Do Hamsters Like Music?

Are you a hamster owner and if so have you ever wondered whether hamsters can listen to music? Have you ever thought about whether the music would be soothing or disturbing for the hamsters? or whether it will make your hamsters anxious or stressed? Do you want to play music in your room and wonder whether you can keep them in the same room? So, if you have these questions unanswered this would be the article that you need to go through.

To start, are hamsters fond of music ? yes they prefer some genres of music and how cool is that ? For example, they love listening to classical pop, some metal or rock music. That said, you should never play loud music whenever your hamsters are around. It can make the hamsters easily stressed out. So, do not ever try doing that with your hamsters. So, let’s take a look at this subject, the kind of music you should play along with the best way to play it etc.

Do all hamsters have the same preference for music

Bear in mind that the music preference of the pet would vary depending on the hamster’s unique taste as well as on the preferences. Ideally what I recommend you do is spend some time listening to different music along with the hamsters and keep observing what their reaction to that would be. With time, you can learn the music they want to listen to. Once you find that out you could play the music which they like.

On another note, once you listen to music it would help you improve the bond with the hamsters. Furthermore, it would help you to have fun with the hamsters as well.

What frequency can hamsters hear?

Hamsters can hear a frequency range between 96 Hz to 46500 Hz. If we consider humans they will hear a range between 64 to 23,000 Hz. In simple terms, hamsters can hear better than us and they can hear certain sounds which we don’t hear also. As such, you need to be well aware of what type of music the hamsters would love and what sounds are safe for your hamsters as well.

Can hamsters hear high frequency?

If the high frequency is around 4500-5000 Hz, hamsters will hear them and they will respond to it as well. If you want to ascertain this, you could simply make a short hissing sound, it would make the hamsters stop doing what they were doing and point their ears toward you. If the high-frequency sound lasts for too long, it would make the hamsters run around. Ultimately they will end up hiding. Those sounds would make them scared. If I further describe this, if you happen to have sneezed by accident when the hamsters are around it would also make them afraid and run for their lives. In fact, the sound of sneezing as well as the noise of the phone ringing fall under the high-frequency range. To sum up, hamsters would be scared by the loud high pitched noises as they will find them disturbing.

Sounds only hamsters can hear

Sounds only hamsters can hear

Hamsters can hear frequencies between 96 Hz to 46500 Hz. That means they can clearly hear loud frequencies. It is just like dogs. Dogs also can hear very high-frequency noises such as Whistles, mosquitoes, Computer devices, Screaming, Squeaking, Glass breaking, etc.

What music do hamsters like

If I elaborate on what sound hamsters like, they would love hearing gentle instrumental music as they would be more like calming music. However, there could be some genres of music that your precious hamsters may find disturbing and loud.

So, generally, they like to hear music that is gentle and instrumental mainly. It would make the hamsters relaxed and even soothe them. In terms of the most popular music type that your hamsters opt to hear, it would be mainly classical music. Literally, any kind of classical music which consists of clean and complex melodies would put them at ease.

Hamsters are prey animals and in general, they are not calm. They would stay on alert most of the time and would be expecting danger most of the time. Having said that, classical music can soothe the senses of the hamsters and entertain them as well.

In fact, most of the animal species are big fans of classical music as it would overcome the anxiety of the hamsters and stimulate them. It would help them to cope with external disturbing sounds they hear such as the barking sound of the dogs, the noise that children make when playing, the thunderstorm noise and other loud noises etc.

Classical music has amazing healing effects on the body as it can relieve pain. In addition to that, it would help them to have a deep sleep and lower their blood pressure as well. Furthermore, the pop songs that hamsters prefer to hear would vary depending from one to another.

As per some research conducted, hamsters are big fans of 80’s songs as they have catchy beats, playful tunes and repetitiveness too. Apart from that, hamsters would be okay to listen to some minimal rock or metal music as well. It would be a fine idea to play these when they are playing as it can make the hamsters spirited when the others try to agitate them.

However, if you play this kind of music, you need to ensure that they have toys in them. In addition to that, you need to observe their body language and if they seem to be annoyed with the music you need to switch the music. So to sum up, hamsters prefer to listen to calm music as they have soothing melodies.

