Can Hamsters Eat Cabbage?

Hamsters are a delicate and adorable animal species. Hence, before you feed any food item, it is important that you check whether it is good or bad to provide it for them. So, if we consider whether we can feed cabbage to hamsters, the answer is yes, you can feed your beloved hamsters cabbage. That is simply because they are not really bad for the hamsters. It is noteworthy that hamsters are big fans of eating cabbage.

Hamsters are omnivorous. This literally means they can fulfill their dietary requirements with both meat and plants. When they are in their natural habitat, they mostly depend on grains and on the veggie plants they come across in the wild. So, this itself proves the fact that hamsters can feed on cabbage. Having said that, keep in mind that if the hamsters happen to eat cabbage in excess, it could turn out to be detrimental for them.

So, in this article we have covered everything you need to be aware of cabbage feeding for hamsters. We have looked into the advantages and disadvantages of feeding cabbage to the hamsters. The types of cabbage you can feed the hamsters and so on.

Nutrient Value of cabbage

Cabbage is low in calories. However, it is full of fiber and other nutrients too. One cup of raw cabbage consists of about 22 calories, 2 g of carbohydrates, 2 g of fiber, and 1 g of protein. Not only that , it further contains 6 mg of vitamin C, 2 iu of vitamin A and 151 mg of potassium. 6 mg of calcium, 7 mg of magnesium, 4 mg of iron, 3 mcg of folate, 1 mg of vitamin E, 6 mcg of vitamin K, and 1 mg of phosphorus are also present. This means that hamsters benefit greatly from eating cabbage as a vegetable.

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in cabbage

There are so many health benefits of cabbage consumption for hamsters. To start off, if the hamsters ate it raw, it would be quite beneficial for their dental health. Aside from that, it contains calcium, which is good for bone and tooth health. Cabbage also contains dietary fiber, which would be quite useful for the digestive system of the hamsters. In fact, it would speed up the bowel movements of the hamsters. Consequently, it would help the hamsters to be protected from diseases such as constipation and diarrhea.

Not only that, it also contains phosphorus and potassium levels too. Phosphorus is a crucial component, which would play a major role in energy storage. Furthermore, it also helps to repair and maintain the cells and tissues of the hamsters’ bodies.

Cabbage has vitamin k included in it too. In fact, it is a crucial component which would ensure the wellbeing of the hamster’s body. It could be beneficial in terms of boosting reproductive health, enhancing bone metabolism, etc. Apart from that, it can also regulate the levels of blood calcium and avoid any excessive bleeding in case there is an injury. Vitamin K would promote the blood clotting process and, due to that, they could avoid any excessive bleeding in an injury.

Cabbage contains vitamin C. In fact, it is crucial for maintaining the bone and the teeth’s health while forming cartilage and collagen. special mention of its ability to boost the immune systems of the hamsters too. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help to neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals are something that could result in the cancers in the hamsters. In addition to that, those will accelerate the aging process and make the hamsters prone to diseases such as heart disease, etc. So, by feeding the hamsters with cabbage, you could avoid your hamsters experiencing these conditions.

Health risks (disadvantages) of cabbage

Overconsumption of cabbage would be somewhat risky. Cabbage has high calcium content, and it is something that is very important for bone health. However, hamsters cannot process high levels of minerals such as calcium. Ultimately, it would result in health-related issues such as kidney stones. Furthermore, cabbage contains fiber, and overeating it causes stomach aches, bloating, and diarrhea in the hamsters. Cabbage is a diuretic, and it would make the hamster’s body lose water. Ultimately, it would make the hamsters dehydrated.

In addition to that, if you end up using chemically treated cabbages, it may pose a threat to your little hamsters. In fact, hamsters don’t have a very strong immune system to cope with those. As such, you need to always feed the hamsters organic food.

Can hamsters eat cabbage leaves?

Cabbage leaves

Hamsters can eat cabbage leaves. In fact, it is their favorite food. You can give a very small part of the cabbage leaves to the hamsters once a week. Cabbage leaves contain high nutrients, and you should avoid feeding them in excess. Hamsters are tiny creatures, and you need to control their nutrition and feed them moderately.

Can hamsters eat cabbage stalks?

It would be difficult for the hamsters to eat the cabbage stalks. In fact, it would be hard for them to chew on them and it is very unlikely that they would prefer to eat them. Having said that, there won’t be any health-related issues with feeding the hamsters with cabbage stalks. It is noteworthy that dwarf hamsters will not eat cabbage stalks at all. In fact, if they happen to eat them, chances are that they may suffer from choking hazards due to the small size of them.

Can hamsters eat cabbage tops?

It is not recommended to give cabbage tops. But sometimes they eat cabbage tops. But if you have cabbage leaves, give them leaves, not tops.

Can hamsters eat cabbage Plant?

Cabbage plant

Yes, they can eat cabbage plants. But do not feed them a lot of cabbage plants at once. They might get sick

Can hamsters eat cabbage stems?

Cabbage stems

Avoid feeding your pet a significant amount of cabbage, as it can be hard and cause choking on too much consumption. However, if you’d like to provide only a tiny snippet of the stem, that is entirely up to you.

Can hamsters eat cabbage peels?

