Can Hamsters Eat Bread?

Bread is something that almost all people eat. Bread comes in so many forms. To name a few, you can find Rye, white grain toast bread, etc. In fact, it would be a daily meal for all humans. But if we look at hamsters, how healthy would it be to serve bread to hamsters? Is it okay to serve them bread for hamsters? To briefly answer your question, yes, you can offer bread for hamsters. However, certain types of bread should be avoided for hamsters. There could be some bread types that would be okay for hamsters, while there could be some that would not be okay for hamsters.

On the other hand, you should offer bread only at moderate levels and not in abundance. Further, it is not the type of food that you can feed hamsters too often, either. So, in this article, we will find out all the important aspects of supplying bread for hamsters.

What is bread?

Bread is a common and well-known food in all households. Humans use bread mainly to make sand witches. There could be bread items with loaves that differ from one another. Bread may also differ from country to country. The main ingredients of bread are grain, yeast, and water. The type of grain you use for bread only defines the bread type. So, unsurprisingly, you may come across various bread items, and you need to first identify whether they will suit the hamsters and then serve them. So, in this article, we have described the advantages and drawbacks you may have from consuming each bread item.

The nutrient value of bread

If we look at the nutritional value of 150 grams of white bread, it will have 400 kcal of calories. Furthermore, it will offer about 13.4 g of protein, 5.1 g of fat, and 74.5 g of carbohydrates. In addition to that, 150g of white bread will come up with 4g of dietary fiber too. Apart from that, it would comprise 8.5 g of sugar, 212 mg of calcium, 5.4 mg of iron, 35 mg of magnesium, 148 mg of phosphorus, 190 mg of potassium, and 735 mg of sodium too.

Moreover, 150 grams of white bread would also have 1.25 mg of zinc, 0.15 mg of copper, 33 micrograms of selenium, and 0.14 mg of vitamin B6. Apart from that, 150 g of white bread would come up with 0.33 mg of vitamin E, 0.3 micrograms of vitamin K, and 68 micrograms of lutein and zeaxanthin as well.

Health benefits of nutrients that are found in bread.

Bread is nourished with so many nutrients that hamsters would require to thrive well and stay healthy. So, if we look at some of the health benefits that bread offers, it would play a crucial role in promoting the healthy digestive system of the hamsters. Bread has a high content of fiber, and the hamster’s digestive system would benefit from that. Those fiber contents would help the hamsters have proper bowel movements. Those fiber contents would further ensure that the food is moved effectively and smoothly in the digestive tract. Not only that, but it would further prevent hamsters from suffering from constipation as well.

Secondly, bread would be quite useful for strengthening the bones of the hamsters too. Bread is enriched in calcium content, which is a crucial component for the bone development of hamsters in particular. Calcium contents would build, repair, and strengthen the bones as well. Additionally, bread’s calcium contents would strengthen the hamster’s nails too.

Lastly, bread’s high protein content would be beneficial for the overall muscle development of the hamsters too. Muscles are more like the building blocks of the muscles. So, the protein contents of bread would strengthen the muscles of hamsters.

Health risks (disadvantages) of bread.

Bread is enriched in carbohydrates and calories. So those two ingredients would result in bloating of hamsters

especially if you end up serving too much bread. Besides these two components, they would also make the hamsters gain excess weight. Ultimately, it would make them lethargic and sick too. Bread would sometimes suffocate the hamsters. This would be quite common if you supplied the soft part of bread for hamsters. The soft part would get stuck in people’s throats.

In addition, an abundance of bread can cause digestive problems in hamsters. Hamsters may sometimes find it difficult to digest bread. As per some research findings, hamsters would find it easier to digest brown bread compared with white bread. In addition to the aforementioned health risks, serving too much bread will result in watery stool release. Besides, if you supply too much bread, a hamster may also end up vomiting and having abdominal pains. So, overall, it is best to serve bread in moderate quantities only.

Do Hamsters Like Bread?

Yes, hamsters like munching on the bread. If you put them in a bread factory, they’ll eat everything because they love bread.

Can hamsters eat breadsticks?


Yes, hamsters can eat breadsticks if you are certain that they don’t contain any seasoning or artificial additives. Breadsticks contain the same nutritional value as other types of bread. So I recommend you provide breadsticks occasionally.

Can hamsters eat bread crust?

Bread crust

Hamsters can eat bread crusts if they don’t contain ingredients or seasonings. However, this means that you offer them only a small quantity.

Can hamsters eat bread and cheese?

