Can Hamsters Eat Pumpkin?

Hamsters are not picky when it comes to food. However, it is up to the hamster owners to feed them with hamster-safe food only. In fact, there is a wide array of food that is available for you to feed them. So, among them, we can consider pumpkin as one of the best food items that you could use to feed them. It has so many health benefits for the hamsters. In addition to that, hamsters are great fans of pumpkin’s flavor as well. In fact, you can also provide pumpkin seeds as a snack for the hamsters, and they will love eating those.

A pumpkin belongs to the squash family, and it is a healthy and nutritious snack for humans too. So, hamsters can also enjoy the sweetness of pumpkin. In fact , hamsters can eat it either with the skin on it or without it. Hamsters can enjoy eating it raw or cooked as well. Having said that, hamsters prefer to eat pumpkin raw most of the time. So, let’s discover more about letting hamsters eat pumpkins in this article.

Nutrient Value of pumpkin

In terms of the nutrient value of pumpkin, if we consider one cup of raw cubed pumpkin, it will contain so many nutrients. For instance, one cup of raw pumpkin cubes would contain 30 calories, 0.5 g carbs, 0.6 g of fiber, 2 g of protein, and 0.1 g of fat. In addition to that, it would also contain 4 mg of vitamin C, 2 mg of vitamin E, and 0.7 mg of niacin. Moreover, it would also contain 3 mcg of vitamin K, 6 mcg of folate, 4 mg of calcium, magnesium, and 0.4 mg of zinc. Apart from these elements, one cup of raw cubed pumpkin would also contain trace elements of riboflavin, manganese, copper, thiamine, and vitamin B6.

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in pumpkin

The following are some of the health benefits of consuming pumpkin for hamsters. Pumpkins have antioxidants which would play a major role in preventing signs of aging , cancer and some other diseases as well. Additionally, pumpkin has dietary fiber in it and would help to improve the mechanism of the digestive system.

Furthermore, pumpkin has zinc included in it, and it is something that would strengthen the digestive system of the hamsters. In addition to that , pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, which would be quite vital in encouraging strong and healthy bones. When hamsters chew pumpkin seeds, it helps the hamsters strengthen their teeth. So, as you may understand, pumpkin is quite a beneficial food item for the hamsters in terms of health.

Health risks(disadvantages) of pumpkin

Just like having health benefits from feeding pumpkins, it could also pose some risks to the hamsters too. For example, it could result in choking hazards among the hamsters. As such it is always important that you feed The Hamsters enjoy small quantities of pumpkin seeds for their hamsters. If you fed hamsters excess pumpkin seeds, it would be difficult for the hamsters to digest.

Secondly, it would also result in urinary problems for the hamsters too. Pumpkins have a high calcium content. As a result, allowing hamsters to eat pumpkin in excess can lead to urinary issues in the hamsters. There is a chance that it will also result in the formation of kidney stones.

Diarrhea is another condition where your precious hamsters may suffer from overeating pumpkin. Pumpkins have sweet and sugar in them. Sugar is an element which your hamsters may find difficult to digest. Once the daily sugar intake increases, the hamsters will suffer from stomach aches and diarrhea.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin leaves?

To answer the question of whether hamsters can eat pumpkin leaves, yes, it is possible, but only in small quantities. Pumpkin leaves have great amounts of iron, vitamin C, vitamin A , and vitamin B. What is special about pumpkin leaves is that they have low calories and high calcium content.  It would be beneficial for the hamsters’ bone formation. On the other hand, if the hamsters happened to eat too much calcium, it would result in kidney stones in the hamsters. In addition to that, it could result in health-related issues as well.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin stalks?

Similar to pumpkin leaves, pumpkin stalks are good for hamsters. But they have a lot of small hairs on the stem. So a lot of pumpkin stalks are not good for them. They might get digestive problems.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin Plant?

Similar to pumpkin leaves, hamsters benefit from pumpkin plants. But the stem is covered in numerous tiny hairs. Therefore, consuming a lot of pumpkin plants is bad for them. They might get digestive problems.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin seeds

Hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds. In fact, it would be a delicious treat for the hamsters. Furthermore, you can easily find pumpkin seeds in the majority of supermarkets. Moreover, it is not that expensive either. As aforesaid , pumpkin seeds are a treat that is enriched with nutrients. Regardless of how beneficial this is, you need to make sure that you provide pumpkin seeds only in the right amounts for the hamsters. So, to sum up, it is perfectly fine for the hamsters to eat the pumpkin seeds.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin seeds with shell?

Hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds with hard shells and large kernels as well. In particular, the larger hamsters would opt to eat pumpkin seeds with shells.

Can hamsters eat raw pumpkin seeds?

They can, but they can not digest a lot of pumpkin seeds. So be careful with that.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin skin?

I don’t recommend letting your hamsters eat pumpkin skin. Pumpkin skin is known as pumpkin rind too. In fact, pumpkin skin is the outer, shiny part of the pumpkin. In fact, the pumpkin skin is what gives the orange glow. However, it doesn’t have any nutrition contained in it. So, it is very unlikely that it will do any good for the hamsters. That being said, pumpkin skin would not be harmful to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin stems?

Hamsters should not eat pumpkin stems, and you need to avoid them if you spot them having any. Pumpkin stems are more like the handles of a pumpkin, and you can spot them in brownish green. It is not toxic, but it is best to avoid it. In fact, it has excess calcium, and due to that, I don’t recommend using it for the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin puree?

