Can Hamsters Eat Cookies?

If you are a hamster owner, I am sure you have thought about sharing your cookies with your beloved hamsters whenever you have any. So, do you think cookies are safe for the hamsters? Can they eat them? I am sure this is a burning problem for all of you. So, to briefly answer this question, no, hamsters cannot eat cookies. Cookies contain sugar, which is not healthy for hamsters. In addition to the high sugar content, it would be difficult for the hamsters to digest the cookies as well. Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding cookies to the hamsters.

If you really want to make the hamsters try out cookies, you can consider baking some sugar-free cookies, as we are certain that hamsters will love them. Above all, it would be safer for them as well. Cookies usually come in numerous flavors. In terms of the shapes, they would be either flat or round. In addition to that, they may also come up with chocolate chips as their toppings too. So, let’s find out in detail about hamsters eating cookies.

Can hamsters eat cookies?

No, hamsters cannot eat cookies. This is due to hamsters’ inability to consume foods high in sugar or caffeine. The foods that are safe for the hamsters are things like sunflower seeds, fruits, and veggies like carrots. However, if we consider the cookies, they contain excessive levels of sugar and caffeine, which are two unhealthy factors for the hamsters.

I am certain that you want your hamsters to stay healthy. So, considering that it is always best to avoid feeding cookies to the hamsters, If you happen to feed the hamsters cookies, it will only shorten their lifespan. In addition to that, it would make them feel sluggish too.

What ingredients are in cookies ?

You could usually use eggs, flour, sugar, butterfat, and some oil to make cookies. These are the most commonly used substances to make cookies. In addition to that, cookies may also contain raisins, chocolate chips, and nuts.

What ingredients are poisonous to hamsters ?

Refined sugar, hydrogenated fat, and cholesterol are some of the poisonous ingredients. If we further look into the poisonous ingredients included in cookies, refined sugar is one of the unhealthiest factors contained in cookies. Refined sugar is usually made from raw sugar, and you have to make it go through a refining process to remove its molasses. However, it would still remain an unhealthy element for the hamsters.

You should ideally provide a diet that contains quality nutrients for hamsters. So, refined sugar will not be appropriate for the hamsters. If you really wish to feed hamsters a sweet snack, I suggest you feed them strawberries and banana chips. However, you should still watch out for what they eat, as any excess food intake would impact them badly.

Hydrogenated fat is another poisonous ingredient that comes up in cookies. Usually, a process called hydrogenation is used to manufacture these fats. Thereafter, you could add hydrogen units to polyunsaturated fatty acids so that they would avoid becoming rancid. In addition to that, many people tend to add chemicals to maintain the shape of these cookies. They are also unhealthy for the hamsters. Due to these factors, the quality of the cookies would also be very low. To sum up, these fat units would be quite harmful for the hamsters.

In addition to the aforesaid poisonous ingredients, cholesterol would also be present in cookies. In fact, hamsters are quite vulnerable to diseases related to cholesterol, and even the slightest amount of cholesterol would cause trouble for hamsters.

When hamsters suffer from high cholesterol conditions, you can see them suffering from fatigue, nausea, numbness, etc., so if you feed cookies to hamsters, it would increase their cholesterol levels, which would result in adverse effects at the end. So in a nutshell, always try to refrain from providing cookies for the hamsters.

Why can’t hamsters eat cookies?

Hamsters are small creatures, which means they don’t have as efficient a digestive system as we do. In fact, hamsters cannot digest high levels of sugar. As a result, if you provide too much sugar, it will have a negative impact on the hamsters’ health.

Ultimately, it would make them sick. In addition to that, cookies usually contain high fat contents, and when you feed hamsters with those, it will result in obesity in the hamsters. Ultimately, it would pave the way for them to have a shortened lifespan. In fact, their lifespan may be as little as two years. So, considering these facts, it is best to avoid feeding cookies to the hamsters. Instead, try to give them fresh vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, green peppers, and occasionally some apple slices.

Do Cookies Have Any Nutrients for Hamsters?

No, cookies do not contain any nutrients. In other words, cookies have zero nutritional value.

