Hamster Hissing: Learn What it Means and What to Do

If you happen to see your hamsters hiss, it literally means the hamsters are showing off an aggressive behavioral pattern. In fact, they would tend to do that whenever they suspect there is any predator around them. Literally they would tend to hiss whenever they feel they are under threat. They would hiss at those threatening things with the purpose of defending them. Hissing is more like a precursor or aggressive posturing. They would tend to lay on their back and bare their teeth.

If I further elaborate on this, it is more like a sign of discomfort in your hamsters. They would tend to hiss at you whenever they are angry or if they feel like they are around a predator. You could commonly find this behavioral type especially among the hamsters that you freshly bring home.

Once you get familiar with them, they tend to become more affectionate towards you and stop making that sound. So, this is just a glimpse of what we are going to discuss in this article, and we will be looking into this much deeper as we proceed on with the article.

What does a hamster hiss sound like

The sound of hiss would be more like a scream with their mouth closed. You could identify this quite well specially when they are very angry and irritated in pain.

Is it normal for my hamster to hiss?

Usually it is not normal for the hamsters to hiss, unlike in other occasions where they make other sounds such as squeaking, clicking sounds etc. As aforesaid, hamsters would tend to hiss whenever they feel like they are under a threat. They would hiss at any thing which is threatening to them with the pure purpose of defending themselves. In addition to that, you could expect a sick hamster also to hiss quite often too.

For example if the hamster seems to be happy yet tends to be aggressive whilst hissing chances are that they are in some sort of discomfort and in pain. So, if you come across a situation like this, the best thing you could do is to take the hamsters to a vet doctor. They will identify what has caused them to hiss. Depending on that they will prescribe on the appropriate medication for the sick hamsters.

In addition to aforesaid factors, frightened hamsters would also tend to hiss. For example if you try to interact with a hamster who is completely new it is very likely that they will hiss at you. If the hamster is in a small place where there is no adequate room it is very likely that they will be more frightened and end up hissing more when compared with a hamster who is in a big cage where there is more room.

So, if you did something which made them frightened, they would hiss at you to indicate that they want you to leave them. The best thing you could do here is to socialize with them and make the hamsters familiar to you. If you handle the hamsters in a bad manner always keep in mind that they would react to you somewhat in an agitated manner by hissing at you.

Do all hamsters hiss?

Yes all hamsters would hiss quite often whenever they feel they are under threat or suffer from any anger.it is a common behavioral pattern among the hamsters. However if you become more friendly with them they would tend to become more comfortable with you and stop making the hiss noise.

Do baby hamsters hiss?

Usually baby hamsters hiss quite often. As such you need to play with the baby hamsters as much as you can so that they will socialize with you. Always be soft spoken to them and be gentle as much as you can.

How do I stop my hamster from hissing?

Firstly you need to start socializing with your hamsters. It is very vital when it comes to stopping the hamsters from hissing. Hamsters are shy, timid creatures in general. So, whenever you try to handle them, always ensure that they don’t feel any threat or any fear. Convince them that they are safe with you. Try giving them food, water and the necessary bedding. Thereafter leave it that way for a few days.

Next you could hold on to some treats and allow the hamsters to sniff your hands. Not only that, try gently rubbing its back a few times too. If they happen to still hiss at you, you should stop doing that and try doing what they like in general. If they try to hiss at you whenever you try to place your hands into the cage, try interacting with them from the sides of the cage.

Keep talking to the hamsters gently. Give them some space so that they will start to like you. . Once you give them adequate time and space they will consider you as a friendly person. Try placing a treat on your palm so that the hamsters would learn to climb up also. Don’t try to hold them until they seem to be friendly with you. Try socializing with them so that they will feel relaxed and pleased with your presence.

You should also ensure that you don’t practice anything provoking the hamsters as it would make them hiss at you. If the hamsters find anything that you do annoying stop doing that. if the hamsters hiss, it literally means you need to stay away from them. When you socialize with them, they would feel trustworthy towards you.

On another note, you should never wake them up when they are fast asleep as it would make them hiss. So, stop irritating them when they are fast asleep. Further when you try to take them out of the cage, ensure that you provide some support for their body so that they will feel secure and not get frightened.

Educate your kids to not to misbehave with the kids as it would also make them frightened. Always supervise the kids whenever they are interacting with the kids and ensure that your beloved hamsters don’t get disturbed by them. If you follow these guidelines, it would help you to overcome this issue.

Is it normal for hamsters to hiss at you?

Hissing is quite normal for the hamsters. However if you spot your hamsters hissing it is very likely that they are doing that to express some feeling. Hence you need to first determine the root cause for that and then try to attend to it.

What happens when a hamster hisses at you?

If the hamsters hiss at you, it literally means they consider you as a threat. They would tend to be agitated towards you. Further they would hiss at you to tell you to stay away from them. Hissing is their way of telling you to stay away from them.


To wind up, if your hamster tends to hiss at you it literally means they are trying to convey some feeling to you. So, I hope now you are thorough in this regard and that you have a better knowledge when interacting with the hamsters going forward.

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