Can Hamsters Eat Peas?

What are peas?

If you own hamsters and are wondering whether you can provide peas for them, this article is for you. Before proceeding, what are peas? Peas are more like a legume, which you could call a pea pod. The best variety of peas is the garden pea.

They usually come up with green pods with two halves attached at one end. You may spot three small peas inside those pods. So, in this article, let’s find out whether it is safer for you to feed peas to the hamsters and what the benefits and health risks may be to the right ways of feeding peas to the hamsters.

Nutrient Value of peas

If we look at 100 g of peas and the nutrient values it contains, it would usually have about 12.2 mg of vitamin C, 43 µg of vitamin k, and 35 µg of vitamin A. in addition to that it would usually come up with 379 µg of carotene too. furthermore, you may find 640 µg of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, 37 m of calcium, and 38 mg of phosphorus too. Besides, 100g of a pea would contain 211 mg of potassium, 2.7 g of fiber, and 3.26 g of sugar as well. furthermore, it would usually come up with 25 mg of Magnesium, 6.97 g of carbs, and 31 kcal of calories too. Lastly, it would contain 0.22g of fat and 90.32 g of water too.

Health benefits of nutrients which are found in peas

There are several health benefits hamsters can gain from eating peas. To start, peas are rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is crucial for hamsters. It would help them to have regular bowel movements, prevent any constipation that may take place, etc. In addition to that, it would further aid the hamsters in having a healthy digestive system too.

Secondly, peas have bone-strengthening manganese too. Manganese is a crucial mineral that is essential for hamsters to have a healthy life. For example, it would help the hamster’s bones to strengthen. Furthermore, it would assist them in overcoming conditions such as osteoporosis and other joint pain conditions, among others. Besides, manganese is an antioxidant that would help the hamsters battle other diseases as well.

Furthermore, peas are high in folate and iron. Those two are crucial to regulating the hamster’s blood health. Furthermore, folate would be quite crucial for producing the red and white blood cells in the hamster’s bone marrow. Besides, it would play a major role in the hemoglobin production of the hamsters, too. Peas are rich in vitamin B6, and it would be quite beneficial for aiding the hamsters in having a strong nervous system. Further, it would be quite useful for the hamsters to have firm skin and a coat too. Overall, it would benefit the hamsters’ health and appearance.

Health risks (disadvantages) of peas

You should make sure that you never allow your beloved hamsters to consume peas in excess. Furthermore, if you feed peas exclusively to hamsters, they will most likely run out of essential nutrients. Peas have high sugar levels. So, once the peas break down into small pieces, there would be too much sugar, which hamsters won’t be able to handle. It would eventually lead to diabetes in the hamsters.

Moreover, do not ever think of feeding one single pea to hamsters, as it would be too big for them. If you feed them too big peas, it is likely that they will choke.

Can Hamsters Eat Raw Peas?

Hamsters can certainly eat raw peas. Raw peas are nourished with dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Besides, they further contain minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc too. Having said that, if you offer raw peas, you need to ensure that you offer them only after washing them thoroughly. Furthermore, I suggest you cut them in half and see whether it looks good to feed the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat peas frozen?

Peas frozen

Hamsters cannot consume frozen peas. Ideally, you should offer either soft peas or mushy peas. Keep in mind that frozen peas may result in choking hazards for the hamsters. Besides, frozen peas are too cold for the hamsters to handle. So, ideally, you need to wait for the peas to defrost before offering them to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat dried peas?

Dried peas

Yes they can eat dried peas. But for small hamster breeds, it may be too hard. So if you want to give them peas, only give them to Syrian hamsters.

Can hamsters eat pea pods?

Pea pods

Hamsters can eat pea pods, given that you offer them in small quantities only. Pea pods are indeed quite beneficial for the hamsters. However, its acidic nature would badly impact the hamsters, especially if you offered them pea pods in excess.

Can hamsters eat pea sprouts?

