sleep in the dark?

When it’s dark, they tend to stay active instead of sleeping in the dark. Hamsters are nocturnal beings and which means they would do their regular work when it is dark. Hamsters would usually eat and do exercises at night. In fact, darkness would give them so much energy. Hence the best is to turn off the lights at night.

Do hamsters sleep at night?

No hamsters don’t sleep at night. Instead, they would tend to stay energetic and do exercises etc. at night. Instead, they would sleep during the day.

Why is my hamster sleeping at night?

Hamsters may tend to sleep at night if they think predators are close by. Besides they would tend to sleep at night if it is too hot to hang around to forage for food. They would only stay active at night if it is safe and cool for them only.

Do hamsters sleep with their eyes open?

Hamsters don’t sleep with their eyes open. However, they would open their eyes to the slightest noise they hear whilst they are sleeping. That being said, if you happen to see the hamsters sleeping with one eye open, it literally means something is wrong with them. The best you could do here is to get a doctor to check on them.

Why doesn’t my hamster sleep in its house?

Hamsters may not sleep in their house if it is not big enough. You may come across hamster beds that are more cute and comfortable rather than spacious. So, hamsters would not prefer to sleep on those. Ideally, the hamster’s houses should consist of a hideaway where the hamster can build a massive nest along with some room where they can have food.

Further, they may not opt to sleep in their houses if they are not dark enough too. Hamsters are sensitive to bright light. So, they would not sleep in areas where there will be light-colored or translucent hideaways. Even though you opt to have a good supply of light in their house to spot the well, it would be disturbing for them. They would feel secure and safe only if it is dark enough.

In addition to that, they would not sleep in the house if it is not soft enough too. They prefer to burrow when there is soft paper-based bedding, shredded newspaper and paper towel etc. if the bedding is uncomfortable for the hamsters, it would be difficult for them to sleep on it.

Is hamster sleeping out in the open?

Hamsters tend to sleep out in the open if they happen to suffer from any fear or illness. Besides if there are any issues with their regular environment it would also make them sleep out in the open.

How to get your hamster to fall asleep on you?

Hamster sleeps in female hands

Making the hamster familiar to your hand is the first thing you need to do when trying to get the hamster to fall asleep on you. Therefore you need to build a good relationship between the hamsters and you. Next, you need to build a good environment for them to sleep. At last, you need to gently pat them.

How can I make my hamster sleep at night?

First and foremost, you should develop a positive relationship with the hamsters as it is quite crucial. Secondly, ensure that you don’t disturb the quiet hamsters’ cages at all. Thirdly, make sure that you turn off the lights.

Why does my hamster sleep so much?

You might think that your hamsters are sleeping a lot. However, they would have their sleep through multiple sleep cycles, and they would not sleep at a stretch. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures. They would stay awake during the night whilst they would be sleeping during the daytime. So, this factor would give you the impression that they are sleeping so much.

However, if the hamsters are over sleeping like never before it could be due to a medical problem. So, if you suspect any medical problem is present you would want to take the hamsters immediately to the doctor.

Do baby hamsters sleep a lot?

Generally speaking baby hamsters would sleep for about 10-14 hours per day .Having said that adult hamsters would sleep for about 6-8 hours per day. Since these are nocturnal creatures, they would sleep during the daytime whilst they would stay awake during the nighttime.

Can you change a hamster’s sleep pattern?

No, you cannot change the hamster’s sleep pattern. Hamsters are nocturnal animals . So if you are trying to change the sleeping pattern of the hamsters it literally means , you are trying to keep them awake during the nighttime and make them sleep during the daytime. This will stress them out.

Do hamsters make noise when they sleep?

Hamsters make noise when they are sleeping and one might think that they are having dreams too. However you don’t need to be worried here, as it is quite normal to hear them making noises when they are sleeping.

Hamster squeaking while sleeping?

If you happen to hear your hamsters making this sound, it would indicate so many things. However fear and distress are the two main root causes which they would indicate here. If you had moved their home or if they are experiencing any injury or illness chances are that they would squeak when they are sleeping. Apart from that if the hamsters are stressed or agitated or scared it would also make them squeak while they are sleeping.

