Do Hamsters Lick Humans?

When you are having hamsters there are a few important facts to be considered by you. Even though you own one or you are having one nearby, these facts will be more helpful for you.

Here I am going to make you aware of hamster licks. The most common question is do hamsters lick humans and why do they do so. Yes, they lick humans. As they are animals they also have senses and feelings. Then why do they lick you? What are the reasons for them to do so? Yes. Let me make some points regarding this situation.

Why Do The Hamsters Lick You?

There are several reasons for hamsters to lick you. Very often they lick your hands, fingers, your palm and maybe your legs and toes. Why do they do so? Animal scientists or zoologists have done so much research, interviews and analysis to check why that is.

They have identified a few reasons for licking humans by hamsters. Some of these facts give informative signs and some show their needs. On the other hand, you have to be on alert whether your hamster has an illness.

Most researchers agree that these hamsters lick you to show love and affection. Hope you have experienced that dogs gently lick their owner to show their love, and reliability and also when they feel happy with the owner.

Do you believe that it is the same with hamsters? Usually, these rodent pets like hamsters do not make love with more people. Then how many do you think? Yes. That is only the owner.

Although sometimes a hamster can have relationships with one or two persons, no more. That is a special thing with hamsters and it is one of their unique qualities.

If you are not the owner you should think more than twice before you are going to touch one. You will get bitten by them as they get frightened and feel unsafe.

Therefore you have to be careful of that. But if you are the owner and if your hamster does lick your hands or fingers, it shows his love towards you. He needs more affection from you.

Let him do it and be friendly with your pet. Hamsters use this way to show not only love and affection but also to make you aware of their needs. If your hamsters feel safe and comfortable it will be so much helpful for their health.

Why Does My Dwarf Hamster Lick Me?

Why does your dwarf hamster lick you? As you know the most popular answer to this question is that your hamster is showing love and affection towards you. But, don’t you think it says more about his needs? Yes. It does. If he is licking your hands, fingers and palms it should be tasting the salt on your arm.

As humans, we have more salt in our sweat. When hamsters get to know this, he licks your hand to taste the salt on your hand. Why do the hamsters do this? What do you think? He needs more salt. Check whether you are adding enough salt to his meals. If you find out this you have to give him more salt. We have two recommendations for you.

The first and easiest way of giving more salt licks to your hamsters is to place a salt block in their cage. You can provide an ordinary salt block as well as there are more options for you to have in your pet shop. There are salt blocks available like Himalayan hamster salt. Get one and place it inside his cage. Then he can lick it and get the needed salt.

The next way is sprinkling more salt on his food. This method is the most recommended one as it doesn’t cause big problems. You can do this for a week to ten days and if he feels comfortable you can stop adding too much salt and continue with the regular meals.

Are Hamsters Licks Harmful?

Besides all, hamster licks can be harmful to you in some incidents. What is that? Yes, these are the members of the rodent family. As you know they spread various diseases. Mainly Hantavirus, rat-bite fever and also they can spread leptospirosis. Did you think this before? You have to make sure that the hamster has not been affected by these kinds of highly spreading diseases if you have got bitten by one. But do not worry as hamsters do not easily get affected by these kinds of diseases if they are not living outside or wild.

Hamster licks are not harmful to you in advance. All you have to do is wash your hands properly, using an anti-germ and then you can avoid affecting such diseases. You can use soap or even sanitisers will be ok.

But, if a hamster bit you here you have to meet a doctor if you are not sure whether he is having one of the diseases mentioned above. They can bite you if you hurt them or if they are not willing to be with you. And on the other hand, hamsters do not like to be with people besides their owners. Therefore you should avoid disturbing a hamster or hurting them.

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