Why Is My Hamster Running Around Like Crazy?

Has your hamster ever behaved in a crazy manner? If so, have you ever wondered why they act like that? So, in this article, we discussed the issue, the reasons why they might do so, and so on. Sometimes, their craziness would make them so adorable and lovable too. So, if you are clueless as to why your beloved hamster keeps running and chewing whatever it is they come across, just try to embrace them the way they are. In fact, this is what makes them more interesting and lovable.

Why is my hamster acting crazy?

If your hamsters are acting crazy , they would do that for several reasons. For example, they would be sick or suffer from boredom. Besides, if they are under stress, they will act crazy. So, whenever you spot that the hamsters are not ordinary, you would want to closely observe them and see what is wrong with them. If you can’t determine the root cause of this behavior, it would be worth paying a visit to the pet doctor.

Hamsters, in general, are active creatures. Therefore, they tend to roam around and run on their wheels. Having said that, they may tend to be unusually energetic sometimes, and if you experience this with your hamsters, you should not ignore it.

Why is my hamster running in circles?

If you spot your hamsters running in circles, it could be mainly due to stress or fear. Whenever the hamsters are upset, they will tend to show behavioral changes like running in circles. Hamsters are prone to becoming stressed as a result of insufficient sleep or sudden movements. In addition to that, if they happened to get in contact with other animals, it would also make them frightened and stressed. In addition to that, changes in the environment , loud noises, and overcrowded cages could be some more reasons which could make them suffer from fear and stress.

It is very likely that hamsters would get stressed if they happened to share their cage with another hamster. These animals are solitary creatures, and when you let them share the cage with other hamsters, it would make them stressed and frightened. Ultimately, they would end up running in circles.

In addition to that, aggression, rejection from the hamster owner, and bullying would also make them stressed and force them to run in circles. In addition to that, if your hamster is female and if it is in its estrus cycle, it would make them run in circles. You could spot them doing this activity, especially during the proestrus period and estrus days. So, if you spot the hamsters running around in circles, it is very likely that they are running around in circles in search of finding a partner for mating.

In addition to the above factors, hamsters tend to run in circles when they are bored too. In fact, they would tend to do that for pure entertainment. They are a very active group of animals, and if they suffer from boredom, they will be restless.

If the hamsters seem bored even if there are toys around, you need to consider switching them so that they will interact with them in different ways. Furthermore, consider buying new toys on and off. It could be the same toy, yet in different colors and in different sizes. Try to spend more time with the hamsters so that they will not run in circles.

Apart from that, these active animals need a lot of exercise during the day. Normally, in the wild, they run about 5 miles in search of food. So they need some kind of exercise when they are in a cage. If you have provided a hamster wheel, they will run on it. But if there is no wheel, they run around their cage or run in circles to spent their energy. So for one thing if you saw them running around like crazy you can buy them ana hamster wheel and see what happens.

In addition to these factors , young hamsters would find it very interesting to run in the circles too. They would just run around like crazy without having any goal. However, as the hamsters age, they will be less hyperactive and run less.

Hamsters will run like crazy when they are hungry too. If the hamsters were starving for a short time, they would be more active and end up running in circles like crazy. Having said that, if the hamsters were hungry for extended periods, they would be less active for the purpose of preserving the energy they have. When the hamsters in the wild get hungry, they tend to go in search of food. However, when there is no food available for the captivated hamsters, they will run around the cage like crazy.

Why is my hamster running like crazy during the day?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, and if you happen to see them running like crazy during the day, it should be something that you should start worrying about. However, if your hamsters are adapted to your schedule, they would tend to play during the day whilst sleeping during the night. So, you could spot them running like crazy during the day.

Why is My Hamster Running So Fast on the Wheel?

Hamster running in the wheel

They would run fast on the wheels simply because they liked doing it. To further elaborate on this, running fast on a wheel for a hamster is more like going down a waterslide. They find it very interesting and fun. In other words, it would make them happy. As per some records, it stimulates the reward system of the hamster’s brain.

What Does It Mean When Your Hamster is Going Crazy?

Hamsters usually engage in intense activities, and they will do those for a short period of time. However, if they go crazy for longer periods, it is something that you need to investigate more. In fact, it could be an indication of a health-related problem that they are experiencing.

What to Do When Your Hamster is Going Crazy

If you ascertain that your hamsters have gone crazy simply due to stress, you need to do something that could make them calm. I suggest you spend some more time with your beloved hamsters so that they will feel more secure and happy. Consider providing them with some new toys too. If the hamsters tend to act crazy for a longer period, I advise you to take them to the vet doctor and get their opinion.

To wrap up

I hope you found this article to be very informative and that you now have a better understanding of how to respond to a situation like this.

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