Are Hamster Balls Safe?

Hamsters are a cute and entertaining set of animals. If you provide a hamster ball for them to play it would be so much fun to watch them play with those. Needless to mention, if you want to have a great experience with the hamsters, you need to treat the hamsters with the best care for them. In that aspect, proving a hamster ball could be handy as long you monitor them when they are playing.

Hamster Popping out of yellow Ball

So, if you wish to keep the hamster occupied and entertained you could consider providing them a hamster ball. It would be a great way for them to engage in their exercises. In addition to exercises, they would be able to have fun with that as well. However, hamsters are living beings and not toys. As such, they may feel pain and discomfort at some point in time. So, if you are using the hamster balls you need to let them play with it with care and ensure that they don’t get hurt from that.

Are hamster balls bad for hamsters ?

Hamster balls could be bad for hamsters even though they are quite popular among hamster owners. They can pose some potential risks for the hamsters. So, before you are trying to purchase a hamster ball you need to first learn about the risks it may pose to your little hamster.

In fact, according to research hamster balls could make the hamsters stressed and anxious. Besides if the hamsters don’t use them properly it would even result in physical injuries to your hamsters too. So, pet doctors and animal rights activists are not in favor of using hamster balls for the hamsters.

Are hamster balls abuse ?

It can be abuse if you let the hamster suffer in the ball. if your hamster enjoy playing with the ball it is not a abuse

Why hamster balls are bad 

Hamsters’ balls are bad as they can cause disorientation and stress among the hamsters. These are naturally prey animals. So, whenever they feel they are under a threat they tend to run and hide. So, if you provide an exercise ball it would avoid the hamsters doing this instinct.

Consequently, it would make them stressed. So, if you happen to see a hamster that is running in its balls, chances are that they are stressed out and not in a good mood. On another note, a standard hamster ball would be about 2mm thick. As such, they would stop relying on their senses such as using their whiskers when moving around. Ultimately it would result in disorientation.

Almost all the hamster balls are unsafe be they small or big. In fact, many exercise balls would be about 13 cm in diameter. Hence there is a high potential for them to arch their back while running. Consequently, it would result in huge spine problems, back pains, injuries and other discomforts. Sometimes hamster balls could result in fatal injuries too.

Hamsters are finding it difficult to use their senses in the exercise balls. Literally, it cannot stop when it requires. Instead, they would end up colliding with walls. Besides, they may end up crashing into furniture around the house too. Furthermore, if they happen to get in contact with unlevelled walls, they may even roll off on those surfaces. Ultimately it would result in injuries such as sprains, trauma fractures etc. Moreover, chances are that the hamster’s feet can also get stuck in the exercise ball.

In addition to these factors, it can also result in infections. For example, it can cause infections from urine and droppings build-ups. Hamster ball usually come up with ventilation slits which would pave the way for droppings and urine build-ups over time. stressed hamsters usually urinate and poop quite often. Ultimately it would lead to a dirty atmosphere. However, hamsters would keep running there since they cannot leave the ball. As time goes on, it would result in bacterial infections. Once the hamsters get exposed to too much urine it would lead to ammonia burn in the hamsters.

Are hamster balls good for hamsters?

Hamster balls are good as a great exercise device for hamsters. It would help the hamsters to keep occupied and entertained. Having said that, many hamster owners believe that it would make the hamsters stressed and recommend avoiding using them.

Tips On Choosing the Right Hamster Ball

Choosing the right hamster ball is quite important. So, the key factor in choosing a hamster ball is to select a hamster ball that is big enough for the hamsters. Besides, I suggest you avoid using dark-colored hamster balls. Furthermore, you need to go for a hamster ball which comprises plenty of ventilation holes too. I don’t recommend using homemade or custom-made hamster balls as they could be somewhat dangerous.

How to use a hamster ball

First, you need to select a preferable play time for the hamsters. For example, if the hamsters are not in a playful mood, they would not tend to play with the ball. So, you need to select a time when your hamsters would be very active. Further, avoid using a time right after you fed them too. Thereafter you can untwist the ball open. Usually, the ball has two sides to open.

