Do Hamsters Jump?   

Have you ever come across situations where the hamsters have jumped out of your hands? If you are a hamster owner, you might have experienced this many times. Yes, hamsters can jump and they jump due to various reasons. So, in this article, I am going to discuss why hamsters jump, how high hamsters can jump and how you can ensure that they don’t get hurt from jumping.

What does it mean when a hamster jumps?

One might think it is funny to talk about jumping hamsters. However, they would do that for a reason. I think hamsters would jump to break free just like some humans would do. Besides, they may jump if they want to get something too. So, if you are curious to know the reasons behind the hamsters jumping, it would be worthwhile going through this article.

Why do hamsters jump?

As aforesaid, hamsters may jump for numerous reasons. That said, it is important that you understand the root cause for that so that you would know exactly why they jump. Firstly, hamsters may jump to exercise and play. In fact, these pets opt to jump from elevated platforms to lower platforms for fun or just to spend time. They sometimes jump due to poor eyesight. Besides they would do it on instinct without considering the fact that there is solid lower ground. They would do this when they exercise or play.

You can expect hamsters to jump due to their attention-seeking behavior. If you have playful hamsters they would do that a lot to grab the owner’s attention. Besides this may probably mean that the hamsters are bored and have a desire to leave the cage. So, if you determine this as the root cause for jumping, you need to ideally provide some toys to keep them occupied in their cages. Try giving them various kinds of toys which would make the hamsters excited to play more and more.

Apart from the above facts, hamsters would opt to jump to escape the cages as well. Hamsters are renowned as expert escapologists. That said, it would depend on the height of the cage and on the escape holes. If there is a larger gap, they may find a way to leave the cage. Additionally, if you witness your hamsters jumping, it could also be due to their excitement as well as their aggression too. Imagine that you had opened that cage and all of a sudden if they jumped at you, it would surely be due to the fact that they are happy to have you back. Besides if the hamsters jump to where you are, it may be probably in fear or in stress.

Sometimes, hamsters may jump from your hands whenever you try to pet them. if you come across a situation like this, it literally means they do not want to make contact with you. In other words, they want to escape from you. Hamsters may probably want to get rid of you if you have held them too tight or if you have put so much pressure on them. Besides, if you handle them in a way that your hamsters don’t like, they try to jump and get rid of you. For example, hamsters don’t like it if you pet them against the natural growth of their fur.

How high can hamsters jump?

The height that hamsters can jump could vary depending on the breed. Hamsters are small yet so energetic, especially during the nighttime. So, they may end up jumping from one platform to the other platform whilst they explore the enclosure.

To answer the question, the height that hamsters can jump would be specific to their breed. For example, a Syrian hamster can jump up to 15 inches or slightly higher than that depending on the occasion. If we consider a dwarf hamster, they are somewhat small in size yet consist of less powerful muscles. They would jump up to a height of 7-10 inches from the ground. Since hamsters are used to jumping by their nature, it is important that you ensure that they have a safe environment to jump. If you don’t do so, chances are that it could turn out to be dangerous for their health.

Besides, the height of the jumps that hamsters make would vary depending on their mood as well. For instance, if the hamster is in a happy mood, it would jump high compared to a hamster which is not active and happy.

Generally, hamsters can jump 8-15 inches on average from the cage and chances are that they may jump less than that depending on their feet structure. Further, hamsters can jump for about 9-10 inches in the air. One might think that it is not that attractive. However ,when we consider their heights, it is pretty impressive. So, to sum up, hamster’s jumps depend on their heights as well as their feet structures. That said, now you need to keep in mind that whenever you come across a hamster, it can jump pretty high.

Do hamsters jump out of your hands?

Hamsters may jump out of your hands and they do that due to multiple reasons. For example, they may jump out of your hands if they are in fear or in stress. Hamsters are quite sensitive and certain noises could make the hamsters go through stress and fear. If there are fast movements involved  along with some other stimuli, it would tempt the hamsters to jump out of your hands.

Besides, hamsters may jump out of their homes if they are in some discomfort too. Hamsters used to live in cages and once they are high from the ground it would be somewhat uncomfortable for hamsters. Furthermore, too much petting would also make them jump out of their hands. Hamsters may sometimes want something to quench their thirst and fulfill their hunger. Those factors would also motivate the hamsters to jump from your hands.

Apart from that, there could be different hamsters species which would  jump naturally when compared with the other species. Therefore make sure that you are well aware of the hamster species before you bring them home. Further, when you try to grab them, make sure that you take them closer to the cage as they will not get hurt even if they fall. Besides, it would be best if you arrange a soft surface for the floor also so that the damage will be very insignificant.  Additionally, you could keep a treat or any other piece of food to distract them.

Can hamsters jump from high places?

Hamsters can jump from high places. However the height should not exceed 25 cm / 10 inches. Average height the hamster’s jump should be around this range. Hamsters don’t judge the heights well and they don’t have a proper eye eight as well. However since these are curious sets of animals they would want to inspect everything. So, if you had placed them in a much taller cage, you need to make sure that they don’t injure themselves.

What should you do if your hamster falls from a high place?

First and foremost you need to closely monitor the hamsters and look whether you could spot any injuries. Besides, check whether they have any other symptoms after their fall. For example, check whether they are lethargic,  lose their appetite, or squeak. Besides check whether you could witness them having respiratory issues, or limping too.

If your hamsters develop any of these signs, make sure that you bring them to a doctor as quickly as possible. Vet doctors would prescribe proper treatments once they conduct a full medical check-up on them.

Why is my hamster suddenly jumpy?

If your hamster started to jump all of a sudden chances are that something is wrong with them. So, if you experience something like this, check the conditions at home properly and see whether you could spot anything which has impacted the hamsters badly. First, check their cage for any disturbances. Next, you can check their body for any injuries or ticks. Additionally, you could consider changing their bedding. Besides, if you had introduced any new toys and if you suspect the hamsters are not fond of them, you could remove them as well. Lastly, check whether there are any disturbing sounds that would make the hamsters uncomfortable. If your hamster still jumping please contact your veterinarian and take their advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How high can Syrian hamsters jump up

Generally, Syrian hamsters can jump up to 8-15 inches. But this height can vary due to the surrounding environment, gender and maturity stage.


So, to wind up, I hope you were able to clear all your doubts regarding the hamsters jumping and that you are well aware of how to deal with these situations if you come across any.  Hamsters may jump due to multiple reasons and if you witness your hamsters keep doing this, ensure that you determine the underlying cause for it and try to rectify it.

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