How Smart Are Hamsters? Let’s Crack Some Myths Here

Hamsters make excellent pets for families with kids or any home. There are many things you may question about them before bringing one home or conducting some research as a curious Hamster owner. What’s more, they’re recognized for being adorable, low-maintenance pets. Are hamsters smart ? How Smart Are Hamsters? We can state that Hamsters can learn various tricks at the absolute least. You might be amazed at how clever these tiny animals are! However, because we cannot invite them to take a test, assessing their IQ is challenging. Nonetheless, there are methods for determining whether or not these creatures are intelligent.

Hamster's learning with dice

Are Hamsters Smart ?

Hamsters are smart , intelligent , clever little creatures. They are capable of remembering elementary everyday things and routines. They will also react to their name and other orders if they got adequately trained. Although hamsters lack the functional intellect of dogs, they nonetheless require mental stimulation and love playing with toys.

If you’re curious about how to connect with hamsters and how sophisticated these animals are for tricks and workouts, keep reading.

Hamster – Pets

Because they require less care than other animals, hamsters get frequently referred to as “introductory pets.” On the other hand, Hamsters deserve respect as any dog, cat, or other pet. It is essential to give sufficient care to them to preserve them happy and healthy.

Typically, they may get utilized as a learning opportunity for youngsters battling with their first experiences with responsibility. Most of the time, individuals get enticed to buy a hamster on the spur of the moment. After all, these adorable little creatures are little, spherical, fuzzy, and curious.

Unfortunately, hamsters do not come with care tips and cannot communicate. So, before you start playing tricks on them and wondering How Smart Are Hamsters, you need to know how to care for them. While keeping a hamster as a pet isn’t tough, it does good to have a basic idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Animal Intelligence – How Smart Are Hamsters?

Let’s look at the three most fundamental intelligence measures and evaluate how hamsters have adapted to them effectively.

  • Space Awareness : There have been several studies on the spatial intelligence of hamsters. Hamsters, according to various studies, can recall where they’ve been. It’s also noteworthy that they choose to investigate first and then eat, which appears highly strategic.
  • Survival Skills: Hamsters have excellent instincts as a species. It refers to an animal’s hard-wiring regarding the abilities it needs to live. Burrowing or hiding is instinctual for hamsters to protect and survive. So don’t be alarmed if you notice your hamster hiding or digging in their habitat.

Survival Skills of Hamster

  • Learning Intelligence: Many hamsters may learn commands if handled consistently at first. With time your pet will start responding to the phrases without being rewarded with a goodie. So, How Smart Are Hamsters? They have a high degree of comprehension and may learn their names via repetition and exposure.
  • Socialization with other hamsters and humans : Some hamsters prefer to socialize with other hamsters while others find humans more attractive. They are intelligent enough to make strong and close relationships.

Sensory Ability – How Elevated Senses Do They Have?

All 5 of the most popular house hamster species are lovely and make excellent fun-loving pets. You already know that hamsters are intelligent creatures, and they can communicate with people. Let’s look at the senses that assist them in interacting with their surroundings as pets.

Sense of Smell

Hamster smells the floor

Hamsters have a keen sense of smell and can tell one other apart by their aroma. The Hamster’s keen scent sensing ability is arguably the essential sensory ability contributing to their intelligence. It aids them in orienting themselves, finding food, and selecting a companion. If your hands smell like just another hamster or foodstuff, they may bite to protect themselves. An essential bit of wisdom is to make sure your hands remain clean and tidy before handling anything.

Fact: Female hamsters in heat emit a powerful odor that signals males that they are eager to procreate. It is significant since hamsters are often solitary creatures.

Hamster’s Memory

Hamsters can recall the location of things in their cage, their name, their owner, as well as their favorite meals. Since they have a sharp memory.

Note: Bear in mind that hamsters in the wild rely heavily on familiar noises to survive. It’s not a brilliant idea to change your voice tone to something they don’t recognize.

These species have long-term memory and may remember events months or even years ago. This spatial memory enables them to survive in the wild. Still, it appears to be stimulated by smells and changes in light. Also, after days or weeks of not navigating the maze, hamsters placed in it remembered where the food was.