So, you simply have to twist one side of the other and then open it. There are hamster balls that have a small circular opening on the sphere. So, simply twist the door of the ball and allow the hamsters to come in. However, if the hamsters are designed differently you need to refer to the labeled instructions. Ensure that you don’t traumatize the hamsters when you do this. If the hamsters seem to be reluctant to go there I suggest you avoid doing this.

If you wish you could tempt the hamsters to come in by placing a treat there too. If they seem to be rejecting the hamster ball you could consider placing the hamster ball in the cage for some time and see. If you manage to put the hamster in the hamster ball, you can now twist the ball shutting. When you twist, ensure that it clicks well so that the hamsters would not escape from those.

To make it more secure, you can place scotch tape as it would keep the ball shut. Now you can place the ball on a flat surface. That way it would help the hamsters to move the ball properly. The carpet would be the best layer for this as it would secure the hamsters from other vibrations and stresses.

You need to leave them alone now. Then you will see how they keep playing with it while rolling it. If they stop doing it all of a sudden, it means they are either tired or sniffing the surroundings. If they stop playing with this for about 7 minutes it is very likely that they are tired.

However, when you do this, you need to keep monitoring the hamsters constantly. Do not leave them unattended as then chances are that they may come across sudden accidents with the objects on their way. So, when you allow them to play with the hamster ball, you need to ideally let them play in a closed area. For example, the living room or the bedroom would be the most appropriate place to do this task.

How long should a hamster be in a ball?

Hamster in its ball

Usually, you can keep them for about 15 minutes maximum. If you spot the hamsters having fun with it when you let them play with it first, you can keep increasing the timing gradually.

Do hamsters like exercise balls

How to tell if a hamster likes his ball

If you spot the hamster’s back staying straight after it plays with the hamster ball, it literally means it has liked the ball and that it has not caused any trouble. However, If you spot its back arched after it played with the back, it means it has not had fun with the ball. Further, if the hamsters tend to play with the ball easily it means they like playing with the ball. If they find it difficult to move the ball, chances are that they don’t like playing with it.

How often should hamsters go in their ball?

Usually, hamsters can go into their ball once every day. That way it would help the hamsters in expelling their extra energy and help them to stay healthy and happy.

When can I put my hamster in a ball?

If you had brought the hamsters to your home after some time, you need to first wait for about one week so that it would allow the hamsters to get used to the new conditions first. Once it is settled you can consider putting the hamsters in the hamster ball. However, ensure that it is not in a bad mood when you put it on.

If your hamsters are climbing the cage and seem to be very active you could consider putting the hamsters in the hamster ball. Ideally, you can put the hamsters on when they are up from a nap. Further, if they seem to be sitting in their hideouts or when they are eating you could consider putting the hamsters in the ball.

How to put a hamster in the ball

You can put the hamsters in the ball in three main ways. In fact, you need to change the way you put the hamster mainly depending on the hamster’s personality, current mood and the cage type you have too. If you have a top-side opening to your cage, you can place the hamster in the exercise ball. Thereafter you need to allow the hamster to scoop the ball up and close it as they climb in it.

Secondly, you can place the exercise ball along with a treat and place it on the side of the cage. However, you could do this only if it has side clasps. You simply have to unhook one side and allow the hamster to sneak through. Usually, hamsters would be curious about the new opening they witness and end up climbing into the ball.

Thirdly, suppose that your hamster is tame and it is easy to interact with them. Then you can simply place them in the exercise ball by hand. However, I still recommend you place a treat there so that it would be more attractive for hamsters. Having said that, you could stop placing the treat after some time so that the hamsters would be used to hamster balls by that time.

Do hamster balls stress hamsters ?

Hamster balls can be stressful for hamsters. Hamsters are prey animals in general and usually, they tend to run away and hide. However, once you provide a hamster ball, it would avoid the hamsters from doing this activity and make them suffer from stress.

How much is a hamster ball ?

Usually, a hamster ball would cost around 10 USD.

Hamster ball sizes

10-inch hamster ball

As the name implies this is a 10-inch hamster ball. If your hamster is a big one you can use this 10-inch ball.

