What You Need to Know About Hamsters Pooping

Are you one of those lucky hamster owners who wish to learn about hamsters pooing, then you are on the right page. As you know animal poop indicates a lot about their health. Therefore learning about hamster pooping is an essential part of hamster caring. In this article, I hope to provide a lot of information about hamster poop.

How much does a hamster poop?

Hamsters poop a lot in general. There are people who believe that hamsters poop every hour. That being said, not all hamsters poop in the same amounts. There are some factors that would affect the pooping of the hamsters. For example, the age of the hamsters, the size of the hamsters, diet and stress levels would factor in the amount of poop.

Hamster poop size

Usually, the hamster’s poop is small when compared with its body size. Further, older hamsters would tend to pass smaller-sized droppings when compared to younger animals. That said, the young hamsters would produce massive droppings. Furthermore, Once the hamsters are sick, they would pass smaller droppings. If you happen to see odd, shaped droppings, it literally means something is wrong with the hamsters. For example, it would literally mean the hamsters are losing their appetite. Further, they would tend to do that due to complications in the digestive system or due to gastrointestinal issues as well.

If you see your hamsters are releasing the same-sized droppings it literally means they are perfectly fine. Having said that if you come across any difference in the hamsters pooping, you need to immediately take the hamsters to a doctor.

How many times a day do hamsters poop?

Hamsters would poop several times a day. However the number of times the hamsters poop would vary depending on so many factors such as age, gender, weather diet and on the living conditions as well. Once the hamsters were stressed or sick, they would either poop a lot or poop a little. As such you need to regularly check the hamsters and ensure that they are pooping properly.

The best thing to do is make note of your hamster’s pooing frequency. If that amount varies significantly you should take your hamster to a doctor.

How often do hamsters poop?

Hamsters poop a lot. In fact they will poop regularly throughout the day. There are some people who believe that hamsters poop every hour as well. Having said that not all hamsters would poop in the same amounts and in the same frequencies due to the aforesaid factors. To describe this further, once a hamster is frightened or if they come across any change in its environment it would end up pooping more frequently.

Consider that your hamsters don’t sleep, eat or run on their wheels, then it is very likely that they are pooping. This is how the hamsters have been structured generally. That said, luckily you could train the hamsters to poop in the toilets which would make it easy for you to clean the hamster’s cages.

Is it normal for hamsters to poop everywhere?

Hamsters have a high metabolism rate which literally means they would tend to eat and end up pooping after some time. They don’t have any control over this, and it is quite normal for you to spot your beloved hamsters pooping everywhere. They would poop everywhere be it outside the litter box or even in the other areas of the cage. If you trained them well, they will only poop in a specific area. But this needs a lot of patience and time.

What does hamster poop look like?

Hamsters poop would tend to look like small dark oblong shaped pellets which would be dry and firm most of the time. The healthy hamster’s poop would not be moist or even carry any odor. Besides they would not leave any traces or even stains. You could spot them forming in their regular manner only if you feed the hamsters with regular and nutritious food.

Why is my hamster’s poop green?

Hamster poop would be green for several reasons. The main cause for this would be the consumption of too many green vegetables. Apart from that diarrhea may also sometimes make the hamsters release green poop. In addition to that food poisoning, a lack of nutrients in daily food intake could also result in green poop. Furthermore, hamsters would release green poop due to improper hygiene also. Further, they may poop in green due to cold weather and due to the consumption of antibiotics too. If your precious hamsters keep for pooping green poop several days continuously it would be best to contact a doctor as promptly as you could.

Healthy hamster poop

In terms of the healthy hamster poop color, it would vary depending on many factors. For example, if the hamster is healthy they would produce healthy-colored poop regularly. However, if you happen to change their diet all of a sudden, chances are that their poop color would change. If you could spot any unusual change in the poop color, you need to investigate it as it could be due to an upset of their gut.

For example, if you feed the hamsters with excess protein their poop would tend to take a dark color. In other words, when you consume certain food it changes the poop color of the hamsters. To further elaborate on this, if the hamsters happen to eat beetroot chances are that their urine would take a reddish color.

Does hamster poop smell?

If we consider a healthy hamster’s poop, it would not smell bad. Due to this, you can handle the hamsters quite easily. However, it is noteworthy that hamsters urine would be quite smelly. Having said that, if the hamsters are experiencing any kind of a health-related issue it would make the hamsters droppings smelly. When hamsters are coprophagy, it would also result in a strong smell of the droppings.

Do hamsters poop a lot?

Hamsters poop a lot in general. Even though hamsters are small animals, they have rapid digestive systems. Due to that, they can digest the food within a short period of time. One might wonder how fast the hamsters would digest as the digested food would come out at the very moment they eat them. However this is not something you need to worry about if the drooping seems to be healthy.

