Why Do Hamsters Run On Wheels?

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Do hamsters need a wheel (Do hamsters have to have a wheel)?

As you may already know, hamsters like hamster wheels. However, in this article, we will address whether hamsters need a wheel and why they need a wheel. Keep in mind that a hamster wheel is not something that is compulsory for the hamsters to have. In other words, they can survive without that. Anyway, I suggest you provide a hamster wheel if you are going to keep them in a cage.

Hamsters’ natural instinct is to run freely, and that is what helps them to survive in the wild. So, when you provide hamster wheels, it would help them to run on those wheels, which would make them feel like they are in the wild. Besides, when the hamsters run on them, it would help them to stay healthy and fit too. The hamsters who run on the wheels are unlikely to suffer from obesity and from obesity-related diseases. If you kept the hamsters in the cages without any other tools, it would keep them mentally ill too.

Are hamsters ok without a wheel?

Hamsters that you have kept in cages would not be okay without a wheel. Hamsters need to do a lot of exercises, and when you provide a hamster wheel, it would help them to do exercises with those. If the hamsters could not do exercise, they would get stressed out. You can commonly spot this among the hamsters who are in the cages. Ultimately, they would tend to become more aggressive , chew on the cage bars etc. Eventually, it would have a negative impact on the hamster’s life span too. So, it would be best if you could provide a hamster wheel so that it would keep them entertained, especially during the nighttime.

Why do hamsters run on wheels?

Hamsters are active animals in nature. So giving them a hamster wheel will help them meet their exercise requirements. It is unnecessary to mention that hamsters would run on wheels to prevent boredom too. So, by providing hamster wheels, it would help them to keep them mentally fit and stimulated. Besides, they run on wheels to avoid obesity too. If your hamsters are obese, they will do that to burn calories. The obesity of the hamsters would have an impact on the quality of the hamsters’ lives.

Do hamsters run on wheels when stressed

Hamsters usually run on their wheels when they are stressed. In fact, they tend to run on the wheels to stimulate themselves. That said, if you happen to spot the hamsters running on the wheels too much, it could be an indication of an issue that they are going through.

Why do hamsters like the wheel?

Hamsters like the hamster wheel as they can release their energy by running on those. Hamsters are quite an active set of animals and when you provide a running wheel it would help them to keep fit and healthy. In fact this is the best way you could fulfill their natural instinct.

Are hamsters happy when they run on their wheel?

Hamsters are happy when they run on wheels as long as it is done moderately.

How long do hamsters run on their wheel

Usually, hamsters can run for about 9 km in one night. That is about 5.6 miles. Hamsters can keep running continuously for hours, depending on their energy levels. Having said that, there could be some hamsters who would take regular breaks on and off when they run too.

Do hamsters need a wheel at night?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, and this literally means they will stay active at night. Due to this, they would need a hamster wheel during the night. On the other hand, since they would tend to sleep during the day, there is not much use of a hamster wheel for them during the day. In fact, the hamster wheel is the only thing that they can have fun with during the night. They would run on the wheels during the night. In fact, they can run up to five miles at night. This itself proves the fact that hamsters need a wheel at night.

Why do hamsters run on wheels at night?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, which means they are up during the night. So, it is very unlikely that you will spot them on their wheels during the daytime. You can commonly spot the young hamsters running on the wheels during the night. In fact, it is their natural behavior. The hamsters who live in the wild don’t come out during the day or engage in activities. Hence, you can expect the captivated hamsters to also run on the wheels at night.

How long do hamsters run on their wheel at night?

Hamsters usually run for about 9 km ( 5.6 miles ) in one night.

Is it cruel to take a hamster’s wheel out at night?

I suppose it is cruel to take a hamster’s wheel at night. Keep in mind that this is the worst time to do this. Having said that, there could be exceptions if you happen to see the hamster’s feet are bleeding or if they have developed saw feet. In fact, if you come across these instances, you will have to remove the wheel. However, other than this, you need to keep the hamster wheel with the hamsters.

During the night, hamsters would enjoy running on the wheels. So, if you end up removing the hamster wheels during the night, you would literally obstruct their natural routine. If you find the noise coming out of the wheel is loud and if you had kept the hamsters in your room, you could consider shifting the hamsters somewhere else.

