Can Hamsters Eat Watermelons?

Do you like to eat watermelon? The answer is simple. Yes, we do. When you ate watermelon on a warm summer day, did you try to give it to your hamster? Can you do that? of course! All hamster species can eat watermelon without any problems. But you need to look at the quantity.

Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of watermelon for your hamster’s health, how much you should feed him, and which sections of the fruit are safe for him to consume.

Nutrient value of watermelons

The two main nutrients in watermelon are water (91% of it) and carbohydrates (7.5%). Another important fact about watermelon is that it has very few calories, protein, and fat.

100 grams of watermelon contain following nutrients:

  • Water: 91%
  • Calories: 30
  • Carbs: 7.6 grams
  • Sugar: 6.2 grams
  • Protein: 0.6 grams
  • Fiber: 0.4 grams
  • Fat: 0.2 grams
  • Vitamin C
  • Carotenoids (lycopene)

How should you serve watermelons to your Hamster?

You should always wash the watermelon first to remove any pesticides before giving it to your hamster as a nutritious and delicious treat. Give only organic, fresh watermelon chunks to your hamster. Never give your pet yogurt or a drink that contains watermelon. Give him only plain chunks of watermelon on their own.

Start by offering your hamster a very small piece if he is not accustomed to eating fresh vegetables. The watermelon can be given to your hamster by hand or combined with his regular food.

You should not give more than one tablespoon of watermelon per week. Smaller hamsters, such as Roborovski and dwarfs, should be fed less.

How many watermelons to serve at a time?

Depending on the hamster’s species, this may occur. Dwarf hamsters like the Campbell’s dwarf, Chinese hamster, or Winter White dwarf have slightly different nutritional needs than larger Syrian hamsters. To keep your hamster healthy, it’s critical to feed just the appropriate quantity.

A tiny bit, around the size of their paw, will do for the Syrians. A very, very small piece is acceptable when it comes to Winter Whites and Campbell’s dwarf hamsters. A paw-sized amount is adequate for treating robots in the same manner as Syrians.

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in watermelons

Eating watermelon has its own benefits, even for hamsters. Let’s find out one by one

High nutrient availability

It has a high amount of potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, and minerals found in watermelon.

Your hamster will be protected against illnesses thanks to vitamin A. Meanwhile, potassium controls the blood pressure of your hamster. Also, magnesium is useful for lowering hamsters’ blood pressure.

Good for hydration

As the name suggests, watermelon is largely made of water; in fact, 92% of it is just water. It will therefore aid in keeping your pet hydrated. Given that they consume mostly dry meals, hamsters need to drink lot of (or enough) water to stay healthy. Despite their ability to survive in arid conditions, they nevertheless require constant access to pure water.

Watery meals like watermelon can be a great way to hydrate more, but keep in mind that they can’t take the place of your ham’s water bottle.

Health risks (disadvantages) of watermelons

Giving your pet a small amount of watermelon undoubtedly has many positive effects, but overfeeding can have serious negative effects as well! Among the dangers are:

Hamsters might get diabetes due to high sugar content in watermelon, consuming too much of it can cause your hamster to get diabetes.

If they eat too much water melon, hey can become overweight: Too much food might make your animal companion obese, so you need to limit their intake!

Your pet could choke if the watermelon isn’t chopped up into little pieces.

If hamsters eat too much watermelon they might be dehydrated: As implied by its name, watermelon contains a lot of water. Therefore, eating too much can cause diarrhea and dehydration.

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Can hamsters eat watermelons leaves?

Watermelons leaves

No,watermelon leaves are not good for your hamster. It is not included in their diet. Watermelon leaves have very tiny hairs on their surface. If a hamster tries to eat watermelon leaves, it makes them uneasy and leads to choking. Most of all, hamsters do not like to eat watermelon leaves. Freshly consumed raw leaves occasionally can have a minor toxicity.

Can hamsters eat watermelons rinds?

Watermelons rinds

It won’t hurt them, so you can give them a nibble and observe how they react.

But it’s likely that they won’t be as delighted with the rind as they are with the flesh, just like us.

If you do offer your hammie some rind, make sure it has been well cleaned to get rid of any pesticide residue. And you have to cut them in to very small pieces (bitesize pieces)

While hamsters will like eating the watermelon’s aromatic flesh, the rind might put them off. This is due to the fact that it includes citrulline, an amino acid with a strong flavor that may not be palatable.