On the other hand, hamsters would tend to make squeaking sounds to show their happiness. However those squeaking sounds would be somewhat short and occasional too. On the other hand the squeaking sounds they make when they are upset would be somewhat sharp and negative.

Hamster twitching in sleep

If you happen to see your hamsters are twitching in sleep, chances are that it could be a sign of some sort of dreaming. Besides it would be related to any other brain activity as well. So, you don’t need to worry if you spot the hamsters twitching in sleep.

Hamster shivering in sleep?

If you see your hamsters are shivering in sleep, it is very likely that something is wrong with them. In fact it could be either a physical issue or a mental issue. For example they would shiver due to disease such as diabetes or even due to hibernation as well. Not only that they would shiver if they are feeling fearful or anxious. Furthermore they may tend to shiver if the hamsters have issues related to their nervous and respiratory system too. To stop them shivering you can provide them a safer environment and good quality food. Still they are shivering at night you need to consult a pet doctor.

Hamster sleeping on back

Hamsters sometimes opt to sleep on their back so that they can relax well. Hamsters would tend to stay in that position if they find comfort in that position. However if you spot the hamsters sleeping with the belly up, it literally means something is wrong with the hamsters. For example they would do that if they are experiencing any excessive heat or due to poor nutrition.

Is it OK to wake up a hamster?

I don’t recommend waking up a hamster. In fact, nobody would prefer to be awakened when they are fast asleep, be it an animal or a human. That said, if you happen to make a slight noise it would wake the hamsters up though you don’t do it intentionally. Further if you wake a hamster up, it would make them upset . Besides, chances are that they may even end up biting you as they may misunderstand you as predators. The disruption to sleep would result in stress. If the hamsters tend to suffer from anxiety it would make them sick as well.

Can I sleep with my hamster?

You cannot sleep with the hamsters as they would stay awake during the night. So, I don’t presume your bedroom would be the best place for the hamsters.

Why is my hamster falling asleep in random places?

Hamsters may tend to fall asleep in random places, if they can’t have a proper sleep in their house. For example, if there is too much light, improper temperature levels , hamsters would not find their homes comfortable and ultimately they will end up not having a proper sleep in their house.

Hamster sleeping in food bowl

Hamsters sleeping in food bowls is quite normal. Hamsters are small creatures which will try to interact with the thing they observe quite a lot. So they may probably try to convert their food bowl with bedding or even tend to sleep in those.

Hamster sleeps in tunnel

Hamsters will opt to sleep in tunnels if they feel like they are under threat. In fact they can sleep in those without any disruption. Further if the hamsters are shy or if they find the surroundings around the cages are noisy they would end up sleeping in the tunnel. They would feel those are like their homes. Further they will feel secure there too.

Hamster sleeping in litter box

You could spot hamsters sleeping in a litter box, if they can’t find any separate area to sleep. Besides, they would end up sleeping in the litter box if they don’t like the regular sleeping place also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do robo hamsters sleep?

Robo hamsters would sleep for about 12-14 hours per day.

How long do roborovski hamsters sleep

Roborovski  hamsters also sleep for about 12-14 hours per day.

How many hours do dwarf hamster’s sleep

Dwarf hamsters would resume their sleep from mid morning and tend to sleep until early evening. However they will not sleep at a stretch though.

What time do hamsters wake up and go to sleep

Usually they would go to sleep in the mid-morning and get up early in the evening hours.

Can you train a hamster to sleep at night?

Training the hamsters to sleep at night is possible. You simply have to place the hamster’s cage in a dark quiet area in the day time and at night provide them with a lighted environment. Then they will get the feeling that they are sort of in their preferred sleeping environment and end up sleeping at night and waking up at night.

Why is my hamster sleeping all day and night

Usually hamsters don’t sleep right through the day.  Instead, they would sleep for multiple sleeping cycles. So if your hamster sleeps through the day they might have a health issue. You need to take the hamster to a pet doctor.

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