Pumpkin puree is good for hamsters, but it should never be given in large quantities due to the fiber it contains.

Can hamsters eat pumpkin guts?

Hamsters cannot eat pumpkin guts. Hence, avoid giving them pumpkins that have guts on them.

Can hamsters eat dried pumpkin?

Pumpkins are considered safe for your hamster. It can be fed raw, and you can feed the flesh of the fruit as well as the seeds, which can be baked or fed raw. Pumpkin is not only thought to be safe for your hamster, but it is also a nutrient-rich addition to their diet that can support strong bones and a healthy digestive system.

Can hamsters eat raw pumpkin?

Hamsters can eat raw pumpkin and it is safe for them to consume raw pumpkin.

Can hamsters eat cooked pumpkin?

If someone is not sure whether hamsters can eat cooked pumpkin, yes, they certainly can eat cooked pumpkin. However, they would prefer to eat the pumpkin seeds a lot.

Few things to consider when you feed pumpkin

If you want to introduce a pumpkin for hamsters first, I recommend you do a test for the hamsters first. To do that, you need to feed only a very small portion of pumpkin to the hamsters and supervise how they react to it. However, when you feed a pumpkin, you should ensure that you wash the vegetables quite well. Next, peel the skin off it and then serve the hamsters. I suggest you wash the pumpkin with warm water so that it will help you remove the dirt on it. In addition to that, it would remove the germs from the pumpkin as well.

Now you can chop the pumpkin into small pieces or into small cubes and serve the hamsters. You can remove the seeds from it when serving. Furthermore, once you finish feeding them, ensure that you closely check the hamsters’ cheeks and see whether they are hiding any food in their cheeks. If they kept pumpkin pieces in their cheeks, they would rot and cause unnecessary trouble for them.

Lastly, when the hamsters finish eating the food, you need to have a look at the cage and see whether you can spot any food remaining in the cage. If you come across any, ensure that you remove them. If you don’t remove the food, it will start to smell foul and make the hamsters stressed at the end.

How you should serve pumpkin to your Hamster?

You can serve pumpkin in a variety of forms to the hamsters. For example, you could serve it either raw or cooked. That said, keep in mind that hamsters would mainly like to feast on the pumpkin seeds. In fact, many humans don’t opt to eat the seeds and tend to eat the flesh of the pumpkin instead.

So, if you wish to feed the pumpkin seeds, you could toast them and then provide them. That said, it would not be extra beneficial for the hamsters either. On the other hand, there is no harm in doing that too. Simply toast the seeds at a temperature of around 250 °C for a few minutes, or until they turn golden brown in color. Once they are cool, you can feed the hamsters with those.

How many pumpkins at a time?

The amount of pumpkin you need to feed a hamster at a time would vary depending on the hamster’s size. In fact, it is quite important that you only feed hamsters pumpkin as a treat. Don’t feed the hamsters with pumpkin often, as this would make them gain weight. Don’t serve hamsters with the same portion of food you would eat. Hamsters are smaller in size, and you need to bear this in mind when feeding pumpkin to hamsters.

Syrian hamsters are typically larger than dwarf hamsters and can consume slightly more pumpkin than dwarf hamsters. So, if you are uncertain about how much you need to feed pumpkins to the hamsters, it would be best if you could go to a vet doctor and then get their opinion.

Are pumpkin toxic to hamsters?

You should never have any doubts when feeding pumpkin to hamsters as it is not toxic for them. They will never poison the hamsters. Having said that, you should always let hamsters eat pumpkin in moderate quantities only. Besides, you need to follow all the guidelines that are mentioned above when feeding those to your previous hamsters.

How often should you feed pumpkins for hamsters

You can feed hamsters with small quantities of pumpkin once a week. Having said that, feeding them twice a week will also not do any harm. You could provide small pumpkin slices for them. Always give pumpkin in moderation, as too much sugar will cause the hamsters to gain weight. Besides, it would also result in excess calcium levels building up, especially in the older hamsters’ bodies. To further describe this, if you feed pumpkins on Monday, you can consider feeding them once again one week after, on Friday, or on Saturday.

Are hamsters allowed butternut pumpkins?

Yes, hamsters can certainly eat butternut pumpkin without any issue. However, you need to still let them eat those in small quantities only. Butternut pumpkin has higher levels of oxalic acid, which would turn out to be quite harmful for the hamsters. Having said that, butternut pumpkin also belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, and it contains the same nutrients as regular pumpkins do. Butternut pumpkins also have high sugar levels, and you need to feed them moderately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can hamsters eat pumpkin pie?

Hamsters cannot eat pumpkin pie as it is simply not made for hamsters. Pumpkin pies contain high sugar levels, and due to that, you need to avoid letting them eat those. High sugar levels would not be healthy for the hamsters, and it would result in so many health-related issues. In addition to that, pumpkin pies contain other ingredients like cinnamon and eggs, which are not good for the hamsters. So, it would be a bad idea to feed the hamsters pumpkin pie.

Can dwarf hamsters eat pumpkin seeds?

Dwarf hamsters can eat pumpkin seeds, but in smaller quantities only. Ideally, you can give them one or two pumpkin seeds per day. However, when feeding them the seeds, keep a close eye on them because they can cause choking hazards.


To summarize, pumpkin would be a great and delicious treat for the hamsters if given in the proper quantities. Pumpkins have so many health benefits and it is important that you provide them occasionally as a treat. So, I hope this article was useful for you and that you will enjoy feeding pumpkin to your beloved hamsters.

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