Can Hamster Eat Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a fleshy fruiting type of fungi that anyone would prefer to eat. In fact, you may come across different species of edible mushrooms, and they will each have their own unique flavor. Not to mention it has nutritional benefits as well. In fact, many mammals love eating the raw mushroom when they are in the wild. Having said that, can hamsters eat mushrooms? My answer to this question is that it is best to avoid using them in a hamster’s diet.

Mushrooms are a highly acidic food item, and there are records of mushrooms being toxic to hamsters. As such, it is best to avoid feeding the hamsters. So, in this article we have looked at the benefits it may give from consuming mushrooms, the health risks it may pose and so on. So, let’s get into it right away.

What are mushrooms

Mushrooms are a delicious fungus type that you can spot growing all over the world. In fact, there could be both healthy and poisonous mushrooms for both humans and hamsters. Some people tend to cook them and feed the hamsters so that they will be safe to eat. There is a wide array of mushrooms such as shitake, button whites, portobello and crimini etc.

Nutrient Value of mushrooms

If we look at the nutrient value of mushrooms, considering one serving of 100g of shitake mushroom would contain 83.5 g of water and 234 kcal of energy, In addition to that, it would also contain 1.56 g of protein, 0.35 g of ash, and 14.4 g of carbohydrates too. Moreover, one serving of 100g of shitake mushroom would contain 2.1 g of fiber, 3.84g of sugar, 3 mg of calcium , 14 mg of magnesium, 29 mg of phosphorus, etc. Apart from that, one serving of 100g of shitake mushroom would also contain nutrients such as potassium, sodium and zinc, and their contents would be 117 mg, 240 mg, and 1.33 mg, respectively.

Furthermore, one serving of 100g of shitake mushrooms would contain 24.8 g of selenium and 3.59 mg of pantothenic acid. Furthermore, it would contain a total folate of 21 µg, 80 mg of total choline, and a total lipid fat of 0.22 g. Lastly one serving  of 100g of shitake mushroom would come up with 0.05g of total  saturated fatty acid, 0.07 of total monounsaturated fatty acid, total polyunsaturated acids 0.034g

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in mushrooms

Mushrooms would lower the blood pressure of the hamsters. Mushrooms have high potassium content, and they would reduce the impact of sodium. Besides, it would boost the immune system as well. Mushrooms have an anti-inflammatory effect on the mushroom and it is what would make the immune system of the hamster efficient. Further mushrooms can cope with the foreign bodies and keep the hamster’s body secure from serious illnesses.

The high fiber content of mushrooms would be beneficial for the overall health of the hamsters. Besides, it would reduce inflammation and boost the mechanisms of the digestive system too. Furthermore, it would help the hamsters to be free from constipation and other bowel-related issues. Needless to mention, mushrooms are a great source of antioxidants too. When hamsters consume mushrooms, it would lower their risk of cancer and heart disease.

Furthermore, when the hamsters consume mushrooms, it would help them to boost their immune systems as well. Mushrooms contain vitamin C, and it’s what secures the hamster’s body from these diseases.  Mushrooms have a high content of choline. Choline is a crucial factor for brain development. Besides, it plays a major role in maintaining a healthy nervous system as well. Lastly, mushrooms would help the hamsters lose weight too. It is low in calories, and hamsters can keep eating them without getting obese.

Health risks (disadvantages) of mushrooms

There could be some health risks to consuming mushrooms, just as there are health benefits as well. So, if you overfeed them with mushrooms or feed them incorrectly, it will cause long-term problems. For example, when you feed mushrooms to the hamsters, it is very unlikely that they will eat all of them. Instead, they would tend to store them in their cheeks, which would rot at the end. Secondly, it may also result in digestive issues as well.

Mushrooms have high acid levels, and excess consumption of mushrooms would negatively impact on the digestive system of the hamsters. It would not have a fatal impact on them, yet it would make them uncomfortable. Lastly, it would also result in an imbalance of the nutrients among the hamsters too.

Can Hamsters Eat Medicinal Mushroom Supplements?

I don’t recommend giving medicinal mushrooms to hamsters. Having said that, if you wish to feed the hamsters with those, you need to consult a vet doctor and get their opinion before doing so. In fact, feeding medicinal mushrooms is not the same as feeding ordinary mushrooms to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat mushrooms with peelings ?

Hamsters can eat mushrooms with peels, and it is not necessary to remove those from the mushrooms. However, all you need to ensure is that you wash them properly so that the bacteria will disappear.

Can hamsters eat dried mushrooms?

Certainly yes. Hamsters can eat dried mushrooms. In fact, they are a good source of fiber and protein for the hamsters. However, you need to provide only moderate levels of dried mushrooms as they contain high levels of sodium.

Can Hamsters Eat White Mushrooms?

Hamsters can eat white mushrooms, but at moderate levels only. You need to include this as a part of their balanced diet only. Keep in mind that white mushrooms are a great source of vitamins and minerals. However, if the hamsters are overexposed to these, they will become toxic.

Can hamsters eat raw mushrooms?

No, we don’t recommend feeding raw mushrooms to the hamsters. If you do so, it would result in so many unnecessary problems. Ideally, you need to cook it without using oil and then provide it. Again, ensure that you feed these in the right amounts only.

Can Hamsters Eat Unseasoned Mushrooms?