What to do if your hamster ate cookies?

Home Remedies

If you notice that your hamsters have eaten cookies, you should not start worrying. However, if the cookie contains high levels of sugar, it is very likely that hamsters will struggle to digest it. As such, keep monitoring the hamsters for some time and check whether they seem to be in any discomfort. Thereafter, make sure that they don’t access cookies and candy again. If the hamsters don’t seem to be recovering, you need to take them to a vet as fast as you can.

Can cookies kill a hamster?

Yes, too many cookies can kill a hamster. The sugar levels and the high fat contents would turn out to be lethal for the hamsters. Hence, you should limit feeding cookies to the hamsters.

How can you stop hamsters feeding on the cookies?

First, when you let the hamsters roam around your home, you need to make sure that you either hide or lock away the cookies in the jars. Ideally, you could fill a jar with the cookies and place it somewhere higher up. Hamsters cannot climb onto things. As such, it is very unlikely that they will end up feeding on them.

Can hamsters eat ritz crackers?

Ritz crackers

The answer to this question is no; you cannot feed Ritz crackers to the hamsters. Ritz crackers are delicious snacks that anyone would have at home. However, unfortunately, hamsters cannot eat Ritz crackers. Hamsters cannot eat Ritz crackers because they are salty. High salt contents would result in high blood pressure, dehydration, etc. among the hamsters.

Second, ritz does not have a lot of nutrients. So, there is no point in feeding Ritz crackers to hamsters, as they will run out of space for their nitrous food. In addition to that it further contains sugar and fat contents as well. Therefore, you should avoid feeding Ritz crackers to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat saltine crackers?

Saltine crackers

When compared with the other crackers, it is relatively okay to let the hamsters eat saltine crackers. In fact, hamsters can digest them somewhat easily when compared with the other crackers. That said, keep in mind that they contain high amounts of calories. So, when you feed these, ensure that you do so only in moderation. When saltine crackers are provided in moderation, the hamsters can enjoy them as a decadent treat. So keep in mind that you should never provide saltine crackers as a staple food.

Can hamsters eat cheez its?

Cheez its

No, Hamsters cannot eat cheez its. It is not recommended that you give your hamster a snack like Cheez-Its, as it can cause serious damage to their lifespan and lead to multiple other health issues. Cheez-Its has some unhealthy ingredients, they may have high salt content, low nutrients, and spices.

Can hamsters have goldfish crackers?

Goldfish crackers

Hamsters cannot have goldfish crackers. Goldfish crackers have high sodium levels, high fat levels, and high carbohydrate levels. These are some substances that would be troublesome for the hamsters. In addition to that, they may also contain ingredients that would be toxic for the hamsters. You may come across a variety of goldfish crackers. As a result, the ingredients will differ from one another.

Can hamsters eat peanut butter cookies?

Butter cookies

Peanut butter is safe for hamsters. The peanut butter cookies, on the other hand, would not be suitable for the hamsters because they may contain sugar and sodium levels.

Can hamsters eat Cheetos?


The brief answer to the question of whether hamsters can eat Cheetos is no. They cannot eat Cheetos, as Cheetos are mainly made for humans and not for the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat fortune cookies?

Fortune cookies

A fortune cookie is a thin, sweet treat often made with flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil and filled with a slip of paper. They shouldn’t be intentionally offered to them because they are bad for them to ingest and have no nutritional value for them.

Can hamsters eat cookie dough?

Cookie dough

No, hamsters cannot consume cookie dough because it contains sugar, flour, and eggs. So do not give them a taste of cookie dough while you prepare cookies.


So, I hope now you have a better understanding of feeding cookies to the hamsters. To recap, cookies contain excess sugar levels, which would be quite difficult for the hamsters to digest. In addition to that, the fat contents of cookies would also cause trouble for the hamsters.

Ultimately, they would result in cholesterol-related issues. So, don’t try feeding them any cookies. Feeding hamsters a well-balanced diet will help them live a long and healthy life. So, don’t ever experiment with feeding cookies to the hamsters, as they are not appropriate for the hamsters.

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