Pea sprouts

The short answer to this question is yes. Hamsters can eat pea sprouts.

Can hamsters eat pea flakes?

Pea flakes

It is absolutely fine for the hamsters to eat pea flakes. Pea flakes would be a great snack for the hamsters. That said, you still need to offer them in moderate quantities. Protein is abundant in pea flakes. As such, if you happen to overfeed hamsters with pea flakes, chances are that it may result in obesity and other urinary-related problems.

Can hamsters eat pea shoots?

Pea shoots

Hamsters can eat pea shoots. Hamsters love eating those.

Can hamsters eat boiled peas?

Boiled peas

They can eat very small amounts of boiled peas. It is not wise to give boiled peas to a hamster.

Can hamsters eat split peas?

Split peas

I don’t recommend letting your hamsters eat split peas. Split peas have a high acidic content and would be dangerous to your beloved hamsters. As such, it would be best to avoid offering split peas to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat snap peas?

The answer is yes; hamsters can eat snap peas. However, it would depend on the hamster species as well. For example, if you have a Syrian hamster or a Roborovski hamster, you could easily offer snap peas. On the other hand, if your hamster’s breed is a winter white dwarf, I suggest you avoid offering this to them. The high sugar levels of the snap peas would cause diabetes in the hamsters, and due to that, you need to offer snap peas at minimum levels.

Furthermore, snap peas have low fat and low cholesterol levels. Besides, they have high dietary fiber levels, which are quite crucial for the hamsters’ well-being. In addition to that, snap peas would have so many other health benefits for the hamsters. In a nutshell, hamsters can eat snap peas, and it is quite common to spot them being fed with those by their hamster owners. Their low fat levels are what make them an interesting choice for hamsters.

However, the only concern with feeding snap peas is that they have high sugar levels. So, if you are going to serve snap peas to the hamsters, you need to first check with the pet food supplier and then purchase the relevant amount for the hamsters. Snap peas are low in phosphorus, water, and acid. Therefore, it is completely fine to offer snap peas to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat mushy peas ?

Mushy peas

It would be best to avoid offering mushy peas to the hamsters. Mushy peas may contain contaminants that would be harmful to hamsters, which would create trouble for the hamsters. As such, it is best to avoid offering them to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat sugar snap peas?

Sugar snap peas

This would depend on the hamster species you have. For example, if you have Syrian hamsters or Roborovski hamsters, you could provide snap peas for them without a doubt. On the other hand, if you have any of the Russian Campbell dwarf hamsters, Chinese hamsters, or Winter white dwarf shrews, I recommend you avoid giving them these as they will not be able to ingest them. They have not been organized genetically to handle high sugar levels.

When feeding snap peas to hamsters, however, you must carefully monitor the amount of sugar and water they consume. Keep in mind that excess sugar and high water levels would be troublesome for the hamsters. Excess sugar levels, for example, will cause diabetes, whereas excess water levels will cause diarrhea. Furthermore, it would make the hamster’s poop softer as well.

Regardless of whether hamsters can eat sugar snap peas, you should ideally monitor the sugar snap peas they consume. Sugar snap peas are rich in carbohydrates and fat. As such, you need to always offer sugar snap peas in small quantities only.

Can hamsters eat marrow-fat peas?

Marrow-fat peas are mush, and hamsters do not very much like to eat them. So it’s pointless to give it to them.

Can hamsters eat garden peas?

Garden peas

Yes, hamsters can eat garden peas, but only in small amounts. Garden peas contain high phosphorus and calcium levels. Needless to say, they contain a decent level of sugar too. As such, you can serve garden peas to hamsters, but in moderate quantities only.

Can hamsters eat chickpeas?


No, hamsters cannot eat chickpeas, as they are not safe for their consumption. Chickpeas have high fiber levels, and they could badly disrupt the bowel movements of hamsters. So, to sum up, I don’t recommend serving chickpeas to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat black-eyed peas?