Is it normal for hamsters to run for hours?

It is normal for the hamsters to run for hours at night. They would keep running the entire night while digging burrows and collecting food as well. So, don’t be surprised to see your hamsters running on the wheels every time you look at them in the night, In fact, it is quite natural. They do that with the purpose of getting more exercise and burning calories. So, you don’t need to worry if your hamster seems to be running on the wheel all the time given that they are gaining proper nutrition, staying hydrated etc.

If we look at the reasons as to why they do this, they would tend to do this as it is their natural behavior. Besides, they would opt to run on the wheels as then they get enough exercise. In addition to that if the hamsters are restless and bored they would tend to run for hours on the wheels at night

Can hamsters get addicted to wheels?

Hamsters can get addicted to wheels due to their natural behavioral patterns. For example, they tend to run for miles on wheels when they are in the wild. So, domestic hamsters are no different to them. Besides, boredom could be another reason why hamsters get addicted to wheels.

If you kept the hamsters in their cage for the whole day, it would make them stressed and restless. So , if they had a wheel to run on, they would keep riding on the wheel as much as they wanted. Apart from the above facts, high energy diets and a shortage of other toys would also make them addicted to the wheels.

How long can a hamster go without a wheel?

Usually, you should not keep the hamsters without a wheel for more than 3–7 days. However, this timeframe would vary depending on the hamster species, age, the type of cage you have, etc. So, ideally, you should be able to provide a hamster wheel as quickly as possible for your beloved hamsters.

Hamster running on wheel a lot

There are several explanations for why your hamster keeps spinning on the wheel all the time; this is normal. The first explanation is that they occasionally engage in it as a matter of course. They need to exercise regularly throughout the day, so it’s a good thing that they run a lot. They occasionally just get bored and restless, which is another factor contributing to their excessive running. Without any novel experiences or toys, hamsters may develop a daily routine of oversleeping, overeating, and wheel-running. If you see that’s all your hamster is doing, you should introduce something novel into their cage to pique their interest.

Does the size of a hamster wheel matter?

Hamster wheel size varies depending on the size of the hamster. A hamster wheel twice its body length is usually the best option for the hamsters. To elaborate further on this, if your hamster is 5.5 inches in length, I suggest you choose an 11-inch hamster wheel.

8 inch hamster wheel

Your hamster can run around and around without hurting its spine or bending its back thanks to the runway’s wide diameter. To clean it: Use a non-toxic disinfectant spray (Kage Kleen) or wipe (Nature’s Miracle Cage Wipes) to clean the wheel. At least once a week, wash the wheel thoroughly by taking it apart, cleaning it with warm soapy water, rinsing it, and letting it air dry completely. The wheel is top-rack only, dishwasher safe.

8 inch silent hamster wheel

This Quiet Spinner can slide smoothly and silently, providing a quiet environment. It stops making noise and disturbing your sleep time.

9 inch hamster wheel

The 9 inch design gets rid of a potentially harmful center bar, which lowers the possibility of injuries like spine curvature, tangles in the fur or tail, and pet wrap-around.

10 inch silent spinner hamster wheel

The 10 inch silent spinner exercise wheels feature an enclosed spinner HUB to reduce noise, making them run quiet compared to traditional exercise wheels. Silent spinners work in two ways: freestanding or attached directly to any wire cage. It features a high-quality plastic running surface that is safe and comfortable for your furry friend’s feet. It is ideal for Syrian hamsters, large-breed hamsters, sugar gliders, and gerbils.

11 inch hamster wheel

An 11-inch hamster wheel provides a fun fitness experience for small animals. This wheel features a safe running surface with ridges. The included heavy-duty wire stand lets you use it as a free-standing wheel. not suitable for small hamsters.

12 inch hamster wheel

The axle-free design gets rid of a potentially harmful center bar, which lowers the possibility of injuries like spine curvature, tangles in the fur or tail, and pet wrap-around. Suitable for larger hamsters.

How big should my hamster wheel be?

To answer the question of how big the hamster wheel should be , it would vary depending on the hamster’s species and on the sex. If you have a dwarf hamster, I suggest you go ahead with a 6-inch sized hamster wheel. On the other hand, if you have a larger hamster species such as the Syrian hamster, your best bet would be to go ahead with an 8–12 inch sized hamster wheel.

