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Guinea Pig Sounds: What Do Guinea Pigs Say?

Guinea pig sounds are interesting and did you ever wonder what your cavy is trying to express from these sounds? This is an attempt to list guinea pig vocalizations so your piggy can become a pig whisperer as you could understand them.

It is obvious that guinea pigs do not share the same language with us. But it doesn’t mean that they are not communicating. From using guinea pig sound and posture your pet cavy can say a lot, just like capybaras. You might not recognize every noise they make but there are some certain noises which give us clear meaning and if you already know those noises you can understand what your pet tries to say.

These rodents make several vocalizations or sounds and some are very familiar to most guinea pig owners. A happy guinea pig makes several squeak sounds, quiet grunts and chortles throughout the day as it go along with casual communications. With these chortles and regular squeaks there are another typical noises you can hear from your pet.

As a guinea pig owner if you want to understand your piggy, monitoring their behaviors and sound is the main thing you need to attend. In animal world, you would find guinea pigs as one of the most communicative species and they are always keen to express you its emotions and feelings. The fantastic news is by observing , gradually you will be able to understand what they are trying to say. If you can interpret your pet’s behaviors you can bond with your cavy easily.

Learn To Identify These Guinea Pig Sounds

Whistling or Wheeking : “Where is my food?” or “Feed me”

This is a very common and widely known vocalization guinea pig makes. They use it regularly to communicate thrill, expectancy, playtime or feeding time. It mainly sounds like loud and log squeal or even sometimes wheeking may merely act as a waking call for attention.

Many rodents will create a very loud wheeking noise in expectancy of receiving some delicious treats when their owners get out a food box or open a refrigerator.

As you are getting ready to feed your guinea pig you would get a bag of hay. When you are doing so your guinea pig feels that’s for him then your pet guinea pig will wheek. It’s clear that this is a happy sound because guinea pigs like hay a lot and they get the idea of getting their much loved food.

Purring: also well-known as bubbling

Normally this is a happy sound but also this could be a sign of frustration. There is a variety of purr sound and each has different meanings depending on the pitch of the sound and the associated body language. When guinea pigs are happy and comfortable they make a deep purr sound in calm and relaxed stance. But if the purr has an upper pitch, mainly at the end of the purr this is an indication of annoyance.

To be exact a guinea pig which makes such high pitched purr will be anxious and may look like even to vibrate. Durr which is a small purr, may show insecurity or panic with guinea pig’s motionless behavior.  Shorter sounds and nervous purring noise could mean the fear.

Rumbling Sound : also known as growling

Guinea pigs use this sound in dominance displays. Guinea pig’s growl is deeper than a purr. This rumbling is made when a male guinea pig romances with a female guinea pig and female guinea pigs in season also do it. Usually this is accompanied by some kind of mating dance and growling is also known as motorboating or rumble strutting. Sometimes females make this sound when they feel heat.

Rumble strutting comes together with rumbling. This happens when guinea pig is about to perform a mating dance and it is pretty nice to watch this rumbling guinea pig moves.

Teeth chattering : Stop

Don’t get a wrong idea here as it doesn’t mean that your piggy is cold. This teeth chattering sound is very similar to hissing sound. Normally an angry or a disturbed guinea pig makes this violent vocalization. With teeth chattering guinea pig shows its teeth as well and it is similar to a yawn and it clearly means stay away or back off.

So if you are making your cavy angry or you are doing something your pet doesn’t like it is a clear warning to back off. If your guinea is in pain or suffering from a dental disease, it would show it through a teeth chattering with showing its teeth in a yawn. Don’t mix teeth chattering with happy grazing noises which guinea pigs make when they eat their favorite food, hay.


This is a same sound as teeth chattering this also a warning sound of a guinea pig that is angry or upset. This sound is very similar to cat’s hissing sound.

This aggression could end up in running away or biting if you don’t give a solution for what’s upsetting them quickly.

Shrieking : Oh it’s awful

A high pitched and intense squeak is known as a shriek. Guinea pigs make this loud squeaks when they feel fear, pain or if they are injured. If you hear a shrieking, it would be better to observe you pig closely and check to make sure it’s fine. If you have few check all of them and the cage for safety.


Cooing shows comfort in pet guinea pig. It is a regular but not exclusive sound made by the mother guinea pig to her baby guinea pig or younger guinea pig.

Whining : I don’t like this

Among other sounds, whining is a negative sound which your cavy makes. A low noise or a whining is kind of grousing type sound and it can indicate the annoyance or dislike for something another piggy is doing or something you do.

When guinea pigs require medical awareness or when they are sick, they tend to this sound. In some situations softer variations of this noise can be a warning that your pet is in pain.

If your pet is making this sound in its surroundings check to make sure there is nothing wrong in the cage or the place they are relaxing and your cavy might also be suffering from bladder sludge or stones. Observe them closely and listen carefully whether the whining is happening again and their actions when the whining is occurring.

Chirping: Something is happening and I don’t know how to react.

This sounds exactly as a bird chirping. This chirp could be a very rare sound and least understood or heard sound among guinea pig sounds. A chirping guinea pig could also show to be in an illusory state. The idea of this chirp song is a topic of much discussion with no solid conclusions. Nobody has been able to find out why guinea pigs make this chirping sound yet, but believes that this is signal of stress.

Chirping is very common among guinea pigs and a little similar to infant’s bawl. Though this strange action is not fully understandable you can see this more often in a pig that lost its partner or cage mate recently.

Chutting : I am feeling awesome and having fun

Some would say this sound is referred to as clucking sound which a mother hen would create. Also this is a sound of satisfaction and guinea pigs make this loud noise when they feel satisfied with their habitat.

Guinea pigs chut in their surroundings, when they sense harmless and when you feed them well. They will also chut when they walk around the house in a relaxed environment.

If you are a guinea pig owner, you should be happy if you hear this chutting sound because it literally means everything is fine with them.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Hold Him?

This is guinea pigs way of communicating with you, other animals. They would wheek or squeak when they don’t like to be picked up or carried.

Are Guinea Pigs Noisy At Night?

No, guinea pigs are not noisy at night. Usually they are quiet pets, but they like to converse with each other occasionally throughout the night. If you keep your pet’s cage in the same room you sleep, you may find some of their sounds are frustrating and troubling your sleep.

Do Guinea Pigs Make Too Much Noise?

Usually guinea pigs make very loud noises when their owners open the refrigerator or get food containers in order to receive some delicious treats.

What Noise Does A Guinea Pig Make When In Pain?

They make shrieking sound when they are in pain. This sound can be considered as the emergency sound of guinea pigs. This is an indication of their awful stress, hurt or pain. You will probably hear this sound when your pigs get vaccinated at the vet or if one of your guinea pig bites another.

What Are Happy Guinea Pig Noises?

Purring is the sound of happiness. Well, happiness is not the only indication of purring as they sound this purr sound when they are angry as well. So you need to watch closely for the reason behind this. A satisfied cavy makes a low sound and an irritated guinea pig makes increasing high pitched purr sound and your pig may shake a bit as well.

It is obvious that guinea pigs do not share the same language with us. But it doesn’t mean that they are not communicating. From using guinea pig sound and posture your pet cavy can say a lot, just like capybaras. You might not recognize every noise they make but there are some certain noises which give us clear meaning and if you already know those noises you can understand what your pet tries to say.

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