Can Hamsters Eat Turkey?

Turkey is a traditional meat that many people tend to use for many events. For example, you could use them for events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. It was originally found in Northern Africa, and people have eaten it since those times. Usually, you can either bake them or roast them in the oven and then eat them. However, there are some people who opt to deep fry them and then eat them too. In fact, it is quite a popular meat item, and I am sure you might be wondering whether it is okay to share some turkey with your beloved hamsters as well.

So, to start off, yes, hamsters can absolutely eat turkey, and they will love eating those. However, all you need to ensure is that you feed them in the right amounts. Unless chances are that it may result in unnecessary problems for the hamsters.

So to give you a glimpse of what kind of turkey you should use for hamsters, it has to be properly cooked. Refrain from using raw turkey, as it would badly impact the hamster’s health. Furthermore, you need to use unsalted and plain turkey as well. In fact, added salt can be harmful for the hamster’s health. Further, you should avoid using marinades on these as well. So, let’s learn about this in more detail.

Is turkey good for hamsters?

Turkey is good for hamsters if you feed them at moderate levels.

Turkey nutrition information

If we consider two medium sized pieces of turkey, they would contain 24 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 5 grams of fiber, etc. In addition to that, it further contains about 46 percent of the daily value of selenium, 28 % of the daily value of phosphorus, 4 % of daily value potassium etc. Apart from that, it would also contain daily value iron, daily value zinc, daily value niacin of 11 % 12 % and 61 % respectively. Furthermore two medium sized pieces of turkey would contain 49 % of vitamin B6, 29 % vitamin B12,12 etc. too.

Health benefits to your hamster eating turkey

Turkey is a quite beneficial food item for hamsters, just like it would be for humans. In fact, if you feed it in moderation, it would be a quite beneficial meal item for the hamsters. Hamsters would love eating those, as they would find the flavor very delicious. In addition to that, it would be such a great nutritious treat for them as well. So, if we look at the benefits it may carry, turkey would act as a great source of protein for the hamsters. Protein would give the hamsters so much energy and would also help them grow well.

In addition to that, turkey contains zinc too. Zinc is an element that would help to regulate the hamsters’ immunity. Additionally, turkey consists of vitamin B and would also give the hamsters so much energy. Furthermore, hamsters would be able to gain antioxidants from eating turkey too. This would be very useful, especially for protecting the hamsters from the negative effects of aging. Lastly, it also contains Niacin, which would be very useful for the hamster’s skin in particular.

Risks of your hamster eating turkey

Despite the numerous benefits of eating turkey, if you happen to overfeed turkey to hamsters, it will result in so many issues for them. In fact, overfeeding of any food would be problematic for anybody, and turkey is the same. For example, if you oversupply turkey, it will result in diabetes in the hamsters. Turkey has high levels of fat, and if the hamsters overate those, it would cause diabetes in them. So, always feed them at moderate levels.

Apart from that , if the hamsters ate too much turkey, it would result in nutritional issues as well. It is true that turkey has so many nutrients in it. However, when they eat too much of it, they will run out of space for the other food. Ultimately, it would result in a nutrient imbalance between them and prevent them from getting their regular meals.

In addition to that, if the hamsters tend to eat bigger portions of turkey, it would cause choking in them. So, ensure that you chop them into small pieces. Lastly, it would lead to blood pressure problems in the hamsters too. So, to sum up, overconsumption of turkey would be quite harmful for the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat turkey breast?

Hamsters can eat turkey breast as long as you properly cook it. It is noteworthy that turkey breast is the healthiest of all.

Can hamsters eat turkey bones?

I don’t recommend feeding turkey bones to the hamsters. If they eat them accidentally, those bones would get stuck in their throat, which would make them choke at the end. In fact, chances are that it would even result in the death of the hamsters as well. So avoid feeding bones to your precious hamsters.

Can hamsters eat turkey liver?

Hamsters cannot eat chicken liver. In fact, it is not good for them at all. So, make sure that you don’t allow your precious hamsters to eat these.

Can hamsters eat turkey skin?

As per the records available, yes, it is possible for the hamsters to eat the turkey skin. The skin of the turkey contains nutrients, and as long as you properly cook it, you could let the hamsters eat it. Having said that, make sure that you don’t overfeed the turkey skin to the hamsters, as too much of any food would be harmful for them.

Can hamsters eat raw turkey?

It is a definite NO for this question. In fact, you should never allow the hamsters to eat raw chicken. Raw chicken would not suit the hamsters. However, when you cook turkey, you should also ensure that you don’t add any seasoning to it.

Can hamsters eat cooked turkey?