Can a wheel be too big for a hamster?

I don’t recommend using a big hamster wheel for your hamsters, as then the hamsters would not be able to turn the wheel. If the hamster wheel was too big, they would not be able to do the exercises as they wished.

What happens if a hamster wheel is too small?

If the hamster wheel is too small, it would not do any good for the hamsters either. For example, it would make the hamsters’ backs arch. Furthermore, chances are that it would result in back pain for them too. As such, avoid using very small hamster wheels for the hamsters. due to

Hamster won’t run on wheel

If the hamsters won’t run on the wheels, there could be numerous reasons. For example, if the hamsters were too old or if the hamster wheel was not appropriate, hamsters would not run on the wheels. Besides, if the wheel has a poor design or if it makes an annoying noise, hamsters won’t run on the wheels either. Furthermore, hamsters won’t run on the wheels if they simply don’t like to exercise. Additionally, if the hamsters had a lack of nutrition or any other injuries, they would not run on the wheels.

How to get your hamster to run on the wheel

First, try repositioning the hamster wheel. If the hamster wheel is in the wrong position, it could have a bad impact on the hamster running on the wheels. For example, if you kept them in a too hot or too cold area, hamsters would not feel like running on the wheels. Besides, if the hamsters don’t prefer the smell coming from the hamster wheel or the surface on which you have placed it, you can consider changing them so that they would encourage the hamsters to run on the wheels.

Next, you can consider changing their diet to get them to run on wheels too. This fact may surprise you, but it is a useful strategy that you can use in this situation. Keep in mind that the hamsters don’t get adequate food supply and would not run on the wheels.

If you believe hamsters don’t run on wheels due to this, try feeding them with organic food so that it will stimulate their energy levels. Ultimately, it would get them to run on their wheels once again. That said, don’t make sudden changes in their dietary pattern as then it would be traumatizing for them. If you wish, you could get a vet doctor’s advice before you make any changes to their meals.

Next, you could try placing the hamsters inside the hamster wheel to get them to run on the wheel. In fact, they may probably want a little push from you to try the wheel. So, try this with your hamster and see the way it responds. Next, try to comfort the hamster as much as you can. When you pet them, they will feel some secure feelings, and they will not mind going there if you are present there. Hamsters should feel well enough to run on the wheels too. So, you need to ideally spend about 30–60 minutes petting them.

How do hamsters know to run on the wheel?

Normally, their natural instinct would propel them to take the wheel. Hamsters are an active species that can run for long distances. In fact, they would do that at a fast speed as well. So, when the hamster wheel When it starts moving, they will naturally run on the wheel. Having said that, keep in mind that not all hamsters will enjoy running on the wheels.

Why has my hamster stopped using his wheel

Hamsters may stop using the wheels if they are not the correct size. Furthermore, if the design is not comfortable or if it makes too much noise, they would not opt to run on those wheels. Besides, if the hamsters don’t have sufficient energy or have poor nutrition, it is very unlikely that they will run on the wheels. Furthermore, if the hamsters are suffering from an injury or if they are too tired of the wheel, they will stop using the wheels.

What are the wheel types?

Wodent wheel

Wodent wheels usually come with an axle, and it has increased the efficiency of this wheel. If you are much more concerned about using a safe hamster wheel, this is the one you need to go ahead with. In fact, this comes with a tail guard. This is very good in terms of durability too. To sum up, it will have an 11-inch diameter and operate silently too. However, the downside of using this wheel is that it is somewhat difficult to clean.

Karlie wonderland wheel

The product is completely silent. manufactured from untreated natural wood. Due to the closed rung gangway, It can be placed safely in the outdoor pen or cage. The natural instinct to run is supported to the fullest extent by this professional fitness device.

3d printed hamster wheel

If you have a 3D printer, you can print your own hamster wheels. You can use chemical-free materials to print the wheel. Most importantly, you can customize the design and color with 3D printing technology.

Carolina express wheel

A specially designed wheel for tiny animals like Syrian hamsters, Degus, and Tenrecs is called the Carolina Storm Express.

