Can Hamsters Eat Oranges?

If you are a hamster lover, I am certain that you would want your hamsters to live a healthy and active life. So, you must provide a balanced and rich diet that is enriched with nutrients for the hamsters. So, in addition to the commercial hamster’s food, I suggest you provide fruits and vegetables on and off for them.

When it comes to fruits, have you ever wondered whether you could provide oranges to the hamsters? The brief answer to this is yes. However, it would be better to avoid providing those since they contain acidic content. Instead, you can consider providing them with apples, tomatoes, bread, etc.

Oranges are not okay for the hamsters; these are citrus fruits, and they won’t suit the hamsters. For example, citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, and grapefruits would not work well with the hamsters. So, if you don’t want to make your hamsters suffer from any repercussions from the high acidity levels, do not ever think of feeding oranges to the hamsters. As a result, we will look at this topic in depth in this article.

The nutrient value of orange

If we look at 100g of oranges’ nutrient value, it would contain 223kj of energy. Furthermore, it would contain 13.34 g of carbohydrates, 10.58 g of sugar, 1.8 g of dietary fiber, and 0.31 g of fat too. In addition to that, 100 g of oranges would usually come up with 0.81 g of protein and vitamins too. Furthermore, it would contain 0.058 mg of thiamine, 0.036 mg of riboflavin, and 0.376 mg of niacin as well.

Additionally, it contains minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

100 g of oranges would contain 0.039 mg of manganese, 20 mg of phosphorus, 166 mg of potassium, 2 mg of sodium, and 0.07 mg of zinc. As per this information, it is evident that oranges are not the type of fruit that would suit the hamsters. Its water, acidic salt, sugar, phosphorous fat, and calcium contents would not be appropriate for the hamsters.

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in orange

Oranges are nutritious and juicy fruits that usually contain minerals as well as vitamins. These nutrients would be crucial to flushing out the toxins and excess fluids in the hamsters. Furthermore, it aids in the purification of the hamsters’ blood. However, it is best to avoid using these on the hamsters as they contain too much acidity.

Health risks (disadvantages) of orange

Hamsters cannot eat oranges because they are citrus foods. Oranges have high acidity levels, which hamsters won’t be able to handle. Furthermore, the hamster’s digestive system cannot handle the high acid levels as well. Furthermore, it may result in upsets in the stomach, which may ultimately cause distress and diarrhea in the hamsters. In addition to that, oranges contain a significant amount of sugar too. The high sugar content is harmful to the hamsters. They could contribute to hamster diabetes.

Moreover, oranges usually have high water levels, which would also turn out to be problematic for the hamsters. Apart from that, it could contribute to distress in the digestive system too. As such, it would be best to avoid feeding oranges to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat orange leaves?

Orange leaves

The orange is considered dangerous for hamsters because its leaves contain poisonous substances. These substances gave oranges their distinct aroma.

Can hamsters eat orange tops?

No, oranges are not good for hamsters. It is hard and does not digest properly. Most hamsters do not like to eat orange tops.

Can hamsters eat orange Plants?

Orange Plants

No, hamsters can not eat orange plants. They have hard leaves and a distant aroma. Sometimes orange plants have trones. So this is not good for hamsters.

Can hamsters eat orange seeds?

Orange seeds

Hamsters cannot eat the orange seeds because they are not safe for them to consume. If the hamsters happen to eat orange seeds by accident, chances are that they may block their digestive tract. Not only that, but it may also have other stomach-related consequences.

Can hamsters eat orange peels?

Orange peels

As aforesaid, hamsters cannot eat oranges. However, can hamsters have orange peels? The brief answer to that is, “No, a hamster cannot have orange peels.” Orange peels are also not good for hamsters. Orange peels also contain the same acidity levels as oranges. That if the hamsters ate them, they would get sick. In addition to that, hamsters would not be able to tolerate the strong smell of the orange peels either. In addition to that, orange peels would contain bacteria that are unsafe for the hamsters to consume.