Bread and cheese

You can serve bread and cheese to hamsters. That said, the key factor is to serve bread and cheese in moderation only. Cheese is nourished with so many nutrients and if you end up feeding them more cheese along with bread it would turn out to be hazardous to the well-being

of the hamsters. So, ensure that you serve this as an occasional treat only.

Can hamsters eat bread and butter?

Bread and butter

I don’t recommend serving bread and butter for hamsters, as butter usually comes with saturated fat, which would be unhealthy for the hamsters. Butter contains a very small amount of nutrients, which would be beneficial for the hamsters. Besides, butter’s high oil contents would badly impact the hamster’s skin as well. So, it is best to refrain from feeding bread and butter to hamsters.

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Can hamsters eat bread flour?

Bread flour

Bread flour itself is not toxic to hamsters, but it is not a good food for them to eat as it is not a natural part of their diet. Hamsters are omnivores and feed mainly on seeds, grains, and insects in the wild, and they do best on a diet of specifically formulated hamster food pellets. Additionally, giving hamsters too many human foods, like bread flour, can upset their digestive system and lead to health problems. It’s best to stick to a balanced diet of appropriate foods for your pet hamster.

Can hamsters eat whole wheat?

Whole wheat

Whole wheat would usually have a lower quantity of starch when compared with white bread. However, you need to still give them a moderate serving of whole wheat bread as they also come up with yeast and salt, etc.

Can hamsters eat bread crackers?

Keep bread crackers away from hamsters’ diets. They are not the type of food that you need to provide for hamsters. Crackers usually contain high salt levels, which would be unhealthy for the hamsters. It is possible that it will harm the hamster’s kidneys.

Can hamsters eat brown bread?

Brown bread

Yes, hamsters can certainly eat brown bread. It is way better to serve brown bread than to offer white bread. Hamsters would find it easier to digest brown bread compared with white bread.

Can hamsters eat white bread?

White bread

Even though white bread is what humans mainly consume, it would be somewhat dangerous for hamsters. White bread is made from white flour, water, and yeast. These ingredients have high starch contents, which would not work in favor of hamsters. So, if you give the hamsters too much white bread, they will experience bloating and fermentation. As such, it is best to serve white bread only at moderate levels.

Can hamsters eat garlic bread?

Garlic bread

It is a definite no for this question. Garlic is an ingredient that you need to avoid feeding hamsters. It can make the hamsters sicker faster. Hamsters’ digestive systems cannot digest that food. So, it would be safer to avoid feeding garlic bread to hamsters.

Can hamsters eat banana bread?

Banana bread

Yes, hamsters can eat banana bread. Having said that, my recommendation is to avoid offering banana bread to hamsters. Banana bread would bring more health risks than benefits. For instance, hamsters are prone to diabetes, and if you supply banana bread, it would make hamsters prone to diabetes. So, keep banana bread away from hamsters.

Can hamsters eat naan bread?

Naan bread

No, it’s not recommended to feed naan bread to hamsters. Naan bread is made with flour, yeast, and other ingredients that are not part of a hamster’s natural diet, and it can be difficult for them to digest. Additionally, some of the ingredients in naan bread, such as butter or oil, can be harmful to hamsters in large quantities. It’s best to stick to a diet of specifically formulated hamster food pellets and occasional treats of fresh fruits and vegetables for your pet hamster.

Can hamsters eat pita bread?

Pita bread

Yes, hamsters can eat pita bread as long as it contains no salt or excessive yeast levels. I would name pita bread as a safer bread type for hamsters, as it is nonsticky. Besides its tender texture, it makes it easy for the hamsters to eat them as well. That being said, always stick to moderate levels when serving these.

Can hamsters eat rye bread?

Rye bread

My advice is not to offer Rye bread to hamsters. Rye bread is not as popular as white bread. However, Rye bread comes with more nutrients than white bread in particular. Rye bread usually has Rye flour, yeast, and water as well. Besides, they would contain a small amount of starch. Rye bread’s sugar contents would result in upset stomachs and cause digestive issues.

On the other hand, Rye bread yeast contents would cause a fermentation process in the hamster’s intestines. Ultimately, it would cause digestive system-related issues. That being said, if you want to try out Rye bread with your hamsters, it is okay to give them a very small piece of Rye bread once a week.

Can hamsters eat gluten-free bread?

Gluten-free bread

Yes, hamsters can eat Gluten Free bread. However, Gluten Free bread won’t be as healthy as normal bread. So, it is useless to serve Gluten Free bread for hamsters.

Can hamsters eat honey wheat bread?