The screws are made of stainless steel, and the dual bearings are not exposed to the inside of the wheel, preventing rust and avoiding getting the dual bearings wet while cleaning the inside of the wheel. A lip surrounds the rim to help prevent warping, and it is made of sturdy plastic. Although the wheel has a slight taper, the stand can be adjusted to the preferred running angle.

The wheel has four height settings; the lowest setting makes it 12.5″ tall, and the highest setting makes it 14″. The inside to inside diameter is 10.3 inches, and the outside to outside diameter is 11.2 inches. The running surface is 3.8 inches wide, and the stand is 11.5″ wide and 8.5″ long.

Flying saucer wheel hamster

Flying saucer wheels are perfectly fine for hamsters. In fact, they would not do any damage to the hamsters. They would be excellent ways of occasionally making fun of hamsters. However, you need to make sure that you provide them with that under your supervision.

It is usually made of delicate plastic, odorless and durable, it is the best gift for your pet

It is screwed into the holder and then into the flying saucer, which forms a rotating support. The rotation is very smooth. The hamster can run and play as much as he likes

The flying saucer provides your pet more to explore and climb. Small and cute exercise wheel for pets to train their toes and nails

Niteangel hamster wheel

The Niteangel hamster wheel is yet another silent hamster wheel which usually comes up with an innovative double ball design. What is more special about the Niteangel hamster wheel is that it usually comes with a wide running surface. Hamsters are great fans of these.

Bucket wheel hamster

The smooth surface of the bucket wheel makes cleaning this wheel so easy. No more scrubbing for ten minutes. The running surface is solid, so you’ll not have to worry about your pet catching a toe or nail.

Corgi hamster wheel

Could not found anything related to this

Tiny tales hamster wheel

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Exotic nutrition hamster wheel

Exotic nutrition hamster wheels are usually made with a slip-proof material, and they will not make any noise at all.

Hamster wheel pedometer

If you are a curious hamster owner who wishes to discover the hamster’s movements, you can consider using a hamster wheel pedometer. In fact it would calculate the number of times the wheel spins, the distance the hamster has traveled etc.

Suction cup hamster wheel

It is a brand-new, hamster wheel. Both a stand and a suction cup are included. It is possible to use the wheel by itself, with a stand, or with a suction cup. All three options in one! The wheel has a 12 cm diameter. It is a super silent design.

DIY hamster wheel

How to make a hamster wheel.

To make a hamster wheel, first you need a screwdriver, three strips of wood, one long bolt, two medium-sized screws, two nuts that fit the bolt, and a circular shaped container. The best thing is to use a plastic container so that the hamsters can run on it freely. Besides, ensure that it has the right diameter, which would suit the hamster. Now you need to make the wheel stand first. To do that, take two strips of wood and arrange them in a T shape. Next, insert one screw, which will go to the other side of the wood so that it will hold it in place.

Thereafter, you can join the other strip of wood to this t-shaped strip of wood . That is where you will be attaching the wheel. To join it to the t-shaped wood, you can drill a small hole and screw it to hold it tight. In the t-shaped woods Make sure that you are using a flat screw and not a round headed one on the bottom of this setting, unless it would be less convenient for the hamsters to use this. That is about making the hamster wheel stand.

Next, you need to remove the lid of the container. Thereafter, drill a small hole at the back of the container. In fact, that is where you will be fixing the axle of the wheel. Now line up the wheel on the stand using the hole you drilled in the container. In the meantime, you need to drill a hole in the stand that would suit the bolt you have. Now you can fix it to the stand using those. If you wish, you may use washers to fix this to the stand too. No matter what you are using, you should ensure that you are not fixing it too tight to the stand.

To check whether the wheel works properly, you can hold the wheel by the bolt and see whether it can spin well. Now you can fix it to the hamster stand using the nuts.

How big does a hamster wheel need to be?

It would differ based on the hamster’s sex and species. I advise using a 6-inch-sized hamster wheel if you have a dwarf hamster. The best option, however, would be to use a hamster wheel that is 8 to 12 inches in size if you have a larger hamster species, like the Syrian hamster.

How to make a hamster wheel out of cardboard

To start with, you’re going to want corrugated cardboard. Your hamsters can run on it because the corrugated cardboard gives it enough strength.

