Hamster Chirps: Find Out What The Hamster’s Saying

If you happen to walk by a hamster’s cage and hear a high-pitched and faint chirping sound, it means the hamster is trying to communicate with you or their mates. They may try to communicate with you if they are in fear or if they are in any excitement. Although hamsters are small creatures, they are so expressive and they may try to communicate on so many things. So, this article is all about hamster chirps, and the reasons which could tempt them to do these chirps. Besides, we have elaborated on the things that you could do to stop them from doing that if they happen to do it for prolonged periods of time. So, let’s get into it!

What does a hamster chirp sound like?

The hamster’s sound is soft and quiet. Having said that, those chirping sounds could be high-pitched at times. If they are high-pitched, they may try to indicate apprehension. For example, if you moved them into a new home or if you had cleaned the hamster’s cage they would tend to make these chirp sounds to indicate their apprehension.

Hamsters are nervous timid little creatures in general. Hence they would end up chirping for every little reason. Having said that they would calm down as they settle into the new conditions. So, whenever you hear them making chirping sounds you need to calm them and make them stress-free.

Having said that, there could be hamsters who would chirp when they are seeking their owner’s attention too. To sum up, chirping is a playful sound. when the hamsters get together they would end up chirping together. Having said that, if you hear a biting sound along with chirping sounds, you need to immediately separate them. Because they might start to fight with each other.

Is it normal for my hamster to chirp?

It is normal for the hamsters to make chirp sounds. However, they would do that to indicate certain reasons and the following are some of the reasons which could make them chirp.

Why is my hamster making a chirping sound?

Hamsters who are in fear would tend to make these chirp sounds. Besides the hamsters who are nervous also would chirp. For example, if a spider comes to the hamsters they would feel threatened and make them nervous. Furthermore, a lightning sound would also make them uneasy and disturbed. Ultimately they will end up making the chirp sounds. They would do that to express their nervousness and fear.

Playtime or fighting

If you have multiple hamsters in one cage, they would tend to play and end up making chirping sounds. However, there are hamsters in the company of other hamsters; it is very likely that they will end up fighting in the end too. The playfulness would soon change into a battlefield as there may be some hamsters who would try to be dominant. So, here if the hamsters seem to be chirping continuously and if the hamsters seem to be aggressive and violent it is very likely that they are going to fight.

If you encounter something like this you should immediately separate them and put hamsters in individual cages. It is quite crucial that you do that if you leave them unattended, chances are that those fights would turn out to be fatal. However, when you get involved here, you need to be very careful as they may tend to bite you as they are violent.

Attention seeking

If your hamsters are seeking attention from you, they would tend to make chirp sounds. If you were busy and forgot to interact with your beloved hamsters for some time, they may tend to chirp to indicate that they want some attention from you. So, when they chirp they are demanding some attention from you.


There could be situations where the hamsters make chirp sounds when they are in excitement too. For example, if you took them out of the cage or if they feel like you are about to feed them, they would jeep chirp at you to let you know that they are excited about that.


If your hamsters are quiet and solitary yet end up chirping, it is more like they are trying to communicate with the other hamsters. So if there are hamsters in other hamsters’ companies they would keep chirping as a mode of communication.


In addition to aforesaid factors, hamsters may tend to chirp when they are either in pain or in discomfort too. So, if you suspect that your hamsters are making chirping sounds due to any discomfort you should immediately take the hamsters to a pet doctor. They would determine if the hamster is suffering from any illness or any other injury. Once they do a thorough checkup on the body, they would prescribe the most appropriate medication for the hamsters and help them to heal.

What does it mean when a hamster chirps at you?

Hamsters would tend to chirp if they are excited or frightened, besides they may also tend to do this if they are in anger too. To determine the exact reason you need to observe them closely for a few minutes. If they are chirping due to happiness they will come to you and can be playful. If they are angry they will not come to you immediately or try to bite you. most of the time keep their distance and hiss at you. If they are stressed or in pain they will try to hide. Like that observing them closely will give you a clue about what is going on with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hamster chirps while sleeping

If you see your hamsters making chirping sounds when they are sleeping it is very likely that they are in some pain. But observe them closely before coming to a hasty decision.

Is my hamster sneezing or chirping?

It is very easy to distinguish between sneezing and chirping made by hamsters. The chirping sound is similar to the sound released by a plastic duck. Sneezing sounds similar to our sneezing but in a very low voice.


To wind up, I hope you found this article very informative and hope now that you have a better idea as to why hamsters may tend to do chirp sounds.

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