Keep in mind that they hate loud music. Secondly, music created for anxiety would also suit the hamsters quite well. It would make them feel calm. Lastly, hamsters are big fans of listening to the soothing music created for winter as well. During winter hamsters would be more depressed and restless. So when you play this kind of music it would help them to feel good, especially during times like these.

Do hamsters like loud music?

Hamsters don’t like loud music. Once they hear loud music it would make them anxious and stressed. If the loud music continues, it would worsen the condition of the hamster and end up badly affecting their health as well. If I further elaborate on this, if you happen to expose them to loud music > 100db even for a shorter period as 10 minutes, they would end up getting Tinnitus. If they expose themselves to loud music for longer hours chances are that it could even make them deaf too.

This would be something to worry about. However, if the loud music is somewhat far away it is very unlikely that they will get affected by this. For example, if the distance to the sound is doubled, the sound pressure levels and the loudness would drastically decrease. So, if you are playing loud music/sound don’t play it in the same room where your hamster; s cage is. if it is not possible, you need to shift the hamsters to another location temporarily and then listen to your music. For example, if you have to vacuum their room it would be best if you could shift them to another room until you do this activity.

Do hamsters like calm music?

Hamsters like gentle and instrumental music. This literally means they like calm music without a doubt. In fact, this is common among many other animals as it would make them relaxed and soothe as well. They will put them to sleep too.

Do hamsters like pop music?

Hamsters like to listen to pop music. To be more precise, they are very good fans of 80’s pop music. It is said that hamsters are fond of hearing whimsical tunes catchy and imply beats too. They will not react to that kind of music negatively. Besides as per experts, hamsters find pop music to be energizing too.

What sounds do hamsters hate?

The brief answer to this question would be that hamsters hate all loud noises. Those loud noises would make the hamsters stressed. In fact, even if you turn the classical music loud it would also make them stressed. In addition to that hamsters are pretty much scared of mechanical noises a lot too. So, to sum up, hamsters hate high-pitched sounds and scares as well. If you happen to expose them to these loud noises it would make them stressed.

Does music scare hamsters?

Yes, certainly it does. If we consider humans first we don’t depend a lot on hearing and we know what noises we need to avoid and what noises we need to consider. For example, we know that we want to ignore the sound of a fridge door opening or the sound which a vehicle passes by etc. In fact, those sounds would not scare us.

However, if we consider the hamsters, their entire life is mainly dependent on their hearing skills. Hamsters would be mindful of even the slightest sound they hear as they consider them predators. Usually, the hamsters consider the bird’s noise as the most threatening for them.

So, if by any chance you make any noise, hamsters would stop all that they are doing and stand still. Besides, they would make their ears straight. However, it is not something which you need to worry about as it is quite normal for them. So when they stand still, they try to determine whether there is any predator closer to them. So naturally, hamsters would get scared and stressed whenever they hear something.

As such, always try to avoid making loud noises as they may scare the hamsters. So even if you walk closer to the cages, ensure that you do it slowly and gently. Once you bring them home, you need to ideally be soft-spoken with them and be gentle as much as you can. That way it would give some time for the hamsters to get used to the hamster’s voice.

Can I play music in the same room as my hamster?

No, I don’t recommend playing music in the same room where you have kept the hamsters as then it would be loud for them. Whenever the hamsters hear loud music in their room, hamsters would find those noises disturbing for them. Eventually, it would make them stressed as well.

Does loud music hurt hamsters’ ears?

It can definitely hurt the hamster’s ears if you happen to expose them to loud music for extended periods. However, hamsters will not die as soon as they hear loud music. That said, hamsters have very strong hearing skills and ultimately it would make them stressed and anxious too. The prolonged exposure to loud music would result in adverse effects on the hamsters.


Hamsters are fond of hearing music and it can be really soothing for their mental well-being as well as for their health. That said, you need to always ensure that music will be played only at low volume. It would calm the hamsters and avoid them from suffering from anxiety and stress. Hamsters are great fans of classical music as the music is purely instrumental and gentle.

Always keep in mind that you need to start it slowly and then observe how they respond to them. Depending on your observation you can change the music and the volume you play. So, have fun with your beloved hamsters while playing music whilst taking the above facts into a note.

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