Start soaking one side of the cardboard to separate it so that the corrugated side is exposed. Then cut it to 70 centimeters by 9 centimeters and this will be your wraparound for the outside of the wheel

Then take a fresh piece of cardboard and draw a 2-circle using an old wheel or large round object and cut it. Double check to make sure everything fits perfectly.stick

Then cut two six-centimeter holes in each circle. This will allow your hamster to breathe. Then make a hole in the middle of the circle to allow the stick to pass. Then, join two pieces of cardboard measuring 70 cm x 9 cm. You can use a glue gun to glue the pieces together. Now you have your wheel.

Then you can make a stand using either cardboard or plastic. Use a stick made out of cardboard to turn the wheel smoothly.

How to make a wire hamster wheel safe

Make sure the surface your hamster will be running on is completely smooth regardless of the wheel’s material. Smooth-surfaced wheels not only make your hamster’s cage more secure, but they are also simpler to clean.

Metal wheels are particularly dangerous because their running surface is made of wire mesh with tiny holes where your small pet’s limbs can become entangled. A severe fracture or even dismemberment could result from this. When a fractured leg heals improperly, it may cause excruciating pain and result in a lifelong limp.

Avoid buying wheels made of plastic or wood that have holes on the running surface because, like with wire mesh wheels, your hamster’s feet could get stuck and sustain serious injuries. A veterinarian consultation might be required if your hamster suffers an injury while using its running wheel.

The best option is a wheel with a smooth surface and a curved edge because it will shield your feet from harm and keep your hamster from being thrown off the wheel. Avoid using wire wheels at all costs.

How to make hamster wheel quiet

If your hamster wheel is making a noise, you can make it quiet by practicing some tactics. For example , the simplest thing you could do is to relocate the cage to a faraway place so that you will feel less disturbed. Additionally, you can replace the wheel with a silent one. Apart from that, you can insulate the hamster cage too. Lastly, you can lubricate the hamster wheel and consider giving it a mansion too.

How to make a hamster wheel stand

There are a lot of hamster wheel stand designs out there. Many people use metal stands because of their durability. But you can use cardboard or plastic for this purpose. You can purchase a metal stand very easily online or at your local pet store.

If you want to make a stand using cardboard, here is the way. After making the wheel, choose very hard cardboard to make the stand; otherwise it will fall due to the weight of the hamster.

How to attach a hamster wheel to an aquarium

You can attach it on platforms or on top of houses. As wooden wheels come with a heavy enough stand, you do not need to secure it.

Hamster sleeping in wheel

If you spot the hamsters sleeping in the wheels, it literally means something is wrong with it. Hamsters typically use hamster wheels for running and would not use them as a bed. If you come across something like this with your hamster , it literally means they don’t find comfort in their home. For example, they will tend to sleep on the wheels if the lighting in their cage is too bright. Further, if there is an improper temperature, it would also stop them from sleeping in their usual place and tempt them to sleep on the wheels.

Why does my hamster pee on his wheel

If your hamster pees on its wheel, they may probably do that to mark their territory and for several other reasons. Usually, hamsters are clean animals, and they tend to groom themselves quite often. However, if they happen to pee on their wheels, you need to ideally determine the reason why they do that.

So, just like the other animals do, Hamsters would tend to pee, with the purpose of marking their territory. So, when they leave urine on the wheels, it would make them familiar with the wheels . Consequently, it would make them more comfortable when playing with those. They will keep urinating to ensure that the scent does not fade there.

Furthermore, if the hamsters find the wheels as their preferred spot, they will not hesitate to urinate there also. They will select those places as their bathrooms. Lastly, if the hamsters are in fear, they will end up peeing on the wheels too. For example, if the hamsters come across fast movement outside the cage or if there are any changes in the environment, it would make the hamsters scared and tempt them to urinate on the wheels.

How to stop your hamster from peeing in the wheel

You might consider removing the hamster wheel from their home for a couple of days. Wash the wheel properly. When the hamster cannot find the wheel , it will persuade them to look for other alternate places.

