How to Deal With Hamster Diarrhoea

Hamsters are small pocket-size pets that belong to the family of rodents. They are very cute and playful. They always like to be happy and enjoy their time. They need a good meal and plenty of water with a lot of care as they easily get into illnesses when they lack their needs. Here, you have to be more attentive to your hamster’s health to make sure he is keeping well and having an enjoyable life. In this matter, you have to check whether he is having an illness. One of the main problems that a hamster faces when he has regular fresh veggies and fruits is getting into diarrhea situations. In this article, I have introduced to you what hamster diarrhoea is, what causes it and what medicines and home remedies you can use to recover him in detail. Hope you will get the best from here.

What does it mean when a hamster has diarrhoea

Normally, healthy hamsters’ stools or faeces are small and dark in colour. These are firm pellets which give you a positive idea of your hamster. But, when these pellets become soft and watery in light colour there should be a problem with your hamster and that could be the hamster’s diarrhoea. This can happen to your hamster because of a virus or bacteria like salmonella or similar.

When your hamster gets diarrhoea you will identify him as very lazy. And also he becomes excessive. His eyes can be dull with lethargic expressions. Not only these but also you will be able to see that he is not interested in playing and needs to be in freely and does not like you to hold him. In this case, you have to be careful and think about how you are dealing with him. If he gets angry he can be aggressive so you will not be able to handle him.

When these kinds of symptoms appear and you identify that your hamster is suffering from hamster diarrhoea you should take the necessary precautions to make him recover before he gets more. As much as you have been quick will alternatively affect how far and how long it gets your hamster to get recovered.

We should mention here that as your hamster has diarrhoea do not get so stressed. You have to be strong and follow the best health guidelines for the betterment of your cute friend.

Why do hamsters get diarrhoea?

You know that hamsters are very adorable pets who are very nice to see playing in their cage happily. But when he becomes ill these joyful actions do not appear. especially when he gets diarrhoea you will not be able to see him enjoying the day. Here, several reasons have been recognized or revealed that make your hamster get diarrhoea. As you know, these reasons also can vary from one hamster to another. But the thing is you have to identify the matter correctly and make the best solutions for hamster diarrhoea.

The most important or common reason that causes diarrhoea for your hamster is the diet that he is having. As a good hamster owner, you should be careful about providing meals for your hamster. If it is full of green and fresh veggies and fruits it will not be a good thing and it causes hamster diarrhea. Especially, if there are too many laxatives in his diet that will cause him to get diarrhoea. So, considering that he likes more fresh veggies and fruits you can not provide him with too many of them. Keep in mind although the food seems to be good for you, it will not work with your hamster. Therefore you should think twice and thrice before you feed your hamsters.

Another thing that can make your hamster have diarrhoea is stomach bugs. As same as humans, animals also have such kinds of bugs or worms inside their stomachs. These bugs are reeded and helpful for our food absorbance system. But they become worse when bacteria grow highly and this also causes diarrhoea for your hamster. In this matter getting the vet’s assistance is highly recommended.

In other cases, we could find some hamsters have diarrhoea because of contracting the flu from humans. Therefore, if you have had such a disease recently, do not forget to keep your hamster away from you to stop spreading the flu to him

Hamster diarrhoea and wet tail

When hamster diarrhoea has a low effect on your hamster, the hamster’s wet tail can bring you sad memories as it is harmful to your hamster. Here, when your hamster gets a wet tail, in its words it means that his anus and tail areas become wet. This wetness can make your hamster severe dehydration and can quickly cause death for your hamster.

With the wetness around your pocket-sized friend, you can identify him with a lot of discomfort. Dully eyes and a lethargic look will make you sad. The worst thing is, you will see blood in his stools or the anus. This hamster’s wet tail should be cured with your vet’s assistance as soon as you can. Because if you get late to get the precautions that will be harmful to your pet friend.

If you identify your hamster has normal diarrhoea, then it can be cured and you have to follow the correct and most appropriate guidelines. If you let him away and do not take the necessary steps soon, both you and your hamster will have to suffer a lot.

How to cure hamster diarrhea

When you identify such symptoms and realize that your hamster has diarrhoea you should follow several guidelines to make him recover at speed. As you know, hamsters need so much care and affection not only when they are in good health but also when they are ill. When he is with diarrhoea care should be given to him to make him feel better. You have to be patient if he gets angry and rejects you.

First of all, you must separate the sick ones from the others. Then you can prevent the spreading of the illness and make sure others will not get ill. It is better if you clean the cage well after you take out the sick ones and then put the others in. That will be more helpful and also the other hamsters will be comfortable.

As you know, you have to think about his meals to get him recovered soon. Arrange some more dry food on his plate. Providing dry food is the best appropriate way of curing a hamster who has diarrhoea.

When a hamster has diarrhoea, there is a big possibility for him to be dehydrated. To prevent this you should provide him with plenty of water to make sure that he will not get dehydrated.

If these

Home remedy for hamster diarrhea

Without getting your veterinarian’s assistance you can make home remedies for recovering your hamster from diarrhoea For this, there are very simple things but really important conditions for you to follow. As hamster owners, we have a high responsibility to do whatever is best to keep the hamster in good health. So the food you give him should be guided well and to keep him healthy, a good diet plan will be very effective.

Rather than providing him with a lot of green and fresh vegetables and fruits, you should give him some dry food as well. Keep him away from more watery food, especially tomatoes, oranges, lemons and cucumbers. As these types of veggies and fruits will loosen their pellets more whether he has diarrhea or not it is better for you to limit them to make sure your hamster is in good health condition. This works well when your hamster has diarrhoea and will help him to recover soon.

Moreover, keep the cage of your hamster clean. As you know, being clean always keeps you away from diseases. This is the same with animals. Specially, these hamsters should be kept in clean and comfortable cages. Otherwise, there is a higher risk for hamsters to get illnesses like diarrhoea, wet tail and also stress.

Medicines and antibiotics for hamster diarrhoea

In most cases, giving antibiotics without being t prescribed by the wet is harmful to hamsters. We highlight that you should meet your veterinarian before you give medicines or antibiotics to your hamster with diarrhoea.

We recommend you give him kaolin preparation three times a day. Do not exceed two drops per dose. The other thing is you can give him bits of charcoal thrice a day and see whether he is getting better.

We again mention you meet your vet before you give medicines to the hamsters with diarrhoea.

To prevent diarrhoea in hamsters

we recommend you provide a balanced dietary plan. While giving more fresh veggies and fruits, add some carrots and broccoli to his meals. Provide dry food at least once a day. Make sure that he is having enough water and is in good health. Get your vet’s assistance for more guidance and prescriptions.

Conclusion and the things to consider

When you find soft, watery light coloured faeces, hamsters can have diarrhoea. Here you should be on alert to identify the situation well.

If you find out that your hamster has diarrhoea, first of all, keep him away from the others and let him in a separate cage to prevent spreading the illness.

Stop giving more watery food like cucumber tomatoes and start a dry food diet. Remove the leftover or old food as soon as he finishes having meals.

Most importantly, meet your veterinarian before you give medicines or get assistance. Change his diet to dry food and always do not give him more fresh and green vegetables and fruits.

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