As aforesaid, the healthy poop should be somewhat firm. Further they would tend to look like brown pellets also. If you happen to see any runny stools, it would be literally due to consumption of fresh fruits or vegetables. However if they keep pooping that way, I urge you to take them to a doctor so that they will determine if there is anything wrong with the hamsters.

Hamsters may tend to poop in green or in yellowish green on and off. If you spot this among your hamsters you don’t need to worry as it is quite normal too. Hamsters poop would tend to take a green look when the bile passes out with that. In fact the bile of the hamsters would be green and that is what could make the poop green. Over consumption of green vegetables would also make the hamsters poop green.

Why does my hamster poop so much?

First and foremost keep in mind that hamsters pooping so much is quite normal. In fact that is how they have naturally constructed. Apart from their natural build, if the hamsters eat a very high fiber diet, chances are that thy would poop so much. The hamsters which eat too much high fiber food poop more when compared with the hamsters who eat the regular food which contain the normal amount of fiber.

So, if your hamsters are pooping so much and if you suspect you have fed the hamsters with high content fiber food, you need to change their diet. However keep in mind that pooping so much is not a bad thing, but it will be so much work for you when cleaning the cage. That being said if you feed the hamsters with so many vegetables and fruits it would also make them poop more often. So, if you are unsure on what to feed the hamsters you will have to consult a vet doctor and get their opinion on feeding the hamsters appropriately.

  • Bad Store-Bought Food

You may come across numerous food specially made for hamsters. However even though they would carry labels as high quality hamster food, they might actually turn out to be bad for them. They may not be healthy for the hamsters and may not contain the right levels of fiber for the hamsters. Therefore, hamsters would poop so much due to the bad quality of the food too.

So if your hamster poop a lot, I suggest changing the food brands you use for the hamsters. Try gaining advice and recommendations from the doctors on giving the right food brands for the hamsters. They have much experience in this regard and they would instruct you on what specific food you need to use for the hamsters. If you wish to try out the canned food doctor would instruct you on that as well.

  • Hamster stress

Hamster stress could be another reason why hamsters would tend to poop so much. If you had placed the hamsters in small dirty cages where there are loud noises, it would make the hamsters stressed. Besides if the hamster’s sleep gets interrupted or if they experience any changes in their habitat it would make them go through stress. Some of the signs of stress in hamsters are such as hyperactivity, being too aggressive, agitative behavioral patterns etc.

In addition to that, a stressed hamster would tend to escape its cage as well. All these factors would factor in hamster stress and make them pass their stool more often. Additionally stressed hamsters would poop in different colors as well. So, if you think your hamsters are releasing droppings so much due to stress, you need to attend to it immediately and rectify the issue.

Do hamsters poop more when stressed?

As aforesaid, when a hamster is stressed, it would tend to poop so much. Hamsters may tend to get stressed if they get scared by another animal and due to so many other reasons which are explained above. So once the hamsters are going through stress their bowels would move somewhat rapidly. Once the hamsters are in stress, they would be nervous and get frightened most of the time. However, as time goes on, they will start to feel comfortable and the pooping would be normal. Make sure that you try to create a good bond with the hamsters so that they will feel secure and less stressed.

Do hamsters poop when they are scared?

In fact, it is quite common for hamsters to poop or even pee when they are in fear. Literally, they would lose control over their bowel movement and tend to poop so much. These are prey animals in general and it is very likely that they will get scared in general. Hence needless to mention that you need to handle these cuties with gentle care.

Hamsters poop more than usual

Hamsters would poop more than usual when they are suffering from diarrhea. Once the hamsters suffer from this condition you could witness how the stool becomes wet and loose. When hamsters get in contact with Viral infections it would affect the bowel movements of the hamsters.

To ascertain whether the hamsters are suffering from diarrhea, you could simply check their tail. If their tail is wet it is very likely that they are going through diarrhea. Besides, if you wish to ascertain whether the hamsters are going through diarrhea, you could simply inspect the hamster’s stool.

Generally, when the hamsters are suffering from diarrhea, you could see their stools passing light in color. Further, it would be somewhat soft. However, if the diarrhea is so severe, their feces would be watery and wet. In addition to that, diarrhea affected-hamsters tend to lose their appetite and experience weight loss as well.

How do I stop my hamster from pooping?

If your hamsters keep pooping and if you want to stop them from doing that, you could try out certain things. The very first thing you could do is to change their daily meal intake to a low-fiber diet. As explained when hamsters have too much fiber n their diets, it would make them poop more often. So try reducing the high fiber content in the diet, so that it would slow down their pooping.

