My Hamster’s Eye Is Bleeding. Get Some Help!

A tamed hamster experiences a different kind of pleasure and satisfaction. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet does not suffer any harm. However, hamster eye-bleeding should be treated with extreme caution.

Obviously, if you observe any concerning indications that an eye is injured or painful, you can get an idea from this report and the importance of consulting a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The Causes Of Hamsters’ Eye Bleeding

Upon looking closer, you will see that some form of injury occurred that ruined the eye. This can have happened for a few different reasons while you were away from your little “hammy”.

Most commonly, it might fall from the wheel or another toy at an average height, or else it could have jabbed the eye with the paw or something else (sharp materials) in the cage.

Hamsters can occasionally develop a ruddy eye color as a result of irritation or an overgrown tooth. Apparently, this is due to inflammation of the tissue that surrounds the eye in some way. However, bleeding from the eyes or swelling of the face and eyelids should always need vigorous treatment.

However, after such an injury, the absence of blood on the tissue used to wipe the eye indicates mild bleeding. But if by any chance your hamster’s eye starts internal bleeding continuously, there is probably a serious underlying cause behind it.

Hamsters Are Susceptible To Glaucoma, But What Is The Disease?

Glaucoma is a disease or disorder of the eye that causes the pressure inside the eye to rise in a way that shouldn’t happen. This can damage the optic nerve. The eyes can rupture if not treated. Glaucoma damage can result in irreversible blindness and loss of the eye globe’s vision itself in the most severe cases. In the instance of an eye infection, antibiotic drops may aid in the healing process.

Don’t worry, show it to a doctor immediately. Your veterinarian will prescribe medication.

Visible Symptoms Of An Eye-Bleeding Hamster:

  • The eye appears damaged and bloody.

  • The black part of the hamster’s eye appears to be completely red.

  • Blood comes from either the eyeball or the vicinity of the eye.

  • Bulging of the eyes

  • watery eyes

  • Abnormal hamster face and weird behaviors

  • The eye area seems to be dark red and wounded. Infection is the largest risk here.

  • Although it is still playful, the hamster appears to be a little more exhausted than it was before.

My Hamster’s Eye Is Bleeding; Treatment Options

  • Use wet tissue to gently blot the blood. But you must definitely seek veterinary care if there is persistent bleeding or if your hamster shows signs of pain or laziness.

  • Remove the litter from the cage to prevent splinters from getting into the wounded eye. Temporarily use newspaper or paper towels.

  • You should be concerned about blood loss if the eye is constantly bleeding. In that scenario, this is an emergency, and you should seek quick help and attention from your local veterinarian. The vet may treat the eye with antibiotics. If you need to clean your hamster’s eye before treating it, use a warm, wet cloth to gently wipe away debris.

  • Rinsing and lubricating the eyes can also be accomplished with the use of artificial tears or saline eye drops. After the eye has been thoroughly cleaned and opened, most conditions can be treated with topical drugs, but certain conditions may additionally require oral medications or even surgery.

Measures To Prevent Hamster Eye Injuries

  • Stop your hamster from climbing the higher floors.

  • When handling your hamster, hold it firmly because if it slips, it could fall to one side and hit its eye, which could lead to injury.

  • To avoid infections and eye damage, remove the litter or dust particles from the cage, and make sure to keep it tidy.

  • Wipe out its eyes with thyme tea and eyewash liquid.

  • Prevent your dwarf hamster from gaining access to sharp things and tools that could cause it to suffer.

  • Sadly, if your hamster is already injured, once therapy has begun, it will be crucial to thoroughly check her cage, figure out how she got out the first time, and attempt to stop her from escaping again.

  • You’ll have to select a new brand or type of bedding for your little one. Your veterinarian can assist you by making a suggestion.

Healthy Pet, Happy Owner

Improve the environment to safeguard your hamster’s eyes. Eye injuries heal slowly and require medicine once or twice a day for a week or two. Prescription antibiotics or eye medications can nurse the eye damage. Therefore, keep an eye on your hamster and take care of it in order to avoid any small or severe injuries.

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