Why Is My Hamster Bleeding From Its Bottom

Hamsters are such cute animals that many people tend to breed them as pets. If you are already a hamster owner, I am certain you will find them a lovable, harmless, and friendly set of animal creatures. They would tend to get frightened by the slightest noise as well. That characteristic makes them even more adorable.

Having said that, you may even sometimes find them bleeding from their bottoms as well. Of course, it would be an alarming and scarring situation to be in. Keep in mind that this would be a common occurrence with your adorable little hamsters. This would be a worrying situation for the hamster’s owners to be in. So, in this article, we will be addressing all the possible factors that would affect this condition.

Why is my hamster bleeding from its bottom

Wet tail disease

Hamsters may tend to bleed from their bottom if they are suffering from wet tail disease. This is a serious condition that causes the hamsters to suffer greatly on a regular basis. Once the hamsters suffer from this condition, you can see them releasing watery stools. It is more like a form of diarrhea, where you need to attend to it as fast as you can. If you don’t treat them, chances are that it will turn out to be fatal as well. So, if you come across this kind of situation with your beloved hamsters, ensure that you don’t panic.

To ascertain this, you need to first check the backside and the bottom of the hamster and see whether they are wet. Next, check whether they look pale, dehydrated, or weak. Once the hamsters suffer from this, you could see them losing weight at a rapid pace. In addition to that, you could see them developing sunken eyes as well. Moreover, the hamsters who suffer from the wet tail condition will suffer from abdominal pain and a protruding rectum as well. besides, you can spot blood in their stools too.

It is noteworthy that some hamster breeds are more prone to the wet tail condition when compared with other hamsters. Some hamster breeds, for example, Teddy Bear hamsters, Syrian hamsters, and elderly hamsters, may suffer from this condition quite frequently. On the other hand, Robo hamsters are very unlikely to contract this disease. You could treat this condition if you attend to it well in advance.

Infection in the bladder, kidney, or stones

If you spot your hamsters bleeding from the bottom, chances are that they are suffering from infections in their urine, bladder, or even in the kidney as well. Besides the stones in the hamster’s urinary tracts, they could also suffer from bleeding from their bottom. If you want to know if this is the root cause of a bleeding bump in the hamsters, you can check their urine for blood. In addition to that, you could see them urinating frequently as well. Additionally, they will lose their appetite while eating. Last but not least, hamsters who suffer from these infections would tend to drink water more frequently as well.


If you have a female hamster, chances are that it may bleed due to infections in its uterus. The uterus is called a pyometra. Uterine secretions would result in this condition and encourage the bacteria to grow there. This is common after they have finished mating or during pregnancy. When it comes to pyometra, there are two types: open pyometra and closed pyometra.

When we examined an open pyometra, we could see blood and pus oozing from the vulva. So, this could also be a reason why the hamsters suffer from bump bleeding. If you want to ascertain whether the hamsters are suffering from this, you could see them releasing a discharge with a strong foul odor. Furthermore, you could see them carrying a swollen stomach as well.

Gastrointestinal issues

If your hamsters are suffering digestive-related issues, it would also make them suffer from bump bleeding. If you consider that your hamsters are lying in a corner, staying still with a lack of mobility, chances are that they are going through gastrointestinal issues. Furthermore, those hamsters may exhibit unfriendly behavior or appear to be in discomfort.

Cuts or impact

Hamsters may tend to bleed from their bottom if they have a cut or an impact as well. So, check the hamsters closely and see whether they have any wounds. Furthermore, if they fell from something or if you dropped them accidentally, the hamsters would experience bump bleeding.

Cancer tumor

Cancers and tumors are common occurrences among hamsters. That said, if you spot the hamsters bleeding from the bump, you should not presume that they are suffering from cancer or a tumor. However, if they do, you must diagnose that condition in advance. That would allow you to treat the hamsters quite well. If the hamsters have any cancer or a tumor, you could see them losing weight as well as their appetite. In addition to that, you could see them having sores, abnormal swelling, and seizures that collapsed as well. Furthermore, when they have cancers or tumors, they tend to release blood in their discharge.

What to do if my hamster bleeding from its bottom?


Using antibiotics is the main form of treatment if the hamsters suffer from bump bleeding, especially due to infections. The type of antibiotic prescribed by the veterinarian will depend on the type of infection the hamsters have. Usually, the vet doctors will prescribe oral antibiotics, and they will ask you to give them for about 10–14 days.

When you provide antibiotics for hamsters, they will kill the bacteria as well as the parasites that caused the infection. They would reduce the inflammation and irritation in their intestines. Ensure that you give them the entire antibiotic so that it will help them to cure them completely. If you happen to stop giving them antibiotics halfway through, chances are that those conditions may reoccur. Further chances are that they may become resistant to those antibiotics as well. ‘


Suppose that your hamsters have a tumor polyp or even an abscess; then it would be best to remove the growth by performing surgery. You can use surgeries to treat injuries that result in rectal bleeding. If a veterinarian conducts surgery, the hamsters will go under general anesthesia. The purpose of giving the hamsters anesthesia is to keep them still when they conduct the surgery. Thereafter, the vet will incise the area where the abnormal growth is. Once he removes the growth, he will close the wound with stitches.

Once the veterinarian finishes performing the surgery, he will prescribe further medication and antibiotics for the hamsters to take. He will further instruct the hamster owners on how to care for the hamsters post-surgery as well.

Home treatment

If your hamsters are bleeding from the bottom due to a minor cut or scratch, you can treat them at home. To begin, you can clean the wounds to prevent infection and help them recover more quickly. Don’t forget to use sterile gauze and warm water when cleaning this wound. I don’t suggest you use soap, as chances are that it can result in irritation.

Once you clean the wound, you can consider applying a topical antibiotic ointment so that it will speed up the healing process. Ensure that you follow the guidelines on the package when you apply these ointments. Furthermore, I suggest you place a bandage over the wound so that it will be clean. Ensure that you keep checking the bandage and changing it if necessary. You should also consider bathing the hamsters to remove any faces or urine that could cause skin irritations. Once you finish bathing them, dry them either using a hairdryer or a clean towel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do hamsters bleed on their period?

Hamsters don’t have periods, and that means they don’t bleed when they are on their periods either.

Discharge from your hamster’s vagina or rectal area may indicate disease and isn’t always a typical part of her cycle. She might have pyometra if her discharge has an unpleasant smell and is more yellowish than white. The foul-smelling, yellow discharge may actually be pus from a uterine infection. Pyometra can also be distinguished by lethargy and a bloated abdomen. Regarding possible treatments for this condition, speak with your veterinarian.

Do female hamsters bleed when in heat?

Usually, they don’t bleed when they are in heat. Having said that, a few drops of blood may be present in some hamsters, though this is uncommon.

Do hamsters bleed when pregnant?

Usually, hamsters tend to have vaginal bleeding when they are pregnant. If there are young hamster mummies, this could be a common occurrence. When the hamsters are pregnant, they become restless and suffer from vaginal bleeding.


Losing a pet is something that you cannot bear, especially if you are so attached to them. So, if you come across a situation where your hamsters are dealing with a bump that is bleeding, you need to first stay calm and try to determine the underlying cause for that. You could consider paying a visit to the vet doctor if they don’t seem to be recovering from that. Once you take them to the vet, make sure that you follow their guidelines so that it will help your beloved hamsters to recover soon.

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