Hampster vs Hamster: Let’s Clear Up Which One Is Correct

There are some words in English that are pronounced the same when you say them out loud, even though one might be a proper English word while the other is a different English word with a different meaning or there are some situations where one is correct, while another is incorrect. Hampster and hamster are homophones which can be easily misspelled. Let’s then see which one is right – Hampster or Hamster?

Which One Is Correct – Hampster Or Hamster ?

Hampster vs. Hamster

Many people wonder if “Hampster” or “Hamster” is the correct version of the word, but both have the same pronunciation.

The word “Hamster” is often misspelled and sometimes confused with “Hampster”. This happens because they are pronounced similarly but spelled differently, and a “P” is mistaken for an “F.”

Meaning Of Hamster:

Ham·ster. A hamster is a small animal that is kept as a pet. It has a long, slender body with short legs and furry tail.

The word “hamster” comes from the German “hamstern,” which means “to hoard.” Hamsters are well-known for their tendency to gather and store food in their cheek pouches, or eat as much as they can when they have the chance. Hamsters are usually found in the wild in dry, grassy areas of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They are also found in parts of North America as an introduced species.

Is Hampster Spelled With AP?

You may not be aware of this, but there are actually spelling rules. Case in point: “There’s no ‘P’ in hamster.” This is an undisputed statement and is supported by any dictionary.

It doesn’t matter how many people mistakenly call the animal as “hampster” but continue to write the correct word as “hamster

Why Is There No “P” In Hamster?

You may be able to feel there’s a sound missing or letter after (m), you are pronouncing three consonants in a row without any vowel sound in between. In that case, If it were ‘mm’, the ‘p’ would take care of it in absence of a vowel letter.

Should We Admit That “Hampster” Is A Valid Spelling Of “Hamster” Because So Many Of Us Say It This Way?

That’s not right. If many people are doing the wrong thing that doesn’t make it the right thing to do too.

People’s mispronunciation of a word does not count as sufficient justification for changing the spelling. That and misspelled words in dictionaries do not let us reason enough to change the spelling of a given word.

Simply admit you’ve been pronouncing it wrong and start saying it as it should be pronounced. Not only when pronouncing but also when writing it you should write as “Hamster” instead of “Hampster”.

Is Hampster A Real Word?

A “hamster” is an adorable animal, A ‘hamper’ is a type of laundry basket that is often constructed out of wire or loops , but a “hampster” is a bad misspelling.

How to pronounce Hamaster : Link


These words might be confusing to some readers, since they sound the same but only one is correct in English language while the other is a misspelling. We went through the differences between these words and provided brief explanation to help clear up any confusion.

“Hamster” is the correct spelling of the word and not “Hampster”.

There’s no definite way of referring to words in the English language ; you should always double-check the meaning by looking up a word in a dictionary, either online dictionary or offline dictionary.

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