Having said that, some people opt to provide dried orange peels for the hamsters since they contain a sweet flavor. The dried orange peels don’t contain the same acidity levels as the fresh oranges do. Furthermore, the dried oranges’ fibrous nature would not pose a major risk to the hamsters. In a nutshell, I would suggest avoiding feeding even dried orange peels to the hamsters.

Can hamsters drink orange juice?

A Glass of Orange Juice

It is a NO to this question. Orange juice has high acidity levels, just like oranges. Moreover, they may contain a high amount of sugar as well. Therefore, they would result in issues in the digestive system. Generally, you should avoid providing any kind of fruit juice for the hamsters. Instead, it would be best if you could provide clean, fresh water for the hamsters.

Can a hamster eat dried oranges?

Dried oranges

I do not think it is a good idea to feed dried oranges to hamsters. When they dried orange chemicals were added. Those chemicals are not good for hamsters. So avoid giving dried oranges to your hamster.

Can hamsters eat canned oranges?

Canned oranges

Canned oranges are not good for hamsters. There are chemicals added to canned goods. Those chemicals and higher sugar content in canned oranges are not good for hamsters.

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Few things to consider when you feed orange

If you insist on feeding some oranges to the hamsters, you can start by providing them in minimal quantities. However, once you feed the hamsters with oranges first, make sure that you look at them closely and see whether they react to them negatively. If they seem to be unwell or develop any side effects, it would be best to take the hamsters to the vet as promptly as possible.

A small amount of oranges would not bother the hamsters. That said, they may still have minor side effects once they consume the oranges. If the hamsters tend to be distressed or seem lethargic, you need to immediately take them to the vet. Furthermore, if the hamsters release discolored urine or discolored poop, you must take them to the vet’s doctor.

How should you serve oranges to your Hamster?

Before answering this question, it is best to avoid feeding the oranges to the hamsters in the first place. However, a small number of oranges would not do any fatal harm to the hamsters. So, if you want to experiment with supplying oranges for the hamsters, you need to start off by providing only a small quantity. If they seem to be showing side effects, you need to stop feeding them soon. Further, once you finish feeding them, make sure that you remove the remaining orange from the hamster’s mouth. Unless they are in danger of rotting in the cage,

Can hamsters eat Mandarin Oranges?

Mandarin Oranges

Hamsters cannot eat Mandarin oranges. Mandarin oranges also have high acidity levels as well as high sugar levels. As a result, you should avoid feeding them to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat Cuties Oranges?

It is a NO to this question as well. Cutie’s oranges also contain too much acidity and too much sugar. If you accidentally end up providing those things, chances are that your hamsters may start to suffer from diseases such as diabetes.

Can Syrian hamsters eat Oranges?

Hamsters in general, including Syrian hamsters, cannot eat oranges. Syrian hamsters’ digestive systems also cannot handle the acidic levels of oranges, just like the other hamster breeds. If you happen to feed Syrian hamsters with those, it may result in abdominal pain as well as diarrhea. In addition to that, it could also lead to tooth degradation. Finally, oranges would put Syrian Hamsters at risk of diabetes.

Can dwarf hamsters eat oranges?

Hamsters cannot eat oranges, and dwarf hamsters are no exception. I suggest you provide them with fruits such as grapes, apples, strawberries, pears, etc. as they would be healthy.

Are oranges toxic to hamsters?

Orange is toxic to hamsters. The acidity levels of the oranges are what would cause the hamsters’ toxicity. They would cause issues related to the hamster’s digestive system as well as with the dental system. Needless to say, providing oranges raises the risk of diabetes. Overall, oranges would be toxic to the hamsters, and it is best to avoid providing them to the hamsters.

Bottom line 

Orange is such a beneficial fruit for humans. So, you may think it is best to share them with the hamsters as well. However, oranges are not the type of fruit that you should feed to the hamster, as they would be harmful to them. There are other hamster-safe fruit items that you could feed hamsters, and they may contain the same nutrients as oranges do. That way, you can provide them with a well-balanced, nourishing diet.

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