What Is A Flat Hamster? Funny And Interesting Tips

Hamsters, like other rodents, have very flexible bodies. Hamsters with a flattened back are referred to as “flat hamsters.” Your hamster’s ribs are a pleasure to touch.

The spine and ribcage would not be visible. You can feel the hamster’s bones when holding it, but they shouldn’t be holding on too tightly. You can also feel a layer of flesh between the fur and the skeleton. There are many reasons why a hamster might appear flat, and we’ll go over some of them here.

Flat hamster: Exterior appearance

Have you ever noticed your cat stretching out its body when it is lying on its back or stomach? Similarly, in flat hamsters, the arms and legs splay out, dragging fur and skin along with them. The more fluffy the fur, the more it appears to flatten out. Flat hamster eyes seem to stretch back, the face hidden and the nose lying on the floor. It looks like something out of a cartoon.

Animals with more fluff have thicker fur, which helps them keep their bodies at the right temperature or acts as a social signal in some rodents. When the body flattens and gravity changes the way the fur is lying, it will spread out even more.

What is the average body weight of a flat hamster?

Flat hamsters have a round, flattened body with small pinky paws. Adult females weigh between 95 g and 150 g, while males weigh between 85 g and 130 g.

How come the hamster is lying flat?

To Cool Down

After a good workout, your pet may be sweaty and need to cool down. This can be difficult when covered in fur, but hamsters appear to have a much easier time lying flat on the floor.

When hamsters cuddle with you, their body temperatures rise due to shared body heat. Therefore, after an interaction, the hamster may need to cool down.

Hamsters benefit from having rocks in their cage to help keep their claws trimmed, but only if the rocks are not too small. It’s also important to thoroughly clean and sanitize any rocks you plan on putting in the cage. Rocks shouldn’t have any pointed edges, and the larger they are, the better.

Getting relaxed

Most frequently, flat hamsters are tricky. It will appear vigilant by standing on its hind legs and scanning the area. If they feel highly threatened, they may lie flat on the ground.

The reason for this is that the hamster may appear dead to a predator. When they want to relax for any reason, such as feeling stressed, unhappy, afraid, or the need for isolation, they think of a flat body posture and lie in the same place.

Are flat hamsters chubby? Can they play?

By nature, all hamsters are chubby. Without any additional supplements, hamsters should be fed diets that are completely nutrient-dense. It’s common for flat hamsters to be lazy-looking, preferring to rest in their owners’ palms. It keeps its ears back and closes its eyes as it relaxes.

Also, every hamster needs to play at least once a day. If you don’t act, they might become destructive or lethargic. This leads to negative behaviors, abnormal eating patterns, and an excessive accumulation of body fat, all of which contribute to the hamster’s eventual decline in both physical and mental health.

By the way, some hamsters will not allow their owners to pet them in this manner. This could be due to unhappiness or anger. If it continues to behave in this way, avoid holding it down to make it flat.

How to make it flat?

Flat hamsters are fascinating to watch.  Placing your hamster in the palm of your hand and gently petting it will help its body relax.

  • Maintain a smooth, gentle petting motion.
  • Maintain a more even and gentle pressure while petting it with a little more force.
  • A minute later, you will be presented with your finished lean hamster.

Flat Hamster on the palm

Keep in mind that hamsters require rest because they are extremely high-strung and constantly on high alert. So you can keep brushing it until its body gets thinner, which you can do by putting a little bit of pressure on it. To make it flat, keep stroking for another minute or two. If you do this over and over again, it will fall asleep in the same position. Nevermind. It also needs some rest. Hamsters sleep with their eyes closed, but if they hear something or feel your hand move, they might open one. A hamster sleeping with its eyes open sounds like it might have something else wrong with it. So it would be best to ask your trusted veterinarian.

Is a flat hamster dehydrated?

Sunken eyes and cheeks, dry mucous membranes, fatigue, lack of strength, loose skin, and breathing difficulty are all signs of dehydration in hamsters. Dehydration is a problem because the body’s cells can perform poorly or completely shut down without water. Dehydration can be life-threatening but usually causes a few issues if treated quickly. If your pet’s appearance or mood changes, pay close attention. Dehydration kills your hamster in 3-4 days, but symptoms appear sooner.

If so, how to rehydrate your hammy?

Hamsters may lie flat and become dehydrated when they are too hot, and if they are unable to cool down. If so, a professional, such as a veterinarian, should provide treatment. Some vet-related tasks can also be done at home.

  • Use a shallow dish for the hamster’s water. Hammy can’t reach the bottle’s nozzle when dehydrated.
  • Hamsters love fruits and vegetables(apples, watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce), so make sure they get enough of those to keep their bodies well-hydrated.
  • A hamster under stress will refuse to eat, drink, and even rest. It’s important to remember that hamsters can get stressed out by a bad cage, other pets, and kids, or even being brought home for the first time.
  • Add electrolyte water to his bottle of water. Unflavored Pedialyte works well and is readily available.
  • The hamster’s room temperature and weather are extremely important. His cage should be away from direct heat, sunlight, drafts, and cold corners.

When frightened or surprised, hamsters sometimes remain immobile. They will stop moving and lie flat until they ascertain whether the surrounding area is dangerous.

Flat Hamster Footnote

Hamsters are usually small, round, and soft animals. It can be a little scary to see your hamster lying flat on the floor of its cage. You might notice this for a while, but it will eventually go back to normal. If not, meet your regular vet.

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