Why Won’t My Hamster Come Out Of His House

Why Do Hamsters Hide?

If your hamster tends to hide all the time, it could be due to numerous reasons. However, it would be difficult for you to burrow inside the cage. Instead, they may tend to hide in the tubes and tunnels. They would tend to go into the tubes whenever they found the environment around them noisy and scary.

So, before you try to make them out, you need to figure out why they go in the tubes and hide. Keep in mind that you should never take them out forcefully, as chances are that they may suffer from medical conditions. If that is the case, you may need to take them to a vet as swiftly as you can.

What are the reasons for the hamsters to hide?

Hamsters may tend to hide if they are shy. Considering that you bought the hamsters from a breeder or a pet store, you need to allow them to get used to the new conditions at home. If you fail to give them adequate time, chances are that they may tend to hide. Once they get familiar with the new conditions, they will tend to explore the things around them.

However, if you want to encourage them to come out of the tubes, you can consider placing some food items a little closer to the tubes. That way, they would make their exit from the tube and try out the available food. I suggest you keep some toys nearby so that they can play with those as well. Keep in mind that hamsters are nocturnal animals. So, they would engage in these activities at night.

If your hamsters are scared or unhappy, they may also tend to hide. Hamsters are living creatures just like human beings. As a result, they want to be able to breathe and live freely. So, if you spot them hiding in a tube, chances are that they have been mistreated by their hamster owners. In addition to that, if they live in a noisy, crowded area, it would also force them to hide in inaccessible areas for the kids.

If your hamsters are hiding due to this, you can consider moving the cage to a small quiet place so that it will make them come out from the tubes regularly. If you have kids around your house you need to ensure that they don’t interact with the hamsters in a bad way. Do not allow them to wake the sleeping hamsters up as it would make them grumpy and irritated.

If your hamsters are sick, it would also make them hide all the time. If you presume that hamsters are hiding due to that, I suggest you do not force them to come out from the tof Instead, try to take the entire cage to the vet doctor. If you cannot take the cage you can lure them to come out by placing some of its favorite treats closer to there. That will tempt them to come out from their hidden places.

How To Get Your Hamster To Come Out Of Hiding

If your hamsters are hiding because of noisy surroundings, you must first ensure that the area around the hamsters is quiet. Convince them that they are safe and secure. Do not make any sudden movements. Educate your kids to not harass the hamsters as well.

In addition to that, you can consider providing some hamsters with food or any of their favorite treats so that they will come out of their hiding places. When you offer food, you need to serve it quietly. and stay patient until they come out. Staying calm is crucial so that your hamsters feel safe and sound. Keep in mind that hamsters are fragile animals. So, give them adequate time for these little fellas so that they will come out of their hiding places naturally.

If your beloved hamsters are hiding in your house or a room, you can use a method called the bucket method. The bucket method involves placing some treats, such as sunflower seeds, fruits, raisins, etc. You can place those in a small bucket. However, don’t keep them too deep.

Furthermore, you can use some books and place them in a bucket, which would act as a staircase for the hamsters. It will help them climb up. It will create an instinct for the hamsters to forage for food. Once they smelled the food, it would encourage them to come out of the hidden spots.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is My Hamster Not Coming Out At Night

If your hamsters don’t come out at night, chances are that they want to rest more. However, if your hamsters are young and don’t come out at night, it should be worrisome. They may tend to do that if they are sick. Furthermore, if the hamsters sense predators around them, they will tend to hide in their respective places even during the night without coming out. Besides, if the outside temperature is too high, they will not come out to look for nourishment. Instead, they would tend to sleep without coming out. Keep in mind that hamsters would come out only if the outside temperature was cooler.

Why Won’t My Hamster Come Out Of Its Burrow

Hamsters won’t come out of their burrows if they are scared. This would be quite common if you were new to your hamsters. They need some time to adjust to the new conditions as well as to their new owner. It’s also possible that they’re trapped in the burrow. Due to that, they may not come out of the burrows.


Environmental variables are probably to blame for your hamster’s reluctance to leave its home, particularly if it is new or if there have been recent changes to your household.

While senior hamsters in your house might be feeling some stress after changes like a move, a new pet, or extended exposure to ultrasonography, new hamsters will be cautious and frightened until they feel at home.

In addition to environmental considerations, your hamster could be aging, ill, or hurt. As a result, it’s important to screen out any illnesses or wounds and provide your companion with comfort as it reaches old age. If none of these situations apply, make a vet appointment as soon as possible to find out if your pet is indeed pregnant.

Although your hamster hiding out is typically not a cause for urgent alarm, it is advisable to rule out any disease or injury right away. Your pet will emerge when it is ready, so make sure they are content, healthy, and comfortable.

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