What Happens If You Drop Your Hamster ?

As hamsters are small animals it is very likely that they will get dropped from your hands at some point if you were holding them carelessly. So, have you ever wondered what to do if you happen to drop the hamsters accidentally? To answer that question briefly it would depend on how seriously they would injure from it. Ideally, you need to keep them under your supervision for about 24 hours. Thereafter you need to take them to a vet as soon as you can, particularly if they seem to show any signs of pain or discomfort.

Hamsters are delicate but resilient animals and they can tolerate small falls. However, the most important factor you need to keep in mind is that you should never leave them unattended after a fall. Instead, keep monitoring them for 24 hours. So, in this article, I have explained some ways how you can minimize the damage and the risk of dropping your hamsters and the things you should do after a fall.

Can a hamster get hurt from falling?

This is the most important question of all. If the drop is too high, your hamsters will get hurt from falling. Further, it may turn out to be fatal to them as well. One of the burning problems that many hamster owners have is whether hamsters would be okay after a fall. The thing is if the hamsters feel like they are secure and if they don’t sense any threats or dangers,  they would go for a little jump whenever they feel like doing it. It is very unlikely that they will hurt themselves if they fall. Further, if they feel like the distance is too great, they would not bother jumping.

Hamsters are small delicate sets of animals, therefore they will feel pain if they fall from a great height. However, they may not become seriously injured when they have fallen from a shorter height. That being said they can still feel the impact though. Some of the repercussions of the falls are such as sprains, damaged nails, broken bones and chipped teeth. In fact, they may turn out to be painful most of the time.

What happens if you drop your hamster?

It is not easy to say what happens if you drop a hamster as the environment could be different. Consider that you dropped the hamsters only a few inches away from the ground, then you can guarantee they are fine. Besides, if there is a carpet, cushion or soft surface it is very unlikely that they will injure themselves.

Hamsters are curious and fond of exploring new surroundings. They would love to jump and leap out of their owner’s hand. They would leap out of their hands whenever they feel like they are under attack. Hamsters have strong survival instincts. Therefore, they will not decide where they need to land before they jump. Besides, hamsters have poor vision and they would usually not identify what is located on the ground. They would only want to get away from the threat and they act on their instincts.

On the other hand, if you drop the hamsters from several feet above the ground it can cause sprained or broken limbs. Ultimately it would make it difficult for the hamsters to walk on their back legs. Further, if the hamsters have hit their head, it would result in neurological issues in them. Chances are that this could increase as they grow older.

Can a hamster survive a fall?

Hamsters can survive a fall if the height is not that great. That said, hamsters are prone to falls, drops and misshapes as well. They can survive the fall many times as they are very small. They will have a lower terminal velocity due to the small sizes of their bodies and that is what would save these tiny creatures from falls.

However, if the hamsters fall from a greater height chances are that it could result in serious injuries. As aforesaid, it is very likely that hamsters would like to jump out of hands most of the time. Interestingly, they still manage to fall upright on their feet without causing any injury to them.

However, there is still a potential for them to suffer serious tumbles. Besides, they may probably land awkwardly on their backs and sometimes even on sharp objects.  Further, if they fall from greater heights it could result in fatal injuries as well. Considering all these facts it is always best to protect the hamsters from falls.

How do you tell if a hamster is injured from a fall?

Usually, hamsters would hide their pain so that they can protect themselves from predators. Due to that, it would be somewhat difficult for you to understand whether the hamsters have hurt themselves or not. So, it might probably take some time for you to determine whether the fall has hurt them.

However, if the hamsters are injured from a fall you may come across some signs such as limping, bleeding, swelling, etc. Additionally, they would be reluctant to use a limb and suffer from hind leg paralysis. Moreover, they may go through labored breathing, become aggressive and tend to sleep more often as well.

Lastly, they would hide and experience a loss of appetite. Last but not least, they would make sounds of squeaks due to pain. You may probably experience these symptoms somewhat later. Thus, ensure that you keep watching the hamsters closely after they fall.

Hamster dragging back legs after fall.

If your hamster drags their back leg after a fall that could be a sign of injury. But before hurrying to a veterinarian, observe your pet for at least 24hr. If the symptoms continue you have to take them for a check-up. But most of the time after a few hours the hamster starts to walk normally again. In case your hamster refuses to walk after a fall you need to immediately take your pet to a doctor. That could be a sign of a broken or dislocated bone.

How do I know if my hamster is OK after a fall?

You need to keep monitoring the hamsters for some time and see whether you could spot any signs of pain. If you are unsure whether the hamster is ok or not after a fall, the best would be to go to a vet and then do a thorough check-up on the hamster. Do not just leave them unattended as chances are that it could turn out to be lethal on them. Thereafter proceed as the vet doctor instructs and gives them the relevant medication to recover.

What should I do if I dropped my hamster?

Veterinary Consultation.

