Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel

Hamsters would be quite handy as family pets. They are tiny creatures yet look so cute. Having said that, these cute little creatures need to have adequate exercises as they are active animal species. So, when you consider this, it would be a great idea to have an adequate toy wheel so that it would keep them active and do exercises.

So, you may have seen toy wheels in various sizes and in types. Hence you will have to decide on what would suit your hamsters the best. Many of the hamster wheels usually come up in plastic or in wire. However, there could be other flying saucer hamster wheels which are made of hazardous material too.

So, you could keep both flying saucer hamster wheels and a normal wheel then observe what hamsters prefer to have. Sometimes hamsters may use just the hamsters’ wheels or both flying saucer hamsters wheels. In fact it would depend on the hamster species. For example the Syrian hamsters would prefer to play with wheels where the dwarf hamsters opt to play with the saucers.

Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel.

If we consider a flying saucer hamster wheel, it usually consists of a slant running surface. These would be excellent choices for dwarf hamsters and they like to run together. Not only that they also have a smooth-running surface too. This means it would be safe for the hamster’s feet. In addition to that these would come up with grippers too.

Due to that it would avoid the hamsters slipping away. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any rungs to injure your hamsters. Furthermore when the hamsters use it , it would not make any noise as well. You could make use of the flying saucer hamsters wheels as exercise is crucial for the hamsters.

However there are some disadvantages also of using a flying saucer hamster wheel. For example, hamsters would tend to fly off while they run on the wheels. They may tend to do this either due to the excitement they get by doing this or due to the size of the wheel. Besides, if the size of the wheel is not healthy, they may end up getting hurt.

Secondly the slant surface could also be a concern here. In fact it would be somewhat uncomfortable for the hamsters. Furthermore, if we consider Syrian hamsters who are using flying saucer hamster wheels will have to curve their body to run and stop. Ultimately it would cause various back issues such as c type spine problems.

flying saucer hamster wheels would take a lot of space in the small cages too. They have a plate style structure due to the fact that it would consume a considerable space in the small cage. So, they would not be great picks for smaller cages. I don’t recommend using a flying saucer hamster wheel for Syrian hamsters as they would be too small for them. Besides they would not run effectively on these saucer wheels.

Are saucer wheels good for hamsters?

Yes, Certainly flying saucer hamster wheels are good for hamsters. In fact it would be beneficial for them in so many ways. For example it would help the hamsters to stay physically fit and healthy. Running is a good activity for all living beings and hamsters are no exception. Furthermore once they do exercises it would help them to reduce their stress which would be quite beneficial for the hamsters. Furthermore it would help the hamsters to overcome the diabetes and other digestive system related issues as well.

Robo and dwarf hamsters are big fans of flying saucer hamster wheels as they can run together in the same saucer wheel. They are silent and quiet. Even if they run for long hours it would not make a big noise. In fact flying saucer hamster wheels surpass all the other hamster wheels since these are quiet.

This has a solid running surface and due to that it would be safe for the hamsters’ feet. The flying saucer hamster wheel doesn’t contain any runs. Instead they will have drippers where it would avoid the hamsters slipping. More importantly hamsters’ tails or paws would not get stuck when using the flying saucer hamster wheels as they have a flatter running surface.

Are flying saucer wheels safe for hamsters?

Flying saucer hamster wheels are quite safe for hamsters. In fact , flying saucer hamster wheels would be excellent choices for dwarf hamsters. However I suggest using the medium or large sized flying saucer hamster wheels for larger hamster species. Further it would be safer for the hamsters to play with the flying saucer hamster wheel as they have grippers.

How big should a flying saucer be for a hamster?

The flying saucer should be at least 6.5 inches big at minimum. If you have larger hamsters, the best is to go for 8 inches sized flying saucers.

Hamster wheel vs flying saucer

Flying saucer wheels would keep the hamsters active and entertained. The flying saucer is a disc shaped wheel which would provide adequate space for the hamsters to run. In fact it would make a great wheel for small hamsters.

However if we compare this with the hamster wheel it is more like an upright wheel where the Syrian hamsters prefer to hang around. So, if you are uncertain on what exactly would suit your hamsters you need to check whether it has a correct size when compared to the hamsters you have. Besides you need to check whether it has a smooth surface and a perfect wheel to fit. In fact both the flying saucer wheel and the hamster’s wheels are excellent in their own way.

The flying saucer is more like a disc shaped wheel which would make great wheels for small hamsters. They are resistant to tail and foot snags too. Usually hamsters’ wheels would come up in various materials. For example they would come up in plastic, wire and in wood as well. Hamster wheels would consist of upright wheels which would make great choices for Syrian hamsters.

On another note, once the hamsters run on hamsters’ wheels , it is very unlikely that they will fly off when running. However if we consider the Flying saucer wheels, if the hamsters happen to run fast, chances are that they would fly and end up falling.

Are hamster wheels or saucers better?

It depends on your requirements. In fact hamster wheels would be safe for the hamsters only if the size and the surface of it suit with the hamsters. What is special about the hamster wheel is that hamsters would be able to run irrespective of the limited space they have in their cage.

Besides, it would help the hamsters to reduce their boredom too. Having said that, if you had poorly fit the hamster wheel chances are that it could result in numerous physical injuries. If you have good old fashioned running toys made out of wood and plastic hamster wheels would suit you better. You simply have to install it in the cage using an attachment or even using its stand.

If we consider the hamster saucers, they are pretty easy to clean. Hence you could use these in any of the hamsters’ cages. In fact this is somewhat an innovative way of keeping the hamsters entertained. Besides, installing them is not that complicated either. Literally you don’t need to have any extensive knowledge when fixing this.

You could commonly find saucers which are made of plastic at the pet shops. In fact, they would be more like plastic angled saucers which would spin and provide a running space instead of a wheel. There could be some hamsters species which opt to have saucers more rather than having hamster wheels.

It is noteworthy that I don’t recommend having only a hamster saucer even if your hamsters opt to have that. However you can have only a hamster’s wheel in a hamster cage. So, if you wish to go ahead with a flying saucer, ensure that you install a hamster wheel in your hamster cage. If I put it into simple words, just the saucer would not be enough for a hamster.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Flying saucer hamster wheel Syrian

Syrian hamsters would like to play with flying saucer hamsters wheels and it is completely fine for them. It would not cause any harm for them if used properly. But if the saucer wheel is too small for them it will cause injuries.

Are saucers good for dwarf hamsters?

Flying saucer hamster wheels are a great enrichment activity for dwarf hamsters. The wheel is made of hard plastic, so it is durable and will not be damaged easily by your pet. It also has holes in the base that allow your hamster to climb on and off with ease, which makes them a great exercise toy for small animals. The wheel also allows for visual stimulation of the environment through the holes in the base, which helps to keep your pet mentally stimulated as well.

Flying saucer hamster wheels are best suited for dwarf hamsters because they have a smaller body size than other types of hamsters and they may not be able to use regular hamster wheels without injury.

What size flying saucer for Syrian hamster

I recommend using an 8 inch sized flying saucer for Syrian hamsters. However the minimum wheel size for the dwarf hamsters should be about 6.5 inches.


Exercise is an essential thing for the hamsters. So, to do that effectively they need to have a proper hamster wheel. When it comes to hamsters, doing daily exercises is an important thing for the hamsters as only then they can maintain a healthy weight. Unless they would become unfit and chubby. So, it would be great to invest in these as only then the hamsters would be able to thrive happily and healthily.

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