Honey wheat bread

Yes, honey bread can be served to hamsters and is completely safe for them to consume. To make this, you simply have to spread honey on a piece of wheat bread. If not, they are available at supermarkets too. Keep in mind that honey would be a safe ingredient for hamsters if you offered it to them in the correct quantities.

Can hamsters eat sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread

You can allow hamsters to nibble on sourdough bread. That said, you need to ensure that you serve them moderately. Sourdough bread contains fewer nutrients than other types of bread. As a result, you should only serve this bread on rare occasions.

Can my Hamster eat Bread rolls?

Bread rolls

Bread rolls are not for hamsters to consume. Bread rolls would usually contain additives, preservatives, and other seasonings that would be unhealthy for the hamsters. So, if you are sure that bread rolls are additive-free, you can go ahead and feed a small number of bread rolls to hamsters.

Can hamsters eat bread and milk?

Bread and milk

Yes, it would be a fine idea to combine milk and bread and serve hamsters. It would be a much better and healthier alternative to dry white bread. When you add milk, it will supply some calcium and mineral content for the hamsters. However, you also need to serve these in moderate quantities.

Can hamsters eat dry bread?

Dry bread

Yes, hamsters can eat dry bread in moderation as a treat, but it should not be a staple in their diet. Hamsters need a balanced diet that primarily consists of hay, pellets, and fresh vegetables. Bread is high in carbohydrates and does not provide the necessary nutrients for a hamster’s overall health. Too much bread can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Can hamsters eat toasted bread?

Toasted bread

Yes, hamsters can certainly eat toasted bread. Again, moderation is the key. Further, when you make toasted bread, don’t forget to make it additive-free. Besides, ensure that you don’t make it too hard for the hamsters to eat too.

Can hamsters eat whole-grain bread?

Whole-grain bread

Hamsters can eat small amounts of whole-grain bread as part of a balanced diet. However, bread should not be the main part of a hamster’s diet. Hamsters are omnivores, and their primary food source should be a good-quality commercial hamster pellet food along with fresh fruits, vegetables, and small amounts of grains. Additionally, it’s important to note that bread is high in carbohydrates and can cause health problems for hamsters if they eat too much of it.

What Happens When Hamsters Eat Too Much Bread?

If hamsters end up eating too much bread, it would make them go through conditions such as diabetes, obesity, allergies, etc.; further chances are that it could even turn out to be fatal to them as well.

Few things to consider when you feed bread?

When you offer bread for hamsters, ensure that you choose only the middle section of the bread. Hamsters would love the soft texture of the middle part of the bread. Besides, hamsters would be able to easily digest them as well. However, ensure that you are serving only fresh bread and not the ones that have old crusts on them. If you feed spoiled bread, it will cause serious health problems.

How you should serve bread to your Hamster?

Bread should be offered in small, bite-sized pieces to prevent choking.

How much bread to serve at a time?

Always feeding bread in moderation is the key. To be more specific, bread should account for about 10% of the hamster’s daily diet. For the rest, you need to consider using commercially made hamster food.

Is bread toxic to hamsters?

No, bread is not toxic for hamsters. However, bread doesn’t contain as many nutrients as other fresh veggies would. Furthermore, make sure that bread is only served on rare occasions.

Bottom line 

To conclude, bread is a safe treatment that would go well with the hamsters. You can consider offering bread once a week or once every two weeks. However, keep in mind that not all bread types would suit the hamsters, and choose only the ones that would be safe for the hamsters. My recommendation is to provide whole grain bread, brown fiber, or even seed bread for hamsters. They have less sugar and salt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Bread?

Syrian hamsters can consume bread without doubt. Moderate serving once or four times per month would be best here.

Can Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters Eat Bread?

Bread would be a fine treat for the Campbell dwarf hamsters. However, don’t use white bread for dwarf hamsters, as it would make them susceptible to diabetes.

Can Winter White Dwarf Hamsters Eat Bread?

Yes, you can let winter white dwarf hamsters also eat bread. However, what I recommend to you is to consider using other veggies and fruits instead of bread.

Can Roborovski Hamsters Eat Bread?

Robo hamsters can consume the bread. However, be cautious when feeding Robo hamsters bread.

Can Chinese Hamsters Eat Bread?

You can offer bread as an occasional diet for Chinese hamsters.

Can I Share My Peanut Butter Sandwich with My Hamster?

A tiny bite of a peanut butter sandwich would not do any harm to your beloved hamsters. However, ensure that you are applying only a small dab of peanut butter here. Peanut butter is high in salt and sugar. So, make sure that you don’t offer peanut butter in abundance. Further, peanut butter can get stuck in hamsters’ cheek pouches as they are too sticky.

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