Why Hamster Stares Into Space?

The hamster is an animal with unusual behaviour, which can be quite amusing sometimes. The behavioural pattern of the hamster can determine a hamster’s wellness and happiness. One such common behavioural pattern that can be seen in a hamster is staring. This article on what you will be reading below will tell you “Why hamster stares into space.”

​Why Hamster Stares Into Space?

Poor eyesight

The hamster is nocturnal; hence, it is natural that it is adopted according to its nocturnal nature. The hamsters are born completely blind. As the hamster grows, the hamster becomes capable of seeing objects at night and when the light is dim.

On a bright day or when the light is bright in the room, the hamster is almost completely blind. Poor eye sight can be one of the reasons why hamster stares into space.

​To coordinate with other senses

Since the hamster has poor eyesight, they try to coordinate with their other senses, and they can sense from quite a long distance. But for this reason, the hamster has very strong other senses, besides the lack of eyesight. Their other strong senses can be why the hamsters are attentive animals. Their lack of eyesight does not stop them. Instead, they are well powered to coordinate with other senses to focus. It can be a way for the hamster to take the information about its environment to stay safe.

The hamster usually brings information through its ears and nose. If you have ever seen your hamster twitching its ear and sniffing around, and stopping to stare, this could be why it is coordinating with its other senses.

A hamster who stares into space when checking danger will stand on its hind legs or sit. The position of the hamster means something has attracted its attention or is a way the hamster happens to notice if something is odd.

For example, the hamster could hear your footsteps and start staring in the direction you are coming from.

Looking for predators

The hamsters are in constant check for predators because of their natural habitat. If you have a pet cat or dog along with a hamster, this could probably be why the hamster freezes and stares into the space.

Freezing and staring is how the hamster protects itself from danger. The hamster freezes and stares into the space when it wants to focus on what is approaching it. Freezing and staring hamster is that it has sensed danger, dues its poor eyesight, the hamster tries to be attentive and protect itself from it.

Sudden noises

Hamsters are usually skittish animals. They tend to be startled by loud noises or when it is sudden.

They try to determine the direction of the noise and stare into the space for this cause. It stops staring and resumes when there is no danger sensed from the particular noise.


Before getting into this topic, have put yourself into the situation. Think of yourself when you’re extremely tired. You might stare into the void for some time before you recover and get back to work.

This state of human behaviour can be applied to Hamsters when extremely tired. A hamster who is tired or has just woken up from a nap stares into space before starting its routine, and it takes time to stare before eating, drinking and grooming itself.

Before bed

The hamster tends to stare at a space before bed, and it is a sign that the hamster is sleepy and dozing off.


The delicately small animal are curious little ones. The hamster will be curious to know what is going around, and this is one of the reasons the hamster stares into space when you carry them. It starts to wonder what is going on when carried and stares into the space.


Another possible reason for your hamster to stare in a blank space is because it is hungry, a simple reason.

You might notice the hamster staring at the space and in the direction when the food is being sensed. Staring into the space is a sign that shows your hamster is probably hungry!

​Old age

The hamster tends to slow down when it starts to get older. The hamster starts to show signs of old age starting from 18 months – to 2years. As the hamster is a tiny animal, they find it difficult to make changes in the biological process.

The hamster starts to get sleepier and less active. An old age hamster frequently stops and stares into space in the middle of an activity.

Sick or pain

A hamster in pain can sit hunched without moving, staring into the space and the hamster looks uninterested in its surroundings when injured or sick, spacing out due to this.

Hamsters don’t usually show their pain until they are normal to protect themselves from predators. It could be the reason they froze and tried to be on alert.

Symptoms That Your Hamster Is Sick:

  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Making different noises
  • Fur thinning
  • Wetness in the tail area
  • Lethargic

​What to do when a hamster stares into space?

The first thing you must do when you notice your hamster staring into the space is to let it do its job. Any sudden reaction of yours can be noticed by the hamster, which tries to monitor the situation more.

If your hamster is new to the environment, it might take time to adapt to the new noises and surroundings. The hamster can stare into the space till it gets used to it.

Since the hamster has a good hearing frequency, it is best if you could talk to your hamster in a low, mellow tone. Hamsters are friendly pets who can understand love.

Distract them with food. Give your hamster a small treat when it feels frightened or startled; this can help the hamster relax the situation.

​Final Thoughts

It might seem strange for you to notice your hamster staring into the space, but there is no particular reason for you to worry about why your hamster stares often. The hamster has its habitat and alert instincts, which is a perfectly natural behaviour, for it stares into space. And one of the main reason the hamsters stares into space is their poor eyesight.

Another reason for the hamster to stare is because they are afraid of predators as prey animals. They tend to be very attentive and alert instinct, and they tend to freeze and stare when they realize there is danger coordinating with their other sensory organs.

There are reasons besides poor eyesight and being a prey animal. The hamster stares into space due to old age or sickness, too. But this should be carefully watched, as this could also be a sign that your hamster feels lethargic.

Talking to your hamster and keeping your voice low and soothing can help the situation. Contemplating on reasons for “why hamster staring into space”, we discussed the reasons for the hamster staring. We also summed up what you must do as a hamster owner to bring your hamster out of the situation to make it normal. But in advance, if your hamster stares into the space long enough and you find it hard to surveil the situation. The best way to cure your hamster is to take him to a vet.

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