Sight Problems

Because most hamsters have poor vision, they must rely on a mix of sight and hearing to navigate. They will, however, know you in the first few days of getting your Hamster. It’s because you give your pet stuff and engage with them daily

Sense Of Hearing

Hamster Sense Of Hearing

Hamsters can catch even the faintest noise from their surroundings, despite their near-blindness eyesight. Hamster infants emit beep tones so that their mothers can respond. Although, Hamsters do not do well in noisy environments. Even if they hear a new and loud voice, they’ll scurry away as soon as they hear them because it causes fear.

You must provide them with a safe and peaceful environment in your house because of their weak vision and exceptionally high-tuned hearing.

Training and Learning Ability- What They Like?

A cute hamster running on a hamster maze

Hamsters have basic problem solving skills and they can be trained to do so. This fascinating discovery activity also helps the hamster exercise through the maze. Hamsters have an amazing sense of navigation and are able to remember waypoints. Hamsters remember where they have been and where they need to go.

Note : If you want to test your hamster’s IQ, make sure to provide it with a few different mazes (a single maze will not be sufficient). This will allow you to track the hamster’s progress.

Like any other animal, Hamsters may get trained and retrained, but persistence is the key to getting good results. They also like exploring and require toys and a large enough home.

Note : You should keep a constant eye on your pet because hamsters are renowned for wandering pointlessly within a house.

What to Train Hamsters For – Recommendations

The amount of effort you choose to devote to training a hamster is totally up to you. If your new pet engages in standard hamster habits, you’ll know it’s ready to interact. Here are some suggestions that could be useful.

  • At the same time as you call your Hamster, reward him with a treat. For a few days, repeat the technique a few times a day. Your voice, speaking your pet’s name, will eventually suffice.
  • It’s a fun challenge to teach a hamster to sprint an obstacle course. For your Hamster, the course includes practical challenges. By obstructing their path, they will be able to overcome the hurdle. Allow lots of breaks for your pet, and don’t keep the training going too long.
  • Another significant aspect of teaching these animals is that they may get introduced to utilize litter boxes.
  • It’s also not difficult to teach your hamster orders like stand, leap, or rollover. As long as you provide them with their favorite snacks, they’ll be happy.
  • Hamsters have different emotions. Put another way; you can maintain your Hamster’s joy by providing various entertaining and engaging activities.

Note: Never use force to hold your Hamster; this will make him more hostile. He’ll try to break free from your grip and may injure itself or bite you. In order to keep the training in your hamsters memory, you will need to interact with them every day.

Should You Get a Hamster? Right Pet For You

The best practice is to adopt rather than shop. When hamsters get bred for sale in pet stores, they get frequently abused and forced to live in awful conditions. They must get handled with care and gentleness since they can bite and feel uncomfortable in smaller hands.

Adding tiny bits of fruit and veggies to your Hamster’s usual meal is a terrific solution to assist your pet in relishing their food. It will also help in obtaining balanced nutrients. Regardless of apparent health, it gets recommended that you take your pet Hamster to your veterinarian once a year.

Note: Another element to consider is selecting a hamster that is simple to tame. Every Hamster in the local pet shop isn’t guaranteed to be healthy. For newborn hamsters, the journey from breeding to distributors to a pet owner can be unpleasant, and they commonly develop ill as a result.

Do Hamsters Recognize Their Owners?

If you are spending quality time to socialize your furry friend, he’ll come to recognize and bond with you. However, he will only have a strong bond with one or two people—meaning guests or other family members may not get that same deep connection your pet does.

Bottom Line

Some people might classify hamsters as ‘cute’ but they also belong to that smart animals category! However, hamster intellect is less critical in the wild since hamsters can dodge predators if necessary. They make good use of their keen ability to smell, problem-solving ability, and good memory, making them clever tiny animals. A balanced diet and frequent exercise can assist your Hamster in reaching its full potential. Like other home pets, hamsters respond well to rewards and food in general. After reading this, if you decide to adopt one, make sure you show them the love they deserve.

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