Black-eyed peas

Yes, hamsters can certainly eat black-eyed peas, and it is one of the many types of peas that hamsters can eat.

Can hamsters eat cooked peas?

Cooked peas

Hamsters cannot eat cooked peas at all. If, by any chance, you happen to feed cooked peas, hamsters may suffer from digestive-related issues. Further, when you cook peas, it will remove all the essential nutrients the hamsters require as well. As such, it is pointless to offer cooked peas to the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat canned peas?

Canned peas

The answer to this question is no. You should not let your hamsters eat canned peas. Canned peas may contain excessive sodium levels, which are not healthy for the hamster’s consumption. Furthermore, canned peas may contain preservatives that are harmful to hamsters. It may also make the hamsters sick. such

Can hamsters eat snow peas?

Snow peas

Yes, hamsters can eat snow peas as long as they are not ripe. Additionally, you could consider feeding the snow pea leaves. That being said, keep in mind that snow peas may contain high sugar levels too. I suppose the best you could do is to avoid offering them any of the snow peas for the hamsters.

Can hamsters eat green peas?

Hamsters can eat green peas. We could consider green peas as the healthiest pea type that you could consider feeding the hamsters. However, again, you need to serve this in small quantities so that the hamsters can gain all the benefits from consuming it.

Few things to consider when you feed peas

It is quite simple to feed peas to hamsters. To do that first, you should choose a ripe pea. To check that, you simply have to see whether it is green-colored and whether it contains peas in the pod. Next, you need to thoroughly wash the peas and then serve them to the hamsters. When you wash, ensure that it removes all the dirt particles remaining on the peas.

Thereafter, remove the pod and serve the peas to the hamsters. If you wish, you could mix this with other veggies as well. That way, you could assure that hamsters are getting a well-balanced diet. Once they have finished eating their meal, you need to remove the uneaten food particles from their mouth.

How should you serve peas to your Hamster?

Peas are a terrific supplement to the diet of hamsters and are edible to them. When feeding peas to hamsters, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few suggestions:

Feed the peas in moderation at first. Constipation can result from eating too many peas.

Before giving the peas to your hamster, make sure they have been cooked. They may find it difficult to stomach raw peas.

After a few hours, take the peas out of the hamster’s cage. The hamster can start to hoard them if they are left inside and refuse to eat them.

By keeping in mind these suggestions, you can make sure that your hamster eats their peas and stays healthy.

How many peas can a hamster eat?

You need to change the number of peas you provide for hamsters depending on the hamster breed. For example, if the hamster you have is a Syrian hamster, it can handle about 6 peas per week. However, if your hamster is a Robo hamster, it can thrive on 3 peas per week. Furthermore, you should skip supplying peas for dwarf hamsters, such as Chinese and Russian Campbell hamsters. These are the most sensitive hamsters, and it would be best to avoid giving them any peas.

How often can a hamster eat peas?

Generally speaking, you can offer peas either once or twice a week. Keep in mind that you should not offer peas very often, as if you do so, it would result in adverse effects on the overall health of the hamsters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Syrian hamsters eat cooked peas?

It is best to avoid giving cooked peas to the hamsters.

Can dwarf hamsters eat sugar snap peas?

The best aspect about sugar snap peas for hamsters is that they are low in fat. The main drawback is that they contain a lot of sugar, so stay away from them. If you do choose to feed them snap peas, be sure to ask the pet food vendor beforehand before buying any. According to their nutritional profile, snap peas are low in acid, water, and phosphorus. As a result, hamsters can eat them without any issues.

Final words

In conclusion, peas are a healthy and nutritious food for hamsters. Peas come up with protein, fiber, vitamin B6, and vitamin K. So if you incorporate peas into their regular diet, you could see your beloved hamsters growing healthily and firmly. Furthermore, they are unlikely to become ill. That said, you need to be aware of the health risks it may pose if you happen to feed peas in excess as well. So, in a nutshell, you can feed peas to hamsters once or twice a week in moderate quantities.

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