It is noteworthy that you can litter train the hamsters too. If you manage to do this with your hamsters, it would also help them to stop doing this. I suggest placing a litter box closer to the hamster wheel. Thereafter, place some different substrates and pebbles so that the hamsters will feel tempted towards those.

How to clean hamster wheel

It is not a complex task to clean the hamster wheel at all. In fact, I recommend you clean it regularly so that it will be easy for you to clean it whenever you do that. If you skip cleaning the wheel for a longer period of time, it would be difficult for you to clean it when you do that. To clean them,

You need to first remove the hamster wheel and shake it well so that whatever debris remains in the wheels gets dropped. Thereafter, place the hamster wheel in a bowl or container that is filled with hot water. Let it soak in well. Some people opt to run the hamster wheel under the hot water as well, so that the water will not get into the spindle housing. If there are stubborn stains, grease or any other strong marks, you can use a sponge to remove them. Scrub it well so that all those stains will disappear.

If you can spot plenty of pee and poop, I suggest you use an antibacterial soap or a disinfectant. Thereafter, rinse it well. Once it is dry, you can let it dry for some time. This is something very important to do if you have particularly used a cleaning product or a liquid. If the running space was wet, it would make the hamsters slip. So, make sure that the wheel is in good condition and then place it in the cage. If the hamster wheel you have is wooden, you need to always refer to the labeled instructions there as it would be somewhat complex.

How often should I clean the hamster wheel?

It would depend on your requirements. Literally, it will be the hamster owner who will decide this. If the hamster wheel becomes messy all the time and if there are multiple hamsters using it, you will have to clean the wheel quite often. To ascertain whether you need to clean the hamster wheel, you simply have to look at it. If they seem to be dirty, you can consider cleaning the wheels without any delay. However, it is always best to clean the hamster wheel as often as you can.

Hamster wheel alternatives

Hamster balls

The hamster ball is more like an enclosed sphere where the hamsters can roll on it. It would allow them to do exercises and explore the things around them too. However, there may be occasions where hamster balls could create stress in the hamsters’ lives occasionally too. Besides, it could sometimes injure the hamsters too. This could commonly happen if there are obstacles on the floor. So, whenever you provide hamster balls, you need to keep supervising them well. Besides, the hamster ball size should be in line with the hamster’s size too.

Hamsters chewy toys

Hamsters are a set of animals that would prefer to chew on toys a lot. So, try providing them with a non-toxic chew toy such as a wooden toy. Don’t use wooden toys made from cedar or evergreen trees. If you happen to use them, chances are that they may cause respiratory issues in the hamsters. I don’t recommend using rubber or foam chew toys as they can result in intestinal blockages in the hamsters. In addition to that, avoid using metal toys too.

DIY hamsters toys

Many people tend to create DIY hamster toys . Out of all these, the popsicle stick fort is the most famous of all these. You could make these in different sizes and with different complexities too. However, keep in mind that you should use non-toxic glue when you make this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if my hamster doesn’t have a wheel?

Hamsters that don’t have wheels may suffer from obesity. In addition to that, hamsters who don’t have wheels may suffer from other health-related issues too. Furthermore, it would make the hamsters stressed too.

Hamster wheel powered light

You can build a hamster-powered light. But it will not be feasible.

2 hamsters on wheel

2 hamsters on wheel

You could let two hamsters run on wheels, and it would be so much fun to watch them. But make sure they are not fighting

Best wheel for robo hamsters

The McAgility running wheel is the best wheel for robo hamsters. Those wheels would suit the robo hamster, particularly due to their tiny size and weight.

What size wheel for Syrian hamster

An 8-inch hamster wheel would suit the Syrian hamsters.

What wheel is best for a Syrian hamster?

Ideally, hamster wheels, which are about 27 cm, would work well with the Syrian hamsters.

Is a 12-inch wheel too big for a Syrian?

The Syrian hamsters’ 12 inch wheels are not too big for them.

Is a 9-inch wheel good for a Syrian hamster

Syrian hamsters love 9-inch wheels.

Dwarf hamster wheel size

Dwarf hamster wheels should be at least 6 inches in diameter.

How to make kaytee comfort wheel silent

The best thing would be to relocate the hamster wheels somewhere. Apart from that, you could insulate the hamster cage and lubricate the wheel too.

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