First and foremost, you need to go for a veterinary consultation. If you happen to drop them on the ground you need to act swiftly and avoid them running away and hiding them somewhere. In the meantime, check whether you could spot any signs of pain such as blood or any other limp limbs. Chances are that they may have some internal issues even though they might probably look very healthy externally.  So, if you have any doubts whether your beloved hamster is doing okay or after the fall, you could go for a vet consultant’s opinion.

Minimize Handling

When hamsters are in pain, they would not want you to touch them or handle them as it may probably worsen the situation. So, if you want to move the hamsters, the best would be to wear gloves as chances are that they may probably tend to bite you when they are in pain. However, ensure that you are holding onto them firmly without dropping them.

Keep your hamsters comfortable

Whilst you are waiting till you take them to a doctor, you need to ensure that the hamsters are feeling comfy and secure. Try feeding them with food and water and ensure that they have no disturbance due to noise. Do not allow your kids or other pets to reach them or trouble them.

Assess the severity of the injury

If your hamster has dropped from several feet above the ground which has a hard surface it might break its bones and cause some serious injuries. So if the severity of the injury is very high, it would be recommended to euthanize the hamsters. It will be decided by the doctor. Suppose that the hamster would bleed from its mouth or have convulsions then it is very unlikely that it will survive any longer. That said, if the hamsters have broken a toe or a leg, doctors would be able to remedy them.

How far can hamsters fall without getting hurt?

Hamsters will not get hurt if they fall about 3 feet high from the ground. That said, some people believe it is only 10 inches. So for the safe side do not let your hamster fall from above 10 inches.

My hamster fell from 5 feet

If your hamsters fell from 5 feet, it is very likely that they will suffer from a serious injury.  It will be even more serious if they fall on a concrete floor.

My hamster fell from 3 feet

Hamsters would not get hurt if they happen to land on a soft surface from 3 feet from the ground. So, if in case the hamsters fall on a soft cushion from the balcony it is very unlikely that they will break a leg or die. However, it is very likely that they will injure themselves if they fall on concrete or on tiles. However if the hamsters land on their four legs, it is very unlikely they will come through any issues as their bones are strong and firm. On the other hand, if a hamster falls on its head, chances are that it may twist its neck irrespective of how short the height they are landing above the ground.

If the hamster is bigger it may result in worse. Usually, the dwarf hamsters would survive the falls compared to the Syrian hamsters. Needless to mention that older hamsters would have weak bones and it is very likely that they will get injured more compared to young hamsters. On the other hand, the pregnant hamsters should never fall from these heights as then it may be fatal for the baby hamsters as well as mom.

What is the terminal velocity of a hamster?

In simple words, the terminal velocity is the maximum velocity or the maximum speed that a certain thing can achieve as they fall through a gas or a fluid. Generally speaking, hamsters can survive these falls as they are somewhat small compared to other animals.  Having said that, they can still end up hurting themselves at certain times. Keep in mind that smaller things will have a lower terminal velocity when compared with the bigger creatures.

Do hamsters heal themselves?

Hamsters can heal themselves. They are very hardy animals, and they can recover faster. If they have minor cuts, scrapes best would be to leave them alone so that they can recover by themselves. They would usually lick and clean the wounds and ultimately recover on their own. That said if the abscesses are severe, it would be best to consult a vet doctor as soon as you can and give them the relevant medication.

What noise does a hamster make when in pain?

Hamsters usually make a squeaking sound when they are in pain. In fact, this would be the only sound they make when they are in pain and as well as they are in stress.  In addition to that , they would use this sound to express many of their emotions as well. For example, when they are in a happy mood they would tend to squeak.

What does it mean when your hamster keeps falling over?

If your hamster keeps falling over, it would be mainly due to its vestibular system-related issues. If I briefly explain what the vestibular system is, it is mainly the system that functions within the inner ear and the brain. In simple words, it is what keeps the hamsters balanced.

There are many doubts about the ability of climbing hamster. To clear up any confusion, let’s read this “Can Hamsters Climb ?“.

Hamster falling over when walking

Hamsters may keep falling over when walking due to infections and tumors. In that case, the best you could do is to consult a doctor and get their advice on how to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is my hamster OK after falling?

If your hamsters become inactive and tend to skip having meals after a fall, it literally means the hamsters are not okay. Besides, if they tend to stay in one place sleeping all the time. Furthermore, if they don’t let you touch them or tend to be lethargic, it literally means they are not okay after falling.

Is it normal for hamsters to fall?

Hamsters are usually prone to falls. However, since they are small creatures and due to their lower terminal velocity, it is very unlikely that there will be bigger and heavier injuries. That said, they would tend to fall through your fingers and leap from your hands.


To wind up, hamsters may tend to fall quite often and the factors such as the height of the fall, the surface they land on, the size of the hamster would determine whether your hamsters would survive or not. So, in this article, I hope you were able to learn all the important factors with regard to this and the way you should look after them after a fall.

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