Hamsters can eat unseasoned mushrooms without a doubt. In fact, they are a safer option which you could use here.

Can hamsters eat cooked mushrooms?

If someone is wondering whether hamsters can eat cooked mushrooms, yes, they can. Having said that, there could be some risks in letting them eat mushrooms. Many people tend to cook mushrooms with oil, garlic, and onions. These substances would be harmful to the hamsters’ health. In fact, they can make the hamsters suffer from obesity. Besides, it could also result in digestive issues as well.

Can hamsters eat mushrooms cap?

Hamsters can eat mushroom caps. In fact, hamsters are herbivores, and this means they can eat mushrooms. That being sad, not every hamster likes to eat mushroom caps either. In fact, it would vary depending on the hamsters’ breed, and they will eat mushrooms only if they like to eat them. If they seem to like to eat mushrooms, you could feed them in small amounts. However, when you feed them, make sure that you feed them only after you wash them thoroughly.

There could be a mushroom cap, which may contain debris and chemicals . As such, it is important that you wash them so that all these harmful materials will fade away. Mushroom leaves are not harmful. However, these materials would turn out to be poison for the hamsters. Furthermore, I suggest you provide organic mushroom leaves if possible so that they will not cause any harm to the hamsters.

Few things to consider when you feed mushrooms

First, I suggest you give mushrooms to hamsters only after you consult a vet doctor and get their opinion only. Furthermore, when feeding the mushrooms, you need to give them only once or twice a month. It goes without saying that you should never overfeed them and instead always feed them in the proper quantities. Lastly, I always suggest you purchase mushrooms from a supermarket as they would be less toxic for the hamsters.

Further when serving mushrooms, always chop them into small pieces and then provide. Do not include this into the regular diet of the hamsters and always give this as a treat for them. Once you feed them, if you happen to see the hamsters are developing any side effects  you need to stop feeding those immediately.

How you should serve mushrooms to your Hamster

Ideally, you need to serve mushrooms as a snack for them. Furthermore, when feeding them, you should also ensure that you wash them well and cook them. Besides, when cooking them, make sure that you don’t add any addictive substances, as they would be harmful to the hamsters. You can serve them along with treats like pumpkin seed, cabbage , carrots etc.

How many mushrooms at a time?

The number of mushrooms you need to give to one hamster depends on the breed. In other words, different hamsters would eat different quantities of mushrooms. A larger hamster, such as a Syrian hamster, will typically consume a larger portion of mushroom. The bigger hamster breeds have a better digestive system and can handle a little more mushrooms when compared with the other hamsters.

How Often Can I Feed Mushrooms to The Hamster?

Feeding mushrooms to hamsters quite often is not healthy. Once you over feed mushrooms to hamsters, it will result in excess acid levels in the hamsters. So, ideally, you need to feed mushrooms once or twice a month.

Are mushrooms toxic to hamsters?

Mushrooms are not toxic to hamsters in general. However, when you let them eat mushrooms in excess, it would result in side effects. There could be some hamsters who would be allergic to mushrooms. Therefore, I urge you to test with your hamsters whether they like mushrooms or not. There could be hamsters who have very delicate digestive systems, and they may probably develop side effects once they consume mushrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can hamsters eat oyster mushrooms?

If you feed your hamsters the right amount of mushrooms and store them in a secure, healthy environment, they’ll love them.

Can Hamsters Eat Wild Mushrooms?

Hamsters cannot eat wild mushrooms as they may be highly toxic. As such, I don’t recommend feeding wild mushrooms to the hamsters as they would be toxic and poisonous to them.

Can Hamsters Eat Mushroom Stems?

Hamsters can eat mushroom stems or stalks. In fact, they are perfectly fine for the hamsters. Having said that, mushroom stems have beta glucagon, which would play a crucial role in controlling the blood  cholesterol level. Stems mostly come up with a dirt layer, and it is always best that you wash them properly and then serve the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat portobello mushrooms?

Yes, hamsters can consume portobello mushrooms. In fact, it is a type of edible mushroom that is safe for the hamsters to consume. They are enriched with so many nutrients and would provide so many health benefits for the hamsters . For example, portobello mushrooms contain protein, fiber, vitamins, and some other minerals. Besides, it also contains antioxidants, which would be quite crucial for the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat baby bella mushrooms?

Hamsters can eat baby bella mushrooms. However, you need to ensure that you take certain precautions when feeding them. For example, you should avoid feeding them raw baby bella mushrooms.

Can hamsters eat button mushrooms?

Feeding button mushrooms is perfectly fine for the hamsters. However, you need to make sure that you feed them the right amounts, just like you would do with other mushroom types.

Can hamsters eat white mushrooms?

Hamsters can eat white mushrooms without any problem. They simply need to be fed in the proper amounts, which must be guaranteed.

Can dwarf hamsters eat mushrooms?

Dwarf hamsters can eat mushrooms, but in smaller quantities when compared with ordinary hamsters. Ideally, you can feed them a tiny piece of mushroom once a week.


To recap, it is okay to feed a small amount of mushrooms to the hamsters. As aforementioned, mushrooms contain so many benefits for the hamsters, and you don’t need to worry about feeding them. All you need to do is make sure you’re not feeding them too much. So, if you follow these guidelines, feeding the hamsters mushrooms is a fantastic idea.

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