Can hamsters eat watermelons Plant?

Watermelons Plant

Similar to watermelon leaves, watermelon plants are not edible to hamsters.

Can hamsters eat watermelons seeds?

Watermelons seeds

Depending on the size of your hamster, you must make a decision regarding the watermelon seeds. Small hamster breeds (dwarf and Robbo hamsters) shouldn’t eat seeds since they run the risk of choking on them, but Syrian hamsters, who are larger in comparison, can safely eat seeds. And there are not many details on watermelon seed nutrients’ availability (to hamsters). So it is better to remove watermelon seeds from your hamsters diet

Can hamsters eat watermelon top?

Watermelon rind includes the watermelon top. As mentioned above, the rind is edible to hamsters. You should give them small pieces.

Can hamsters drink watermelons juice?

Watermelons juice

No— it has added ingredients, like sugar. Although watermelon juice contains too much sugar, watermelon meat is OK for hamsters to consume in moderation. Therefore, a few drinks would quickly dehydrate and upset the stomach of your pet.

Can hamster eat dried watermelons?

Dried watermelon

Yes, the dried watermelon with no added sugar is a good snack for your pet. Make sure to distribute smaller portions.

Can hamsters eat canned watermelons?

Canned watermelons

No, canned watermelon is not good for hamsters. Although canning watermelon is not a famous procedure, when it is canned, different types of preservatives and/or sugar are added. These added chemicals are not good for hamsters. Therefore, do not give canned products to hamsters.

Few things to consider when you feed watermelons

Professional watermelon pickers start by turning the melon upside down and searching for a light yellow patch where the rind has touched the ground. They interpret this buttery characteristic as ripeness.

Since watermelon does not ripen after being plucked from the vine, you should follow this advice while purchasing it at the grocery store.

The melon was not ripe when it was picked if it had a patch underneath that is light green or white.

Do the “eyeball test” after that. Check your watermelon well to make sure there are no soft patches, wounds, or bruises.

The merchant may occasionally cut a melon in half and place it on display next to the uncut melon. The chopped watermelon should have a deep red hue and be speckled with mature (dark brown or black) seeds, although there is no guarantee that every watermelon will have the same internal qualities.

You can keep watermelon fruit (before chopped) for a few weeks without a trouble . After cutting into the melon, wrap the leftover pieces in plastic and store them in the refrigerator for approximately two to three days.

If you do give your hammie a piece of watermelon, make sure it’s a tiny piece and not more than she can eat in one sitting.

Obviously, don’t keep fresh food in your hamster’s house for a long time. It should go without saying that leaving fresh food in your hamster’s cage for an extended period of time encourages the growth of mold and encourages your pet to consume more food than is probably healthy.

Are watermelons toxic to hamsters?

If fed in moderation, watermelons are completely safe for hamsters, so if your hamster ate some, don’t be afraid. Like any other fruit or vegetable, watermelon should be gradually added to your pet’s diet.

Your hamster may experience digestive issues or gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhea or vomiting if it consumes an excessive amount. Small watermelon servings should initially be fed once or twice a week. Then you can check to see if your hamster is having fun with the treat without exhibiting any negative side effects. If you see they are happy, increase the portion. However, doctors advise that some hamsters should only sometimes eat watermelon. This is due to the fact that in the wild, this is not their typical food, and they are not used to it.

Bottom line

Can hamsters eat watermelons?” you ask. Yes! When given in moderation, watermelon is a wonderful treat for your pet! Large hamsters (Syrian and Robomay) consume more watermelon than small (dwarf) hamsters. Be aware of the hazards because watermelon includes numerous essential elements, including dietary fiber, zinc, and iron. Overfeeding can lead to diarrhea and other health related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Sort Of Watermelon Should You Give To Your Hamster?

You can give watermelon meat and rind. It is not recommended to give watermelon seed.

How To Ensure That Your Hamster Likes Watermelon Or Not?

If your hamster eats watermelon the first time you give it to them, they like it. Some hamsters take their time to eat the watermelon. That does not mean they like it. They will eat it after some time. Some hamsters do not like watermelon at all. Those hamsters do not even try to eat watermelon, and you should understand they are not interested in eating it.

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