Best size ball for a Syrian hamster

8 inches sized hamster ball – 12 inches sized ball would suit the Syrian hamsters the best.

Star wars hamster ball

This is a star war themed hamster ball. If you are a big fan of star wars you can buy this for your pet.

Bb8 hamster ball

BB8 hamster ball is samed as star wars hamster ball.

Large clear hamster ball

Large clear hamster ball

This you can use for a larger hamster. there are no decorations or colors outside. you can see your hamster inside. This is a good way to observe your pet when they are inside the ball.

How to clean a hamster ball?

You need to clean the hamster ball ideally with soap and water. Ensure that you do it before the hamsters use it and after they use it too. It is very likely that hamsters drop food, and excrete droppings and urine as they use the hamster ball. Further, if the hamsters are stressed, they would tend to release more droppings than ever before. As such, there will be more build-ups of infectious materials which would create problems for the hamsters. In addition to using soap and water, you may also use either a cage cleaner or some vinegar and water.

How to open a hamster ball to clean it

Start by taking the ball’s top half off first. You can accomplish this by removing the lid’s screw or by using a sharp knife to cut along the seam. You ought to be able to see the hamster inside once the lid has been removed.

After that, take the hamster out of the ball. Take care not to hurt your pet while doing this. When the hamster is removed, wipe the interior of the ball off with a moist towel.

Safety Guidelines for Hamster ball

Firstly, you should ensure that you are closing the ball correctly. That way you can guarantee on the fact that it would avoid them from having any accidental falls. If the opening of the hamster ball is not sealed properly, chances are that it may fall out once they roll on the ball. If they fall from the hamster balls, it can even result in lacerations, bruises, fractures in the bones and sometimes brain-related injuries.

Secondly, Make sure that you don’t allow the hamsters to climb the stairs with the ball too. If they happen to have accidental falls on the stairs it could result in injuries for them. Ultimately it would make them suffer from distress as well.

Furthermore, you need to give adequate time for the hamsters to play. It should not be too less or too long. That way you can assure them that they will not get stressed or tired. To start, you can let them play with the hamster’s ball for about 3-5 minutes. When they play with this if you can’t spot any signs of fatigue or distress you can increase the time limit by about 15 minutes. If you see them stopping from time to time and resting you could consider removing them from the hamster ball as soon as you can.

Hamster ball alternative

Many hamster owners tend to use Kaytee critter cruisers as alternatives for hamster balls a lot. It usually comes with adjusting racing wheels. Besides, it will also come up with three settings where it would allow the car to stay still, moving and attached to a hamstrac system as well.

You can also use the Kaytee Hamtrac exercise loop which is a circular-shaped exercise track. it would allow the hamsters to play freely yet safely there. It will have a diameter of about 25 inches generally.

In addition to that, you can also have a hamster toy known as an oxbow enriched life 2 in 1 fitness ball. You can use this toy in multiple ways. You can easily fix it in their cage since it comes up with a freestanding base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big should a Syrian hamster ball be?

They would ideally want an 8 inches diameter hamster ball minimum.

What size hamster ball for a dwarf hamster?

Dwarf hamsters would usually fit into a 7 inches hamster ball in general

Are hamster balls safe for dwarf hamsters?

Hamster balls would sometimes be unsafe for the hamsters. Hence whenever you allow the hamsters to play with it, make sure that you monitor them constantly.

Are hamster balls okay for hamsters?

Hamster balls are okay for hamsters as they would enjoy playing with them. However, you need to set a timeframe for it so that it would be healthy for the hamsters. If you let them play with it for too long, it would make them stressed and tired.

Do hamsters need to go in their ball every day?

Ideally, they need to play with the hamster ball every day. However, you still need to set a time frame without letting them play with it for too long.


Hamsters would prefer to play with balls as it would keep them occupied. However, when you choose a hamster ball, you must go for a hamster ball that is not too small as it would cause stress to the hamsters. Furthermore when you allow the hamsters to play with the hamster ball, always ensure that you keep monitoring them without leaving them unattended.

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