Can I Let My Hamster Run Around My Room ?

Anyone can have a hamster as a pet. They are cute, small, yet so adorable. They may be too energized, though, as they may frequently run around your room. Even though they have small bodies, you might be surprised by how energizing they appear when they do that. So, to answer the question of whether you can let the hamster run around your room, yes you can, but under your supervision only. But even if you let them roam free in your space, you still need to be on guard for a few things, especially for their safety.

So, in this article we will be discussing the benefits of letting the hamsters run around your room, how to let them run safely and the safety hazards you need to be concerned about. If you want to learn more about this topic, you can keep reading this article.

What is Free roaming hamster?

Hamster runs all over floor in house

Free roaming, in simple terms, is allowing the hamsters to move freely in an enclosed area. It will allow the hamsters to do exercise as much as they want apart from the cage they live in. Usually, it is okay for a hamster to roam around a room freely.

However, I suggest using a playpen for the dwarf hamsters and for the robo hamsters to roam around. These hamsters are quite fast, and it would be somewhat tough to keep an eye on them. So, chances are that they would get stuck in gaps, especially beneath the furniture in your room. Having said that, if you are confident in handling your hamsters, you can let them roam anywhere they want, irrespective of the breed they belong to.

Once your hamsters are free to roam in your room, it will stimulate them mentally. In fact, mental stimulation is something very crucial for hamsters. So we can consider free roaming a great way of physical exercise too. That way, you could avoid potential complications among the hamsters such as boredom and stress. Not only that, but it would also promote the overall good health of the hamsters too.

You can let them roam free as much as they want. Having said that, there is no set timeframe for you to limit free roaming either. There could be some hamsters who would be happy with roaming for about 20–30 minutes. On the other hand, there could be some hamsters that would run for about an hour in your room.

Where do the hamsters roam and run around usually?

Hamsters would run around your room and explore all the nooks and corners in it. In fact, they would do that out of curiosity. In addition to that, they would roam around in the playpens as well. However, no matter where you allow them to run, you need to ensure that there is nothing to injure them.

Why should I allow my hamster to free roam in my room ?

As aforesaid, running around your room would stimulate the hamsters’ minds. Mental stimulation is what drives them to live happily and healthily. It is noteworthy that it would be a great physical exercise for them too. It could make the hamsters less stressed and more relaxed. Besides, it would keep them active too. In addition to that, it would play a great role in maintaining overall health and the wellbeing of the hamsters too.

How long should I let my hamster free roam?

Usually, you can set them free in your room and allow them to run for about 15–30 minutes. However, if they seem to be stressed out, you can limit this time limit and put them back in the cage. If the hamsters find peace and comfort in the room, chances are that they will end up sleeping in the room as well.

How to let your hamster run around and what are the precautions you need to take

You need to always supervise the hamsters’ movements whenever you allow them to run in the rooms. Keep in mind that there are certain hamster species that will climb onto closets and windows in your room. So, always ensure that you keep supervising them all the time. Furthermore, keep in mind that hamsters can even climb onto high platforms like those on chairs and curtains too. Not only that, there could be some hamsters who would even bite the wood and curtains too. So, always keep them under your observation whenever you allow them to run in the rooms.

In addition to that, I suggest you let the hamsters run in a room that has good ventilation. Besides, you can consider adding toys, tunnels, and treats in the room to keep them more entertained while they run. I suggest you add a sand bath in your room as they may end up urinating in it. Consider adding hideouts, especially if the room is much more spacious. In addition to that, you can add either a wheel or a flying saucer so that hamsters can run on those as well.

When it comes to the precautions you need to take when allowing the hamsters to run free in the rooms, I urge you to remove the electrical and telephone wires . Ensure that they are not in close contact with the hamsters in the room.

It is unnecessary to mention that you should remove all the medications, plant food, and other cleaning products that are in the room. In other words, you need to remove all the substances that hamsters should never consume or get in contact with. In addition to that, it would be best if you could block off the areas where you don’t want your precious hamsters to go too. Lastly, you need to avoid allowing the other pets to enter the room too.

Can hamsters run around the house?

Hamsters can run around the house as long as you keep them under observation. Besides, you can do that only if you can handle the hamsters too. There could be hamsters that are too fast, and chances are that you may lose them sometimes.


So, if you are wondering whether you can let the hamsters run in your room, you can do that as long as you take all the precautionary measures which are explained in the above. Hamsters contain so much energy in their tiny little bodies. So, when you allow them to run in the rooms, it will make them feel good and entertained. Hamsters are escape artists. Hence, you always need to secure the room as much as you can so that you will not lose them.

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