I don’t recommend feeding the hamsters with cabbage peels as they would have probably been treated with chemical sprays. If they happen to eat those, chances are that they may result in gastrointestinal issues. Besides, they may badly impact the immunity of the hamsters too.

Can hamsters drink cabbage juice?

Cabbage juice

Hamsters can drink cabbage juice. In fact, it would be easy for the hamsters to drink the cabbage juice. In fact, it would only contain pure energy in it. The juicer would remove the waste in it and you could consider feeding the hamsters with five milliliters of the juice once a week. It would in fact work as a detoxifier for the hamster’s body and protect the body from diseases.

In fact, when you feed the hamsters with cabbage juice, it will remove the toxic materials in their bodies. It would be quite beneficial in terms of health. Besides, it would boost the immunity of the hamsters too. To make the juice, you simply have to arrange a juicer. You can make the juice and preserve it by putting it in the freezer. In fact, you can use it for about one month once you preserve it properly. However, avoid feeding the hamsters with frozen cabbage juice, as it would be harmful.

Can hamsters eat dried cabbage?

Hamsters can eat dried cabbage without any hassle. However, don’t ever over feed the hamsters with dried cabbage as it could result in bloating, gastrointestinal issues, and sometimes diarrhea too. As such, I suggest you feed the hamsters with dried cabbage only once or twice a week. Furthermore, always use only a little piece.

Can hamsters eat raw cabbage?

Raw cabbage

If someone is wondering whether the hamsters can eat raw cabbage, yes, they can eat raw cabbage. In fact, I recommend you feed the hamsters only raw cabbage. I don’t suggest you feed the hamsters with cooked cabbage, as it would be bad for the hamsters’ health. Besides, it can disrupt the digestive system of the hamsters.

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Can hamsters eat cooked cabbage?

Cooked Cabbage

Hamsters cannot eat cooked cabbage, and you need to always feed the hamsters only uncooked cabbage. For the reasons mentioned above, I don’t recommend using cooked cabbage.

Can hamsters eat canned cabbage?

Canned cabbage

I do not recommend feeding your canned cabbage to hamsters. They might not be good for hamsters.

Few things to consider when you feed cabbage

When you feed the hamsters with cabbage, you need to ensure that you keep the hamsters close to the food. When you are giving treats, it would strengthen the bond you have with the hamsters and make them more familiar with you. First feed them in small quantities and see how they respond to that. It goes without saying that you need to wash the cabbage before you feed them.

Once you wash the cabbage, it will remove whatever chemicals remain on the cabbage. If there were any pesticides on the cabbage, it would negatively impact on the health of the hamsters. Furthermore, always try to chop the cabbage into small pieces and then feed them too. This way, you can avoid any choking incidents in the hamsters. You can consider feeding the hamsters with cabbage in addition to feeding them with carrot, apple etc.

How you should prepare and serve cabbage to your Hamster

If we briefly explain how you should prepare and serve the cabbage for hamsters, first and foremost, you should select organic cabbage whenever you try to feed them. I don’t really urge you to purchase vegetables from local stores as it is very likely that they may contain chemicals and pesticides, and they would be toxic for the hamsters. Ensure that you select a fresh cabbage and remove the leaves from it. Besides, make sure that it doesn’t contain any bruises too. Afterward, wash the cabbage with warm water so that it will kill the germs in it. After that, you can slit the cabbage in half and separate the stalk from it. Now you can take one leaf from it.

You can serve the cabbage either by mixing it with other veggies so that it will be more like a healthy treat for the hamsters. Once it is finished eating, you need to remove the remaining food from the cage.

How many cabbages at a time?

You can use a full teaspoon of cabbage every day or two to feed the hamsters. However, when you are introducing a new food to the hamsters, you should be cautious as their digestive system is very sensitive. So, always start feeding the hamsters with small pieces of cabbage. Once you feed it , you need to closely monitor it for about 24 hours and see how they respond to it. If they respond positively to eating cabbage, you could increase the size of the cabbage leaf to a bigger one. However, don’t feed the hamsters with cabbage more than three times per week.

Are cabbage toxic to hamsters?

Cabbage is not toxic to hamsters. Having said that, if you happen to eat a lot of cabbage, chances are that it could negatively impact the hamster’s health. For example, if you feed them in big chunks, it would make them suffer from choking. Having said that, it would not pose any side effects on the hamster’s health either. If the hamsters ate so many veggies, it would make their poop green. As such, you need to feed the hamsters with cabbage moderately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can hamsters eat purple cabbage?

Purple cabbage

Hamsters can eat purple cabbage. However, make sure that you feed them at moderate levels only.

Can hamsters eat red cabbage?

Red cabbage

Red cabbage is another cabbage type which can be consumed by hamsters. Again, I don’t recommend feeding them in excess as then it would be harmful for them.


To conclude, hamsters can have cabbage. However, always remember that you need to feed them in small quantities only. Keep in mind that cabbage is not toxic to hamsters. Having said that, don’t ever provide cabbage in excess for them, as then it would result in gastrointestinal issues. So, I hope now you were able to clear all your doubts with regards to feeding cabbage for the hamsters, the quantity you need to feed them and the type of cabbage you should feed them etc.

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