Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans?

Can rabbits eat green beans?, have you ever wondered about it? Well the answer is yes, rabbits can eat green beans. Rabbits are vegan animals and rabbit’s diet mainly based on plants. Your pet rabbit would eat almost anything but usually they love having vegetable and leafy green. Majority of rabbits do like green beans and crispy texture and exceptional flavor make green beans more desirable.

Are Green Beans Really Good For Rabbits?

Green beans are considered as young fruits of ordinary beans in their pods. They are also known as snap beans, French beans or string beans. Green beans can be consumed boiled, raw, stir fried or baked.

You need to be very careful when feeding green beans to your small pet as too much beans can cause health conditions such as bloating, gas and indigestion. Sometimes it could be fatal to your bunny.

Green beans are very high in nutritional value. But keep in mind that you pet can get severely ill if it consumes too many green beans at a time. So never feed large portions of beans to your rabbit.

Nutritional Value Of Green Beans

When the nutritional value is considered, green beans contain 80% of carbohydrates, 6% of fat and 14% of protein. When you see the numbers it’s very clear that green beans are an extremely healthy food. To your rabbit green beans can be added as a valuable addition to diet rich in timothy hay.

Some other nutritional value and minerals of green beans,

  • Contains small amounts of iron, copper and magnesium
  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Low in sugar
  • Reasonable amounts of Vitamins A, C and K

Health Benefits Of Consuming Green Beans

Green beans can help boosting the immune system and support cardiovascular wellbeing as it contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, C and B6. Green beans take care of muscles, bones and other important organs and help the body to eradicate free radicals and toxins.

Negative Aspects Of Overeating Green Beans

Rabbits need to maintain a balance between calcium and phosphorus. As green beans are high in calcium if your bunny eats more than needed its kidney would fail to eradicate the excess calcium to maintain the balance with phosphorus. All types of beans can cause gas and indigestion in rabbits.

In serious situations overeating could lead to GI stasis which is a very harmful condition and you will have to take your rabbit to a veterinarian.

Green Beans Types That You Can Feed To Your Rabbit

Always feed fresh green beans t your pet. Though frozen green beans are available, they are not good for your rabbit’s digestive system. Also never feed canned green beans or dried green beans to your bunny.

How Many Green Beans You Should Feed At A Time?

When it comes to feeding rabbits, there are various foods they can consume in large quantities. You should always limit foods which produce gas like green beans. Though your rabbit is ready to eat a handful of green beans you just can’t feed that much if you really think of your rabbit’s health.

Avoid feeding green beans to a baby rabbit because its digestive system won’t be able to endure it. For an adult rabbit, you can feed 1 or 2 green beans and you can gradually increase the amount.

Feeding Green Beans To Your Rabbits

When you are introducing any fresh vegetables or fresh fruit you need to do it slowly over a few weeks time. First you need to understand the rabbit’s diet and feeding plan and then you can introduce green beans in small amounts once in the course of rabbit’s meal. Always wash green beans thoroughly before serving to your pet.

Any addition to rabbit’s normal fresh food and pellets should be introduced slowly and you can increase it gradually. First you can start with one green bean pod and let the rabbit to enjoy it. Remember; never use green beans as a substitute to rabbit’s main meal which is grass or hay.

Observe your pet after feeding green beans for the signs of gastrointestinal suffering. You need to stop feeding green beans immediately if you notice your rabbit stops eating grass hay, stops pooping or suffers from diarrhea.

If your feeding is a success, you can increase the amount gradually until they are ready for the whole portion. As your bunny makes the progress, observe closely as green beans can cause serious digestive health conditions to your pet.

Seek medical guidance if you feel that your rabbit is not well after eating green beans. This applies not only for green beans, but also for any food you serve to your bunny. Medical professionals can guide you through such situations with specific instructions.

Are There Other Substitutes To Green Beans?

You already know that rabbits can enjoy only a little amount of green beans. They will love to try other delicious vegetable and fruit if you are serving them.

  • Non leafy vegetables- try carrot, zucchini, okra, bell pepper, tomatoes, pumpkin, celery stalks, cucumber, beetroot and squashes.
  • Fruits and flowers- you can feed flowers such as roses, pansies, nasturtium, marigolds, honeysuckle and fruits such as apples without stalks or pits, banana, watermelon, mango, kiwi fruit, berries and pineapple without skin.
  • Herbs- you can try feeding rosemary, parsley, borage, mint, cilantro, oregano, fennel, tarragon and mustard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do Rabbits Eat Green Bean Plants?

Yes, rabbits can consume bean plant and leaves of all legume plants. They are actually good for your rabbit as the leaves contain high number of proteins. They mainly help for growing rabbits. You pet would love to eat the leaves of cowpea, pigeon pea, lablab, soybean, jack bean, tropical kudzu plants and forage peanut. Add small amount of leaves to the rabbit’s meal otherwise your bunny will gain a lot of weight.

Can Rabbits Eat String Beans?

Yes they can eat but it is not good offer dried beans or mature beans. Grains have low fiber and could cause obesity and other abdominal distresses to your bunny.

Surely they can eat the leaves and the leaves contain useful proteins. Again add just few leaves to avoid the excess weight gain.

Can Rabbits Eat Beans?

No, you should not offer beans to you rabbits. Beans contain high starch levels and low fiber which could lead to GI stasis and abdominal stress. This can also cause obesity and other could be fatal to your pet.

Can My Rabbit Eat Canned Green Beans?

No, you should never give canned green beans to your rabbit. Canned green beans are high in salt and your rabbit’s sensitive digestive system won’t be able to withstand cooked foods. To be honest, canned green beans can make your bunny very sick.

Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans living in wild?

A rabbit tend to eat anything which appeals to their sense of flavor. Wild rabbits would enjoy pea and bean plants as they see them. As they consume fresh hay and many leafy greens, they can maintain a balanced diet. Due to that balanced diet, wild rabbits’ digestive system is mostly unaffected even they eat peas and bean plants every time they see them.

Can Lionheads Eat Green Beans?

Yes lionhead rabbits can eat green beans. But again, all the points discussed regarding the feeding of green beans apply to all the members in rabbit family. With a domestic rabbit, it’s very important to know what to feed and how to feed. Serve green beans as a treat to the main meal.

Final Thought

The nutrients of green beans give a direct answer to the question “Can rabbits eat green beans”. Green beans are high in fiber and low in sugar. Green beans are a decent addition to any rabbit’s meal. First offer a small quantity to your rabbit’s meal and then you can gradually increase the quantity. Observe for any signs of digestive upset and if you notice any stop feeding immediately.

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