In addition to that, if the hamsters tend to poop so much due to a certain food brand you use, you need to change it to something else. There could be numerous foods that are categorized as high-quality hamster food though they will not do any good for the hamsters. Always check the back of the hamster’s food and see what it contains.

In addition to that, you can consider cutting back on some of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Usually, fresh fruits and vegetables would digest quite faster when compared with dry food. So, it could also result in pooping more than usual. However, you should not completely stop giving them these food items also. Ideally, you can cut back on the amount you give them. If not you could give those once in a while. Moreover, always try to keep them calm and happy so that they will not poop due to stress.

These are nervous little creatures and when they are comfortable around you they would poop less frequently. All these tips would assist you to avoid them pooping so much. That said, always keep in mind that hamsters tend to poop so much all the time and it is not something that you need to worry about.

Why do hamsters’ poop on you

Hamsters may tend to poop on you when they are in fear or if they face any change in their habitats. Further, if they are too young, they would end up pooping on you too. Young hamsters are completely new to the world and they will consider the hamster owners as strangers to them.

So, they will get scared more often and end up pooping on you. Even if they are familiar with you, they would still tend to poop and pee on you. In addition to that, they don’t have good control over their bowl and bladder when compared with older hamsters. That would also make them poop on you.

Hamster throwing poop?

Hamsters would tend to throw their poop when they are bored. Further, they would do that to make their territory and to clean their habitat as well. You can commonly spot this among the hamsters that you have kept in cages However this would be a somewhat unpleasant sight for the hamster owner to see. It would be really unpleasant when it land outside the cage.

Hamster has poop stuck

Sometimes you might see your hamsters’ poop stuck together and you might find this quite amusing. However, you don’t need to worry about this as it is quite normal. Hamsters are clean creatures in general and they do the grooming on their own. When they do grooming, they might ingest their fur occasionally.

But hamsters don’t vomit fur as the other animals do. As such the fur will only have to pass through the gut. When the fur passes through their gut, the fur entangles with the hamsters’ droppings. Ultimately it would make their poop stuck together.

Further, your hamsters would pass stuck poop if they happen to have consumed any rug fibers or any other materials like that. Therefore, you need to groom your hamster once in a while so that you will not have to encounter such problems. In addition to that, if you spot any strings of fur in their cages, you need to remove them as well.

Do hamsters poop in the litter box?

If you have arranged a designated litter box, they would tend to poop in that area only. Hamsters are clean animals and they would opt to poop in the litter box only. To do that you simply have to look for a proper corner and train them on how to use the litter box. That way it would be easy for the hamsters to adhere to a pooping schedule as well. Additionally, it will be less messy and make it easy for you to clean the cage as well.

Training a hamster to poop in a litter box is not an easy task. But if you have enough patience and time to spare, you can do miracles with your hamster. Since they use sound and senses to locate things, you need to train them to use those cues. Hamsters have very weak eyes and if you use visual signs to train them that will not work well. You can try this yourself or find an expert to get some advice.

Hamster poop scooper

You could use a hamster poop scooper to clean the droppings of the hamsters. They would usually come in plastic and would be excellent to clean hamster poop. However, you need to use the hamster’s poop scooper depending on the bedding of the hamster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dwarf hamster poop

Dwarf hamsters poop more frequently when compared with regular hamsters. Dwarf hamsters have a fast-working digestive system and that makes them poop more frequently.

Is hamster poop dangerous?

Hamster poop could be somewhat dangerous. It is true that hamsters are such cute wonderful pet species. However, they can transmit diseases to humans and it is alarming. For example, they can transmit bacteria such as salmonella and those bacteria would usually include in their feces. Besides humans can develop an infection called LCMV infection once they get exposed to hamster droppings and saliva of the infected hamsters.

Is hamster poop harmful to humans?

Hamsters poop could be harmful to humans. However, they will not make any fatal impact on them though. That said, hamsters poop may contain certain germs, bacteria and even parasites that would transmit to you. Hence I recommend avoiding handling the hamster’s poop with bare hands. Instead, try to wear a pair of gloved or use a scoop to pick them up. Make sure that you don’t let the kids or adults touch those. Then you need to dispose of them properly.


Hamsters are such cute little creatures. It would be so much fun to look at them when they are active. Besides, they can bond with the owners quite well too. So, for you to be a responsible hamster owner you need to make sure that you keep them clean and feed them well too. So, by now I hope that now you have a clear idea of how the hamster’s body works. To recap, hamsters would poop a lot and it is quite natural. So, if you don’t spot your hamsters pooping a lot, you need to immediately take them to a doctor.

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