Turkey is a quite handy meal item for the hamsters, as it has so many vitamins and minerals included in it. However, when you feed those to the hamsters, you should only feed them in small portions, depending on the hamster’s breed and on the recommendations of the hamster’s veterinarian. To cook them, you could either roast them or boil them.

Can hamsters eat roast turkey?

Hamsters can eat roast turkey as long as you properly roast them and do it without adding any seasonings or additives. That said, you need to feed these in small amounts so that the hamsters can gain the relevant benefits from them.

Can hamsters eat boiled turkey?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to feed boiled turkey to the hamsters. However, ensure that you feed it in moderation. However, when you feed this, make sure that you allow the boiled chicken to cool a bit and then allow them to eat.

Can baby hamsters eat turkey?

I don’t recommend feeding turkey to the baby hamsters. In fact, it is quite unfortunate that they cannot enjoy this meal as they will be in the weaning process when they are small. As such, you need to feed them appropriate food depending on their age group only. So, the best is to let them grow older and then feed them turkey.

Can Pregnant Hamsters Have Turkey Meat?

It is perfectly fine to feed turkey meat to pregnant hamsters. Hamsters need high protein levels, as it would be quite beneficial for the development of the fetus. So, you can feed turkey meat to the hamsters without a doubt, and it would not be harmful for the hamsters. However, feed them in moderation and not in excess.

Can hamsters eat turkey steak?

Yes, hamsters can eat turkey steak, and it is completely safe for them to eat turkey steak. However, when you cook the steak, make sure that you don’t add any salt, preservatives, or other seasoning that would be bad for the hamster’s health. In fact, turkey steak is more like an alternative to regular beef steak. Beef steak contains dietary iron, which is crucial for the hamsters’ health and for their growth. So, if you wish, you can try giving them both and see how they respond to them.

How much turkey can my hamster eat?

The amount of turkey you need to feed hamsters would vary depending on the hamster’s breed. For example, if we consider a Syrian hamster, it can handle a little more turkey when compared with a robo and a dwarf hamster.

Depending on the hamster’s age, you can safely feed it a certain amount of turkey. Turkey should not be eaten at all by young hamsters. Under close supervision, adult hamsters can safely eat a teaspoon of turkey. The only turkey you should ever feed your hamsters is cooked turkey that hasn’t been salted or given any additional flavors. Salted or flavored turkey may contain too much of the above compounds or additional additives that could lead to potentially risky conditions.

How often can hamsters eat turkey?

You need to ideally give turkey at different intervals for hamsters. It would vary depending on the hamster’s breed as well as its size. For example, a Syrian hamster should be fed a teaspoon of turkey once a week. On the other hand, you can give one teaspoon of turkey once every two weeks. Lastly, you should ideally give one teaspoon of turkey every month to the dwarf hamsters.

How To Feed Turkey Properly To Your Hamster?

When you feed turkey to hamsters, it is vital that you feed it only as a snack and not as a regular meal. Further, you could make use of feeding turkey as a way of strengthening the bond between you and the hamsters. That being said, you should keep in mind to feed the turkey only in small portions at all times. Avoid oversupplying Turkey due to the reasons mentioned above. On another note, refrain from providing raw turkey for them as well. You can feed turkey along with treats such as pumpkin seeds, cabbage and carrots etc.

Can hamsters eat turkey sausage?

I don’t encourage you to provide store made turkey sausages, and it is best to avoid using them on your hamsters. Usually, turkey sausages are made using turkey meat, salt, and other seasonings. As such, it is best to avoid using them. Usually, turkey sausages carry so much turkey fat that only then will it get the delicious flavor. Further, the fat in it makes the turkey sausage juicy and moist. Hamsters would take a longer time to digest the fat when you compare it with other foods, such as grains. So, it would be best to avoid using these. Furthermore, turkey sausages contain so much salt and nitrate that they would be quite bad for the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat turkey bacon?

Unfortunately, you cannot eat turkey bacon for the hamsters either. Turkey bacon has high levels of sodium, which would be quite harmful for the hamsters. Hamsters are tiny creatures, and they cannot handle large amounts of salt. If they happen to eat so much salt, chances are that it will result in high blood pressure. Besides, it would also result in dehydration. In fact, salt would draw out all the water from their bodies and make them suffer from dehydration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can hamsters eat turkey ham?

Hamsters cannot eat turkey ham. These are high fat food items, and if they end up eating them, it would result in obesity.


To recap, hamsters can eat turkey. So, I hope you have gotten all your doubts cleared with regard to this subject, and now that you are all set to feed turkey to the hamsters. We have covered the health benefits of feeding turkey to hamsters, the risks it may contain, etc. Not only that, but we have also described how much turkey you should feed and how often you should feed the hamsters with turkey. The key takeaway from this article is to feed turkey in small portions and to avoid adding any seasoning to the turkey when you cook it.

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